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Power Access has an extensive range of ultra modern and well maintained elevating work platforms in Adelaide. As one of Adelaide’s largest professional EWP equipment rental companies, all our products and maintenance services meet the highest Australian safety specifications.

When you rent Access Equipment in Adelaide from Power Access, you will be guaranteed a premium product along with professional service and training at an affordable price for daily, weekly and monthly hire.

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Access Equipment Hire Adelaide

Genie, SkyJack, JLG, Snorkel Lift, Cherry Picker, Scissor Lift Hire in Adelaide

Power Access for cherry pickers, scissors lifts, boom lift hire in Adelaide.

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Power Access have all brands of equipment including Genie, JLG, Skyjack and Snorkel in Adelaide.

EWP Service

Maintenance and Service EWP Equipment In Adelaide

Power Access offer on site servicing in Adelaide and full workshop facilities at our local branch.

EWP Training

EWP Yellow Card Training In Adelaide

The Yellow Card is a nationally recognised industry training program developed by EWPA

Why Power Access Adelaide?

In addition to providing you with access to a modern and well maintained fleet, our success is also built on our commitment to exceptional customer service! 

Power Access Adelaide prides itself on having the most modern elevating work platform equipment in the industry. Technology is constantly evolving and being a Power Access customer ensures you have access to the latest equipment and EWP training in Adelaide.

Whether you’re in need of the latest cherry picker or scissor lift in Adelaide, look no further than Power Access for Australia’s most comprehensive and modern EWP fleet for daily, weekly or monthly hire.

Power Access services the Sydney metro, Newcastle and Wollongong areas for short term elevated work platforms rentals, and offers long term rentals Australia wide.

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Why We Service Adelaide?

At Power Access, we take great pride in our involvement in Adelaide, a city that seamlessly blends classic charm with contemporary vibrancy. Adelaide provides a unique landscape for us to showcase the capabilities of our extensive equipment range, which includes sophisticated scissor lifts, versatile boom lifts, and powerful cherry pickers. Our scissor lifts are ideal for precise manoeuvring in both Adelaide’s quaint laneways and modern construction sites. The boom lifts we offer are essential for accessing high and hard-to-reach areas, a necessity in both the upkeep of heritage structures and the creation of contemporary architectural marvels.

Each project we undertake in Adelaide is an opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and innovative access solutions. Power Access is honoured to be a key player in Adelaide’s evolution, ensuring that every piece of equipment we provide is a step towards facilitating the city’s diverse and ambitious developmental goals.


Power Access scissor lift

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is renowned for its classical charm and contemporary designs. The city’s architecture is a testament to its rich history, from its founding in 1836 as a planned colony to its current status as a hub of modernity and innovation. This blend of old and new is a narrative that Power Access is proud to be a part of. Adelaide’s initial architectural landscape was shaped by colonial and Victorian influences, with symmetrical streetscapes and stone buildings. The construction of these early structures laid the groundwork for the city’s orderly layout and set the stage for the future need for advanced construction equipment like that offered by Power Access.

Throughout the 20th century, Adelaide experienced a diversification in architectural styles. The city embraced Art Deco in the early part of the century, followed by modernist influences post-World War II. This era marked a significant shift in construction practices, necessitating the use of more sophisticated and safe elevating work platforms, akin to those provided by Power Access. In recent years, Adelaide has become a leader in sustainable and innovative architecture. The city’s commitment to green building practices and smart urban design aligns with Power Access’s ethos of providing environmentally responsible and efficient equipment solutions. The company’s modern fleet of cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and boom lifts supports this vision, offering solutions that meet the demands of contemporary construction projects.

Adelaide’s architectural landscape includes key projects like the redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval and the construction of the SAHMRI building, which highlight the city’s blend of heritage and modernity. Power Access has played a crucial role in Adelaide projects, providing essential equipment that enables safe and efficient construction work, contributing to the city’s dynamic and diverse skyline. As Adelaide continues to evolve and embrace new architectural challenges, Power Access remains a key partner in the city’s development. Our commitment to providing the latest in elevated work platform technology supports Adelaide’s journey towards a more innovative and sustainable future, helping to shape the city’s unique architectural identity.


PowerAccess are definitely the most professional EWP hire company we have worked with over the past 10 years. The equipment is always immaculate and nothing is ever too much trouble for the team to organise. 



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We are long standing customers of PowerAccess. The extensive range of modern equipment and excellent customer service ensures our business relationship will continue long into the future. 


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