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Top Reasons Why You Should Hire a Boom Lift

Highly regarded by many professionals to be one of the most flexible power access lifts,the boom lift’s uncanny design makes it excellent for several support jobs at any terrain and type of workplace. Cost effective and reliable, boom lifts are one of the safest aerial lifts for any job.

Top Reasons Why you Should Hire a Boom Lift

Considered to be the lift for a variety of professional tasks, which includes construction, window fitting and rescue organisations, here are the top reasons why employing the use of boom lifts are highly advantageous for your tasks.

Reliable both indoors and outdoors.

Similar to the stable scissor lift, boom lifts are very reliable, whether the task is located indoors or outdoors. Its compact size makes it an ideal aerial lift for indoor tasks. It also comes in several models, including an electric motor that reduces noise disruption.

Easy to use with little restrictions.

One characteristic that makes boom lifts efficient tools for any terrain is due to its towable feature. Unlike cherry pickers and scissor lifts, boom lifts are able to aid in accessing areas located not only in difficult heights but also in hard to reach places. It also comes with little speed manufacturer speed restrictions, which makes it a good all-around aerial tool.

Stable foundation and system.

Similar to that of the scissor lift, boom lifts are also one of the most stable aerial lifts due to its stable legs. Its strong foundation makes it an excellent anchor, especially when the platform reaches up to 26 meters in height. Boom lifts also come with an onboard drive system which makes it easy to maneuver and position safely and accurately.

They come in a variety of unique models.

Boom lifts also come in a series of models with different features. Some of the most recognised models include that of AC and battery options. Other manufacturers have also released boom lifts equipped with intuitive control for easier control and those made from lightweight materials to prevent floor damage when in use.

Boom lifts are undeniably one of the many versatile tools for a variety of tasks in different environments. With excellent stability and flexibility, incorporating its use saves not only time and money but also helps minimise accidents and mishaps in the workplace.

Proper site inspection and a full risk assessment of the entire task and workplace is a must before employing the services of a boom lift. It is important to note that when hiring boom lifts, boom lifts from reliable rental companies that also offer services and trainings must be used.


What are the Advantages of Boom Lift Rentals?

Known for its versatility and reliability in a number of jobs and environments, boom lifts are highly revered for their functionality. Boom lifts are generally aerial work platforms with platforms attached at the end and has the ability to not only reach heights but also extend to certain angles depending on the task at hand.

Advantages of Boom Lift Rentals

This extremely handy and reliable aerial lift is a cost efficient tool that comes in various models, perfect for several types of task, whether for residential or commercial use. Besides the site inspection and risk assessment of the work at hand, here are the advantages to consider when planning to use boom lift rentals.

It comes with a variety of choices.

Boom lifts come in several state-of-the-art models. From lightweight models to AC and battery-powered ones, boom lifts are an excellent choice for any type of task. Before renting a boom lift, it is important to know the type of work that needs to be done. The assortment of models will prove to be helpful, especially for first-time users, helping to avoid choosing the wrong type of boom lift.

Maintenance check-ups and trainings.

One of the greatest advantages of employing boom lift rentals is that maintenance check-ups, trainings and other services are part of the package deal. Scheduled visits and accreditations are also offered. The trainings provide hands-on experience, especially for homeowners which makes machine-handling easier and safer.

Getting the perfect height for the right job.

Another great advantage of securing boom lifts from a good rental company is that height requirements are not an issue. The range of boom lift models available in each rental company introduces various heights that are perfect for the type of job at hand. The availability of boom lifts with greater height not only saves cost but also minimises work delays.

Expert advice is always at hand.

What makes rental companies reliable is that they have their own team of experts ready to help you. Their expert advice not only assists customers on which equipment is best for the job, they also give owners a hands-on experience on how to properly use the equipment before, during and after the task. Other rental companies often times offer extra advice as an add-on to their packages.

Excellent low cost packages and insurance coverage.

The expensive price tag that comes with the purchase is what keeps homeowners and business owners away from purchasing their own boom lift. Rental companies offer a cost effective alternative by providing packages during the rent. These packages include an insurance coverage as well as surprisingly huge discounts from the original rental price.

Picking the right rental company takes an ample amount of research if you want to make the most of your budget. You can contact your local rental companies and canvass for their various products and price range. What forms part of a successful task is by renting the best boom lift from the most reliable rental company around.