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Mast Climber Hire

Articulating Vs. Telescoping Boom Lifts1: Which One Should You Hire

Aerial lifts features extendable platforms, which let you reach high working areas such as roofs and ceilings. Mast climbers are well designed for getting a worker to a site on an elevated work platform or the capability to reach extremely high working areas. It has become increasingly apparent that getting the right equipment for your needs may be complicated particularly when it comes to the boom lifts (Articulating Boom Lifts and Telescoping Boom Lifts).  The machine you decide to use is subject to what you need it for as well as the kind of environment. Below is a guide to assist with selecting the correct equipment.

Articulating Boom Lift
An articulating boom lift, sometimes known as a knuckle boom, is made up of “joints” that allows the boom arm to unfold in ways that aid the users to go over and around obstacles particularly in tight working spaces. Most of the articulating boom lifts available today have a platform height of about 40 feet; however, specialized equipment can reach a height of up to and over 100 feet. The width of the platform is dependent on the model and make. Mast climbers have two varieties of articulated boom lifts, one of which is ‘Z-styled’ having both vertical as well as horizontal versatility. Its horizontal reach is restricted to only 50 to 75% of the vertical range.

The Specialty Uses of Articulated boom lifts 
Articulated boom lifts have a variety of uses that surpasses the construction site, they are ordinarily found in designated work areas such as, power and telephone line repair as well as tree-trimming sites due to their versatility.

What to Consider When Renting an Articulated Knuckle Boom
Before renting a knuckle boom lift for indoor or outdoor work, you ought to consider the unique aspects of your work-related requirements. For instance, in case you are working on an outdoor service line repair job, a diesel-powered engine, as well as rough terrain articulated lift fits the bill.

Telescopic Boom Lifts
A telescopic boom lift, also known as a stick boom or straight boom unlike an articulated boom lifts does not have joints but an extended straight arm that sits on a rotating turntable platform. These types of lift booms are best suited to jobs that require maximum height, as the arm extends heights of up to 200 feet with minimal horizontal movements. The platforms widths are characteristically at a standard size of 8 feet, which is one of the broadest bases as compared to other aerial lifts.

The Specialty Uses of Telescopic Boom Lifts
Telescopic Boom Lifts are found in most industrial construction sites such as multi-story structure constructions, industrial inspection for instance bridgework.

Considerations for Renting a Straight Telescopic Boom
Before you rent a telescopic boom, you ought to examine the width of the base considering straight booms are wide and as such the job sites must be able to support the equipment accordingly. Additionally, depending on the project site, you may also wish to rent a rough terrain machine with an outrigger.

Top Tips to Hiring the Right Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are an important component of construction projects. They make it possible for construction workers to work at heights that would otherwise be impossible or unsafe. They improve the safety, convenience and speed of construction work.  Most people prefer to hire a scissor lift instead of buying because they can be expensive and they may not need one after the construction project. If you are looking forward to a scissor lift hire in the near future, the following are some tips you should keep in mind;

  • Consider Hiring Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

If you can, hire a scissor lift with four-wheel drive. They are safe for outside use especially when working on rugged terrain. Rough terrain scissor lifts are built to work for longer hours and they can be used on uneven or sloppy ground. They have reinforced tires so you can be sure they won’t have a flat. Some of them use gasoline while others use batteries. Once you identify the type of terrain you are working on, you can decide whether you need to hire a rough terrain scissor lift or not.

  • They Have Large platforms

The platforms for scissor lifts are usually flat and large usually supported by braces. The platform can be raised or lowered to increase speed and productivity. They are therefore, suitable if you have many workers working on a site as they can all be accommodated on the platform. They can lift up to about 40 feet high. The platform for scissor lifts is also more stable than ladders and it is, therefore, safer. They are able to stand on their own unlike ladders which have to be supported against a wall. Scissor lifts, therefore, allow more movement.

  • There Are Fixed And Mobile Scissor Lifts

You should hire a fixed or stationary scissor lift based on your needs. Fixed scissor lifts are generally stronger and they come in a variety of power and size options. However, they are not flexible.  Mobile scissor lifts are more flexible but they are not as stable as fixed ones. Their height is not very easily collapsible and so they are not as portable. Consider the pros and cons of each one of them and hire a scissor lift that best suits your job.

  • Consider  The Lifting Height

Different models of scissor lift platforms are built differently and therefore, they have different lifting height and carrying capacities. Before your scissor lift hire, you should consider how high you want the scissor lift to go and how many people and tools it will be required to carry. In instances where you have plenty of workers and tools and plenty of work to be done, you may need to hire more than one scissor lifts. If you are working in narrow spaces, consider finding a scissor lift that is narrow enough to fit.

  • You Can Use Electric Power

If you are going to be working indoors, consider hiring an electric scissor lifts. They do not release fumes which may be harmful to health.  If you are having work done both indoors and outside, you can hire separate ones for indoor and outdoor use.


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