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Mast Climber Hire Brings You a Safer, Customised Work Space

Mast climbers can literally allow for the creation of a work space in the sky. They feature a platform that elevates to the height you need, traveling vertically up either a single mast or twin masts. Mast climber platforms are powered by an APU (automated power unit). Our mast climber hire services allow for effective and affordable access to these specialty scaffolding mechanisms.

Customised Work Space Heights and Positioning

Mast climbers can assist in a range of installation, maintenance and construction projects. Unlike traditional scaffolding, which must be kept stationary, these units offer flexible positioning in hard to reach work areas. The entire platform of a mast climber moves with your workers, allowing for more focus, accuracy and productivity.

We offer mast climber hire of mast climber work platforms for numerous external building jobs and applications. They can be installed to heights that reach 100 m and allow for both materials and workers to be elevated to the required height for each job.

Both single and twin mast climbers can be adjusted in terms of both length and width up to 31.4 m. You can check out our Photo Gallery for examples of how these devices are used, or call us for ideas and suggestions. The possibilities are wide ranging!

Modular Design Offers Flexibility

Mast climbers, their platforms and their components are made of durable steel in a modular design. This allows both single and twin mast designs to be customised for a safe and effective configuration no matter what the job. The work platform can match the length of the work space or building façade to ensure safety and complete access.

They can work at lower heights free standing, but tied to a structure they can extend their full height. Using a twin mast dramatically increases load capacity. Ask us about specialised applications such as working at an angle with slanted facades; even at various angles, the platform and work area is still level and solid, offering a secure and fully functioning work space.

Safety First

Mast climbers bring the very latest in construction access technology, so they also embody the most innovative design and safety features. Because of this, job site injury risk is reduced and there are fewer incidents on construction tasks related to safety. Mast climbers also include safety features such as fall arrest and brake systems. They are equipped with guard railings and limit switches for added security on the job.

Some of the other features and benefits of using our mast climber hire services include:

  • Can handle large loads
  • Fast, efficient lift and elevation
  • Rapid, safe installation and dismantling times (as much as 30 percent faster than traditional scaffolding structures)
  • Increased productivity on the job
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced building ties
  • Decreased contract times/faster job turnover
  • Improved site safety
  • Better security after working hours
  • Platforms can be repositioned quickly as needed
  • Fast, safe transport of equipment and materials reduces downtime

Mast climbers offer a truly flexible alternative to conventional scaffolding solutions. For more information about our mast climber hire services and related products, feel free to call or email us.


Knuckle Boom – Safety Tips

Regardless of the environment you’re working in or the type of job you’re trying to complete, finding the right knuckle boom lift hire is only one small part of a much larger story. Equally important is your ability to use this complicated piece of machinery safely, not only guaranteeing that you’ll be able to complete your project in the right way but also while mitigating risk as much as possible. With that in mind, here are a few key knuckle boom lift safety tips that you’ll absolutely want to be aware of moving forward.

Essential Tips for Smooth, Safe Operation

By far, the most important knuckle boom lift safety tip to be aware of involves keeping a clear focus on the job at hand at all times. It goes without saying that nobody should ever use this or any other type of equipment under the influence of drugs and alcohol. But oftentimes, minor distractions turn into big problems in an instant – which is why you need to be almost hyper-aware before, during and after operation.

If someone does not need to be in the work zone to expressly do their job, they shouldn’t be in the work zone at all – end of story. Not devoting 100% of your attention to the lift, as well as the presence of other distractions in the area like employees, are both major contributing factors to the types of accidents that can quickly turn deadly if you’re not careful.

Likewise, you should always wear the proper safety equipment when operating your knuckle boom lift – even if you don’t think that the project itself is a naturally dangerous one. In addition to protection like a hard hat and safety glasses, steel-toe boots are also a recommendation more often than not. If an unfortunate accident does occur, even if it’s through no fault of your own, this level of protection will help minimize the risk of injuries that you may experience. Likewise, be absolutely sure to secure all loose clothing before operation and if you have long hair, wear a hat or pull it back so that it won’t get in the way.

Finally, always make an effort to keep your knuckle boom lift on firm, level ground at all times. When your boom lift is in its full and extended position, you’re dealing with a heavy piece of equipment that is very narrow with a somewhat different level of weight distribution than you may be used to. If you don’t stabilize the knuckle boom lift before you use it, you run the risk of putting it into a situation where it might tip over – which is absolutely something you don’t want to experience. Likewise, make sure all brakes, wheel locks and other safety mechanisms are in place to avoid this type of problem altogether.

Contact Power Access Today

Regardless of the reason you need a knuckle boom lift or the project you’re trying to complete, you’ve absolutely come to the right place. To find out more information about the difference that a knuckle boom lift hire will make for your next big job, or to get answers to any other essential questions you may have, please don’t delay – contact Power Access today.