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Indoor Uses for a Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker Hire for Indoor Settings

Outdoor landscapers, construction companies, farmers and utility workers often use a cherry picker when they have to reach high places outdoors. This versatile equipment can move over rugged terrain and elevate workers so they can pick fruit, trim tree branches, install exterior building elements and perform a range of other outdoor tasks.

Yet in addition to outdoor work, warehouse environments are hiring cherry pickers from Power Access. Also called scissor lifts and boom cranes, an electric cherry picker can be hired for different tasks, such as to help with building maintenance and to fill product orders.

Warehouse Maintenance

Maintenance problems aren’t always located on the ground floor. Lighting issues, roof leaks, and failing HVAC ductwork located along the ceiling can be easily reached using a cherry picker. A cherry picker allows both workers and tools to be safely lifted to the appropriate height.

A cherry picker is more stable than using ladders or scaffolding. The battery electric machines can be moved into place with little effort and stabilized to enhance worker safety. The maintenance workers can have all their tools available and within reach.

Sorting and Picking Products

Warehouse order pickers may use pallet rack systems that can reach heights of 12 feet, 16 feet and 20 feet. Power Access cherry pickers are used to reach tall heights in narrow aisles. When a fork lift is too bulky to navigate down the aisle, the narrow stature of the cherry picker is ideal as the warehouse worker can pick products from the shelf to fill multiple orders.

Cherry pickers also work well in warehouse environments without causing damage or poor indoor quality. While diesel-powered cherry pickers are suitable outdoors, electric ones using a rechargeable battery won’t emit harmful exhaust into the air. Good air quality can be maintained, especially in warehouses that require clean and sanitary environments for their products such as companies in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. The non-marking tires can move across the floor without tearing up the cement.

Renovation and Installation Uses

In addition to performing regular building maintenance, warehouse workers also use cherry pickers to perform renovations and installations. To free up warehouse floor space, mechanical systems will be elevated and suspended onto the ceiling. A cherry picker hired from Power Access allows workers to install and upgrade these mechanical systems with ease.

Materials are safely loaded and raised with the worker on a cherry picker as they don’t have to try to carry the items on their back when going up ladders. Workers can easily paint walls, install pipes and renovate warehouse spaces to make them more functional.

Power Access is a Cherry Picker Hire Company (Sydney)

When it comes to using materials handling equipment in narrow spaces, a cherry picker hired from Power Access allows you to have the right equipment to use when you need it. There are numerous economic advantages to hiring a cherry picker instead of purchasing one, as you don’t have to perform maintenance and you skip paying high purchase prices. Instead, you only pay for the cherry picker when it is in use, as you can get different types of cherry pickers to perform different jobs. For more information about cherry pickers and to receive availability and a fixed price quotation, contact Power Access today.



Looking to Rent a Telescopic Boom Lift? Factors to Consider When Selecting the Equipment for Your Job

A telescopic boom lift hire allows you to get the equipment you need to complete a job up higher than a ladder can reach, without having to purchase the equipment. Many people assume that all telescopic boom lifts are relatively the same. However, there are many major differences between the telescopic boom lifts that a company may rent out. When you are looking for a telescopic boom lift hire, it is important to understand what the differences are among the lifts you can rent. This can help you select the right one for your job. Here are a few of the key factors to consider when renting a telescopic boom lift.

The Height the Boom Lift Can Reach

The first factor that you need to consider when you are looking for a telescopic boom lift hire is the height that the boom lift you are considering can reach versus the height that you need to reach. Some telescopic boom lifts can only reach heights of 40 feet, while others can extend to heights of over 150 feet. Carefully consider the height that you need to reach and then find a boom lift that extends high enough for your needs.

The Size of the Platform and Platform Weight Limits

Another important factor to consider as you go about renting a telescopic boom lift is the size of the platform and platform weight limits. Telescopic boom lifts all have a platform on them. The platform is the surface that is elevated when the boom lift arm is extended. Different makes and models of telescopic boom lifts have different sized platforms and platform weight limits. The size of the platform affects how many employees you can have working on the platform at any given time and what task they can perform. The weight limits affect the number of people you can have on the platform, as well as the weight of materials you can place on the platform. Carefully consider what your needs are to find a telescopic boom lift that has a platform that works for you.

The Base of the Boom Lift

The final factor to consider when obtaining a telescopic boom lift hire is what the base of the boom lift is like. Some bases have 4X4 drive, allowing you to take the telescopic boom lift to rocky, outdoor regions. Others have simple bases with basic wheels that are designed for smooth surfaces, such as indoor areas. Take the time to think about your worksite and what type of base is needed to access the area around your worksite.

When you need to reach an area that is too high for a ladder to reach, you may need to rent a telescopic boom lift. When you are looking for a telescopic boom lift hire, Power Access can help you. Contact us today to about the boom lifts we have for rent, to get a quote for a lift or to reserve yours today.