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4 Reasons Hiring a Cherry Picker is the Right Choice

Growing organizations are usually tasked with getting the maximum bang for their buck in terms of equipment purchases and rentals. Company decision-makers must look at whether purchasing a necessary piece of equipment today serves the best long-term interests. In many cases, it may be a good idea to rent equipment such as a Cherry Picker before taking on additional debt.

A Cherry Picker hire in Sydney may be the right financial and productivity solution for emerging companies. These are four important reason why hiring a Cherry Picker could help you accomplish while reducing costs and improving your bottom line.

1: Cherry Picker Hire Improves Safety

It’s not uncommon for upstart outfits to use ladders to do thing such as changing light bulbs, hanging signs, painting, making repairs, or even conducting building maintenance. Ladders are not necessarily the safest way to elevate a valuable employee. Hard impacts from falls rank among the top reasons that workers are injured. A Cherry Picker hire on even a part-time basis can keep your staff out of harm’s way.

2: Cherry Picker Hire Can Improve Productivity

One of the primary goals of any outfit is to maximize profitability. This often involves a delicate balance of putting revenue to work and getting a solid return on investment. Those in the warehouse and other industries tend to purchase enough equipment to fill orders at a high level. But when business ramps up during busy holidays or peak seasons, decisions about increased overtime comes to the forefront. Paying workers more per hour is not necessarily the best use of revenue.

A seasonal Cherry Picker hire allows outfits to improve productivity and hire seasonal help at your regular hourly wage. Orders will be filled faster, customers receive their goods and materials quicker, and you increased productivity leads to improved customer satisfaction. A seasonal Cherry Picker hire can turn additional expenditures into a huge profitability win.

3: Cherry Pickers Deliver Elevation

The primary function of a cherry picker is lifting someone high in the air. That’s an essential idea because there are industries in which that placement alone proves beneficial. Consider the value of raising a movie camera when making a video, film, or television commercial. That nuanced perspective enhances the fundamental creativity of the work. The same holds true in terms of elevating lighting equipment for a concert or coaches who want a bird’s eye view of their sports practices. Elevation has a unique value that can be gained by using a Cherry Picker.

4: Cherry Pickers Can Be Transported

When people think about the general uses of a cherry picker, they tend to see them as an onsite piece of equipment. They are widely used in warehouses, and that tends to be the primary image people have about these powerful pieces of equipment. But Cherry Pickers are far more agile than some may realize. They can be loaded on a flatbed or a truck and transported to many job sites. This fact makes them ideally suited for spot duty in a wide range of industries.

Affordable Cherry Picker Hire Sydney Businesses Can Trust

If you are interested in improving productivity, safety, or could gain a unique benefit from a hiring a Cherry Picker, Power Access in Sydney has reliable new machinery that can save you money and improve your bottom line. Contact one of our customer service professionals today.




Top Scissor Lift Rental Options in Sydney

Scissor lifts are critical for a variety of everyday functions throughout the Sydney area. These sturdy, yet mobile lifts can be used to move heavy materials and personnel. They’re relied upon in warehousing, construction, agriculture, and a variety of other industries.

Read on to learn more about the many functions scissor lifts serve in and around Sydney — and why rentals are typically preferable to ownership.

Top Scissor Lift Rental Sydney Options

Variety is the name of the game with scissor lifts, which take several forms. Different versions are suited to different purposes. Some are small and highly mobile, while larger, more rugged lifts may be intended for heavy use outdoors. Typically, scissor lifts occupy one of the following main categories:

  • Electric scissor lifts. Designed to provide maximum uptime, electric scissor lifts require minimal recharging. Additionally, they are quiet, mobile, and eco-friendly. They are ideal for smaller loads and indoor settings.
  • Engine powered scissor lifts. Although electric scissor lifts provide a variety of benefits worth considering, engine powered options are often preferable for handling large loads and difficult terrain. The platform heights on such lifts are often impressive; the LRT Series, for example, can reach a maximum of 16.15 meters.
  • Hybrid electric scissor lifts. Environmentally-friendly and heavy-duty, hybrid electric scissor lifts offer the best of both worlds. They can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor job sites, making them uniquely versatile.

No one scissor lift is ideal for every job. While hybrid electric lifts are among the most versatile, other types of lifts may occasionally be required to handle heavier loads or to achieve greater mobility.

Benefits of Scissor Lift Rental And Hire in Sydney

High-quality, carefully-maintained scissor lift rentals can be called upon for a variety of tasks. A few of the top benefits associated with scissor lift rental and hire in Sydney include:

  • No servicing. The cost of scissor lift maintenance can add up quickly. With rentals, however, it’s possible to make the most of this equipment without dealing with the hassle or expense of keeping lifts in tip-top shape.
  • Only pay when actually using the machine. Beyond the cost of maintenance, ownership infers extra expenses you might not expect. Even storing scissor lift equipment can prove surprisingly costly. With rental services, however, you need only pay for equipment when you actually use it.
  • Access to a variety of lifts. As mentioned previously, a variety of types of scissor lifts are available for rental. Your needs could vary based on the task at hand; with a rental service, you can choose the equipment that best fits your immediate purposes, rather than attempting to use a single lift when completing jobs for which it’s ill-suited. Once you make your preferences known, your scissor lift rental company will deliver the appropriate equipment quickly so you can get the job done.

From savings to ease of access, the benefits of scissor lift rentals add up quickly. Working with the right provider is key, however. You should feel confident that your scissor lift rental company will offer prompt access to the high-quality equipment you need. Call the experts at Power Access today or contact us online to learn how you can benefit from our scissor lift rental services.