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Articulating versus Telescopic Boom Lift for Hire

When your projects have a tight budget to enforce, you need to know which piece of equipment is exactly right for each task on the project. Aerial work is one example where you may have to choose between a telescopic boom lift or an articulating boom lift.

Here is the difference between the two.

What’s the Difference – Telescopic vs. Articulating

A telescopic boom lift will extend up and out with sections that move telescopically. They are also referred to as “stick booms” because of the long and straight reach these aerial lifts can make. Often, construction projects will demand a telescopic boom lift hire for accessing heights when painting or inspection structures. These booms offer a stable platform to extend and retract workers that must reach greater work heights or over other obstacles.

Articulating booms also feature multiple boom sections, except each section is able to  “articulate” about a joint or hinge. The motion is similar to a finger that flexes at the knuckle and at each finger joint. This makes it possible for an operator to reach into work areas that have limited access or barriers in place.  This type of heavy equipment is also referred to as a “knuckle boom” machine.

Benefits of Telescopic Boom Lift Hire

When you need the most in both reach and height, hiring a telescopic boom lift is the best option. Telescopic booms make it possible to work from long distances when obstacles are in the environment that prevent workers from getting closer. As telescopic boom lifts don’t have the additional function of rotation, they can lift greater weights. Finally, a four-wheel drive telescopic boom lift will get maximum traction and stability on most all terrains.

If you need to lift a lot of heavy material to high roof lines, upper level floors, or other elevated spaces, then the higher weight capacity of a telescopic boom lift is the best choice.

Uses for an Articulating Boom Lift

Sometimes your project may involve lifting men or material to heights within a narrow space or around multiple obstacles. Each section of an articulating boom can move independently to allow for placement of the aerial lift in hard to reach spaces.  But keep in mind, an articulating boom will have less weight and reach capacity when compared to a telescoping boom lift.

You will lose some horizontal outreach with an articulating boom lift, but when you need the added versatility of multiple motions – then an articulating boom may be the best choice. Since a telescopic boom lift hire is less expensive, most projects only use an articulating boom lift when necessary.

Partner with Power Access when you need telescopic boom lift hire or a knuckle boom lift. Our expert sales team can help guide you on choosing the right equipment for your projects through our rental, sales, and service programs. It doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or outdoors, in tight quarters or open lots, in urban landscapes or commercial and industrial properties – you can contact our telescopic boom lift hire staff 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.



A Knuckle Boom Lift Rental Can Grow Your Organization

Construction sector outfits rely on equipment to cost-effectively complete profit-driving tasks. That being said, upstart and mid-level organizations may not necessarily have the financial bandwidth to purchase a Knuckle Boom Lift fleet. But without this crucial machinery, your company may let lucrative contracts slip away. As a stop-gap measure, it may be in your company’s best interest to strategically budget for a Knuckle Boom Lift rental while you build your organization. There’s no reason to take a pass of a potentially successful bid for work due to a machinery shortage.

Roll Knuckle Boom Lift Rental into Contract

Building a fledgling organization into a mid-sized or large corporation often requires industry leaders to take incremental steps. Your early bids may have been based on staffing, company-owned equipment, and your ability to deliver on time, on budget services. While prudent, that thinking may be limiting growth.

By working with a Sydney-area equipment rental resource, you can have the hard financial numbers on hand anytime an opportunity presents itself. While materials, labor, and other moving parts may fluctuate, a Knuckle Boom hire from a respected machinery rental partner allows you to plug static numbers into your bid. An ongoing relationship with Knuckle Boom Lift rental resource can help earn those profitable contracts and drive your company to the next level.

Knuckle Boom Lift Hire for Seasonal Work

Building a company often means increasing a fleet of machinery that gets jobs done. But like the small organization looking to carve out greater market share, mid-sized and large outfits can also benefit from a Knuckle Boom Lift hire.

Many industries see seasonal highs that put a strain on your in-house fleets. But planning ahead by working with a reputable rental outfit allows you to pull in additional resources as needed. It’s important to remember that you only pay for the time you use a Knuckle Boom Lift rental. Positioning yourself with a rental allows you to earn peak seasonal profits that may have slipped to your competitors.

Rent a Knuckle Boom Lift Before Purchasing

Taking your organization to the next level often involves taking full advantage of the business landscape. Sometimes that means utilizing equipment rentals to earn revenue from spot or peripheral jobs. These may not seem like the most lucrative endeavors, but the added revenue can help swell your profits.

Many companies discover that niche, spot, and seasonal work can add up throughout the year. If you utilize a Knuckle Boom Lift hire to pull down profits from these opportunities, they may string together enough side-work to warrant growing your fleet. A Knuckle Boom Lift rental today may lead to adding machinery to your organization later, and that improves the value of your company.

Affordable Knuckle Boom Lift Rental in Sydney

Working with a reliable Knuckle Boom Lift rental company allows outfits of any size to take advantage of emerging opportunities and increase profitability. In many ways, a Knuckle Boom Lift hire can be a steppingstone to long-term goal achievement. If you are interested in taking your organization to the next level, Power Access offers affordable Knuckle Boom Lift rentals. Contact one of our customer service professionals today.