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Would A Skyjack Lift Hire Help Achieve Company Goals?

There is a wide range of construction, warehouse, and industrial uses for lift equipment. By that same token, it’s not necessarily the type of machinery that crew members typically operate for full shifts. Simply put, outfits need state-of-the-art lift equipment but not every minute of every workday. That reality tends to make purchasing these expensive pieces of machinery counterproductive to generating revenue.

One of the trending solutions in the greater Sydney area has been to secure a Skyjack lift hire. Industry leaders who outsource specialized elevated work by securing a short- or long-term Skyjack lift hire solve ongoing problems without incurring unnecessary capital expenses. If you have a growing need for lift equipment, these are things to consider.

What Can A Skyjack Lift Hire Deliver?

It’s essential to keep in mind that organisations only pay for a Skyjack lift hire when the machinery and is onsite. Companies do not incur service costs or need a separate storage facility to house a fleet of lift equipment.

If you have work that needs to be performed in tight areas or at significant heights, you enjoy the option of scheduling a select lift as needed. There’s no one-size-fits-all lift machinery. A Skyjack lift hire delivers access to machinery that includes the following.

Electric Scissor Lifts

These are a favoured type of machinery for indoor use, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, big box stores, and other operations that require work done at heights. Because they use hydraulic systems fueled by electricity, workers and customers are not subject to emissions. Skyjacks models can accommodate multiple workers on the elevated platform, as well as tools and materials. Most importantly, they rank among the safest state-of-the-art equipment available today.

Articulating Booms

Sometimes called a “knuckle boom,” this machinery is a game-changer for construction companies, bricklayers, electricians, painters, roofers, and warehouse operations, among others, that are facing challenging tasks. The ability to elevate and extend a sturdy platform into difficult-to-reach spaces allows many to secure lucrative contracts that would otherwise remain unattainable.

A Skyjack lift hire offers long-term benefits in terms of having the niche machinery at your disposal on-time and on a budget. The strategy also allows outfits to pass along the cost while bidding on lucrative jobs.

How To Determine The Right Skyjack Lift Hire To Meet Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate lift machinery requires some due diligence. A professional will need to consider the height, dimensions, and physical landscape before choosing a viable option. These are common questions to answer when considering a Skyjack lift hire.

  • Will the machinery be used indoors or outside?
  • Are emissions in the work area a health and safety factor?
  • What type of terrain will the lift machinery operate on?
  • What are the minimum and maximum work heights?
  • How often will you need the lift?
  • What is the anticipated maximum load weight?

Once you have a firm grasp of these issues and any specific to the task, a customer care professional can walk you through the rental process. For more information about a Skyjack lift hire or to inquire about a team member receiving training, contact Power Access today.

Is A Snorkel Lift Rental The Best Solution For Aerial Work?

When business leaders decide to invest in a lift machinery rental, they usually calculate the revenue-generating benefits against potential setbacks. Some of the moving factors include cost, length of use, and return on investment. Most conclude that renting niche scissor lifts provide added value as long as nothing goes wrong. In order to ensure your operational timeline runs smoothly, it’s crucial to use reliable equipment.

That’s why Power Access has amassed the largest range and state-of-the-art fleet of Snorkel lifts for hire in the greater Sydney area. If you are considering bidding on a contract or have an ongoing need for aerial work, a short- or long-term Snorkel lift hire may be the best option.

What Distinguishes Snorkel Lifts?

Lifts manufactured by Snorkel are not only designed to raise workers up. They ensure people come back down safely. The company enjoys a history that spans more than 60 years, and every day of that experience goes into the high-quality equipment.

Snorkel sets a bar that exceeds industry standards in terms of safety and durability. The brand is designed to be increasingly user friendly and requires only minimal training to operate units effectively. Those bites of information might seem like typical marketing compliments on the surface. But the fact remains that Power Access made the decision to include only the most trusted equipment in its fleet. People continue to enjoy reliable benefits, and that creates happy, repeat customers. That being said, does a Snorkel lift rental make sense for your operation?

How To Select The Best Snorkel Lift Rental

If you are relatively new to the lift rental niche, it will be important to consider a wide range of factors before resting on a piece of machinery. Among the primary considerations will be whether you or someone in your outfit has the skills and training necessary to operate an aerial lift.

It’s not unusual for growing companies to tap someone to undergo operation and safety training. Power Access offers weekly courses that can help one of your crew members earn Yellow Card certification, if necessary. With a skilled person in place, you’ll need to assess the terrain, know the minimum and maximum heights, and consider safety issues such as emissions in the workplace. If this is relatively new ground, don’t hesitate and contact an experienced customer care consultant to walk you through the process and how these Snorkel lifts can help you achieve goals.

  • Electric Slab Scissors: These compact lifts can fit through most doorways and safely elevate two workers indoors. They are electricity-based and emissions-free, making them perfect for enclosed areas.
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts: Generally used in an outdoor setting, these diesel-powered lifts enjoy 4-wheel drive and hydraulic triggering that supports automatic levelling. They may be the perfect solution to rugged construction sites.
  • Articulated Boom Lift: The Snorkel boom delivers 4-wheel drive and hydraulic levelling that allows a worker to reach over obstacles and complete tasks at heights. These lifts remain a darling among electrical workers and construction crews, among others.

Because this brand delivers the reliability and safety necessary for positive outcomes, Power Access continues to maintain a fleet and offer Snorkel lift hire solutions. For more information about a Snorkel lift hire, contact our Sydney facility.