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Short and Long-Term Nifty Lift Hire in Sydney

Here at Power Access, we are the go-to company for industrial companies and managers looking for short or long-term Nifty Lift hires in Sydney. Whether the job site involves working with electrical systems, trees, maintenance efforts or contracting work, our selection of Nifty Lifts for hire can handle even the most demanding tasks. Power Access has a large fleet of modern and well-maintained Nifty Lifts available for rent, and there are many reasons to choose a hire option rather than purchase this expensive equipment.

The Benefits of Lift Hires Versus Purchase

Once you buy any type of commercial vehicle, it begins to depreciate in value the moment it leaves the lot. While there are some situations in which buying makes more logistical and fiscal sense, renting a boom or other type of lift can be a better option for most for numerous reasons. For starters, there will be no need to store these large machines which will definitely add to costs. Another huge benefit of lift hires is that you will not have to worry about maintenance, because Power Access maintains flawlessly kept vehicles that pass routine inspections prior to each rental.

Our experienced team will deliver your Nifty boom lift quickly to the job site, and you’ll only be billed for hours in which the machine is being used versus a huge monthly bill that arrives after purchasing. Another advantage to short and long-term boom lift hires is that fleet managers and operators can have access to multiple machines to best handle specific jobs without having to invest permanently in individual equipment. In addition to flexible rentals, Power Access also offers a full range of Yellow Card training for operators and site supervisors.

Yellow Card Training at Power Access

Safe operation is pivotal to the success of the project and the wellbeing of users and those on the job site. Along with long and short-term lift rentals, we offer certified workshops to obtain proper Yellow Card training. This essential training indicates that operators have been instructed on how to safely use elevating work platforms, and we offer certification courses for several types of lifts.

Rent the NiftyLift HR21 Self Propelled Boom Lift

Our most popular Nifty boom lift rental is the HR21 Self Propelled lift that boasts numerous productivity, stability and safety features. Designed to operate on hard surfaces, rugged terrain, uneven slopes and other rough conditions, the NiftyLift 4×4 21m boom lift can rise to platform heights of 19m. This impressive machine has a lifting capacity up to 225kg, has room for two workers, and boasts and outreach of 12.8m. The Nifty can be powered on diesel fuel of via battery, making it a good choice for external or internal use.

Power Up Your Work Site With Power Access Lift Hires

Power Access has the large lift equipment you need ranging from telescopic and lift booms to scissor lifts. We conveniently deliver your short or long-term lift hire and provide quarterly inspections and maintenance to ensure that your machinery performs optimally at all times. Our knowledgable experts are always helpful and ready to assist customers in choosing the best equipment for the job.

We place a heavy emphasis on exceeding industry standards and offer exceptional rates on short and long term lift rentals in Sydney Metro, Wollongong and Newcastle. Contact Power Access online or call us 24/7 at 1300 851 447 to take to one of our associates about your needs for boom lifts, cherry pickers and scissor lifts for hire.


JLG Lift Hire in Sydney

It’s not uncommon for growing companies to desperately need state-of-the-art machinery but not have the bandwidth to make a major purchase. Your instinct tells you that pushing ahead and buying the necessary lift equipment will cover the business loan and possibly generate a slim profit. On the other hand, a clear-headed review of the books indicates that taking on debt does not further your company goals. It would help if you had a solution.

That scenario tends to be a common one and a reason why a JLG lift hire makes good business sense. Industry leaders can avoid needlessly taking on massive debt and have the machinery on-site as needed. If you are feeling growing pains, these are things to consider about a JLG lift hire strategy.

Would You Benefit From A JLG Lift Hire?

The idea of outsourcing lift work to a third party makes some decision-makers uncomfortable. Success is often driven by maintaining reasonable control over the moving parts of your operation. Fortunately, the experienced professionals who schedule your JLG lift hire are keenly aware of that fact.

To quell any concerns, the professionals exercise due diligence and ensure that your JLG lift equipment arrives on time and with an experienced professional ready to take in any challenge. These rank among the top lift equipment available.

  • Drivable Vertical Mast Lift: This machinery is designed to negotiate tight aisles, narrow plant spaces, and reach significant heights.
  • Electric Scissor Lift: These lifts meet health and safety standards for enclosed spaces. The lack of emissions means that workers do not necessarily require masks or other breathing apparatus. The hydraulic system powers workers, tools, and materials to significant heights.
  • Articulating Boom Lift: Sometimes referred to as a “knuckle boom lift,” the arm extends the platform into spaces that would otherwise not be accessible. It’s a niche piece of machinery that overcomes worksite challenges.

Construction and warehouse sector professionals, among others, only pay for a JLG lift hire when the machinery and operator are onsite. Unlike other equipment that you own, you incur no service or storage expenses. Growing businesses often incorporate a JLG lift hire into their budgets and pass along the expense. At the end of the day, you are hiring an expert who shows up with their own tools.

Would JLG Lift Rental Training Make Sense?

In order to rent equipment such as a JLG lift, a team member will require proper training to ensure they have the ability to operate lift equipment safely and effectively. Power Access offers weekly courses that lead to earning a Yellow Card. The courses typically require only 2-3 hours, depending on the person’s experience and familiarity with various lift equipment. Having one of your crew members secure a Yellow Card gives your organization a go-to crew member who can handle critical lift operations using equipment such as the following.

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Boom Lifts
  • Vertical Lifts

If you have someone on your crew with a Yellow Card that just needs to reacclimate to equipment operation, a JLG University refresher course is a convenient way to get that person up and running. By utilizing this resource, your outfit enjoys the cost-saving benefits of a JLG rental.

If you are an industry leader struggling with growing pains, a JLG lift hire or rental ranks among the most cost-effective ways to achieve goals and increase profits.