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Things You Need to Know About Mast Climber Hire

When they need mast climbers Sydney locals often have a wide range of questions pertaining to the process. Is it right for your situation? How does it work? Are there specific situations where it should be avoided? What about mast climber safety? To help you make a smart decision for your mast climber rental in New South Wales, we’ve compiled some of the most common information customers ask us about to help you get started.

# Things You Need to Know Before a Mast Climber Hire

  1. Let’s start with mast climber safety. As with many other types of powered lift machinery, fall protection equipment is a must. We strongly suggest that every worker on the mast climber has their own safety harness, a hard hat to protect them from items being dropped further up and similar personal protective equipment to ensure their safety. Beyond those basics, you’ll need to check your local safety regulations to ensure you’re staying in compliance.
  2. What kind of mast climber rental do you need? You may just need to be able to get your building supplies and workers up to a particular level so that work can begin, or you may need to be able to work at a specific level for an extended period of time. This will impact what type of mast climber hire you need, as one type may work better as a temporary lift while another is more suited towards use as a mobile work platform.
  3. What size structures work with mast climbers? Mast climbers are typically available in single or twin masts with platforms that can be adjusted in length and width. They can handle heights up to 100 meters and platform widths of up to 31.4 meters, which allows you to use them to manage a wide range of different projects effectively and efficiently. Working with an experienced rental company helps you get the right equipment for your project with minimum fuss.
  4. What are some situations a mast climber rental may be handy? One of the most common situations in which mast climbers are used is on tall commercial or business structures. Longer platforms allow a crew of workers to effectively complete work across one face of a structure quickly. This makes it an excellent choice if you’re working on a fast-track contract that requires specific portions of the project to be done by particular dates to avoid penalties.

By having a solid grasp of the basics of a mast climber hire, you’ll be better prepared to make the most of your rental time instead of wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it work well for your needs. No matter where you need mast climbers NSW locals know that Power Access has the best selection and newest equipment available for rent on the market. Why not look at what we’ve got available today and make your project go much faster and easier?

How You Can Benefit From Our Genie Lift Hire

When you need an elevated work platform that can hold more than one man, is easy to manoeuvre, and is known for its reliability, a Genie Lift NSW is the answer. For over 40 years, this manufacturer has built a reputation on quality, hardworking equipment for construction, building maintenance, fruit picking, and warehouse management.

There are many benefits of a Genie Lift Hire versus buying one new or used from an equipment trader. Before you make a decision, contact Power Access to learn more about their Genie Lift rental services that enable you to choose the right type of equipment to fit each and every job. And, when you consider the cost of buying a Genie Lift for full price up front or using expensive financing, that type of expenditure can put a heavy dent in your cash flow.

10 Benefits of Renting a Genie Lift Sydney

  1. Fast delivery for emergencies or unexpected projects
  2. Equipment is fully serviced and inspected before deliver
  3. Short term and long term Genie Lift Hire options
  4. No worries about equipment depreciation and loss of assets
  5. Benefit from using multiple machines suited to each job on large projects
  6. Access to a full range of electric hydraulic scissor Genie lifts with platforms
  7. Can choose the right model Genie Lift to fit your projects
  8. Receive training on equipment operation and Genie Lift Safety
  9. Only pay for equipment when you need it for a job
  10. No need to worry about transport, delivery is straight to your work site

Instead of investing your cash and capital for a scissor lift that may not fit all your height and weight capacities for each project, Power Access offers a large Genie Lift Range with platform heights from 19 feet to 40 feet. Whether you need access to tight spaces or greater heights, Power Access has the Genie lift for the job.

Choosing a Power Access Genie Lift Hire

When you hire a Genie lift from Power Access, your jobs will run smoother and faster. This allows your business to take on more contracts and generate more income. Before choosing a Genie lift, consider the following questions that will help you make the right choice:

  • Do you need indoor and outdoor capabilities?
  • Is the job site terrain rough and steep?
  • How high do you need to reach?
  • Will you require heavy lifting capacity?
  • Do you have a power preference – diesel or electric?
  • Will more than one person access the elevated platform?

Power Access has the largest range and most modern fleet of Genie Lifts for hire in Sydney (NSW), with fast delivery and on-site servicing if needed. We take pride in our inventory and Genie Lift range to meet the needs of the most demanding environments and projects. Genie lifts are known for their stability when working on uneven surfaces or in demanding environments outdoors. You may want to consider a rough terrain lift that is specifically manufactured to operate well in tough conditions.

Genie Lift Sydney is the workhorse of aerial platforms and is a leader in the industry. Speak to a Power Access representative to make sure your operators receive the proper training in Genie Lift safety and operations.

Benefits of Cherry Picker Hire vs. Buying

If you’re weighing the benefits between buying or renting a cherry picker, you may want to consider how quickly technology changes. It is quite possible that before you’ve made the final payment on a cherry picker for your business operations, new features, and smaller models with more power and reach will be on the market. Power Access not only maintains the largest inventory of styles for cherry picker hire in Sydney (NSW), we also constantly update our fleet to reflect the most modern technology.

Power Access can help you choose the right cherry picker Sydney for maximum production and safety. It doesn’t matter if you need equipment to navigate tight spaces or reaching extreme heights, we can help you pick the right type of equipment with the right height and weight specifications to get the job done right.

Reasons to Consider a Cherry Picker Hire

Reliable Cherry Picker Safety and Servicing

Owing and maintaining heavy equipment is a huge cost and manpower burden. When you turn to Power Access for your Cherry Picker Rental, you never have to worry about service the equipment. As part of your Cherry Picker NSW contract, Power Access pledges to deliver your equipment in great running condition. And, if there is a problem in the field, Power Access will deploy our expert technicians for on site repair.

Whether it’s inspections, help choosing the right Cherry Picker Rental, or advice on cherry picker safety, our goal is to keep your projects running smoothly and your equipment performing at optimum levels.

The Right Cherry Picker Hire for Each Project

Often, different projects may benefit from different cherry picker range or power. We can supply diesel hydraulic powered equipment for outdoor use or electrical powered options for indoor applications. Consider the many options offered by Power Access:

  • mast boom lifts/roundabouts/trailers,
  • knuckle boom lifts
  • electric hydraulic scissor lift
  • diesel hydraulic scissor lift

Our equipment is of the latest technology, so you can expect to find your choice of cherry picker hire with a small footprint for easy handling, options with non-marking tires to protect professional flooring, and styles with an exceptionally high reach for those one-of-a-kind projects.

Flexibility of Cherry Picker NSW Hire

Maybe you have a project that requires a variety of cherry picker range and features. Power Access gives you the option to hire multiple machines suited to each job, and we provide the training so your crew can be ready to work on day one. Cherry picker rental also gives you the flexibility to take on more projects without making heavy investments in equipment that you may not need.

Employee training in the safe use of cherry picker hire is essential, and Power Access can provide training for a Yellow Card, which proves your operator has been trained in the safe use of an elevating work platform (EWP).

Contact Power Access for the largest range and most modern fleet of Cherry Picker Sydney for hire in Sydney (NSW). Your company can reap the benefits of hire over purchase – no servicing, option to use multiple machines suited to each job, training provided, more flexible, and only pay when machine being used. For your fast track projects, we excel at fast delivery of the most suitable machine to meet your needs.

The Benefits of Scissor Lift Hire in the Sydney Area

When you need a scissor lift in Sydney locals often have questions about whether a purchase or a scissor lift rental is in their best interests. However, there are a number of benefits to hiring or renting a scissor lift instead of buying one. Here’s a quick look at the top reasons why renting is almost always better than buying.

The Benefits of Scissor Lift Hire in the Sydney Area

  • When you purchase a scissor lift, all of the maintenance and repairs are on you. However, a rental puts all of the scissor lift service on the rental company, freeing up your time and energy to keep moving your business forward. Instead of chasing down repairs, ordering parts and hauling equipment, your focus is on your business.
  • What kind of scissor lift range do you need? In some situations, one scissor lift may be more expensive to operate while providing more range than what you really need for a project. A scissor lift rental allows you to have the right scissor lift for the job, even if the demands of that job changes on a regular basis, saving you time, energy and money.
  • If you’re worried about scissor lift safety, you’re not alone. Falls are one of the primary causes of workplace deaths, so you don’t want to be putting an inexperienced crew onto the equipment. Another option to consider is that a good rental company can provide your crew with appropriate training to ensure their safety.
  • Avoid scheduling headaches. When you’re running behind on one job site but need to get the scissor lift to another job site, how do you split the difference? A scissor lift rental allows you to quickly and easily have a lift at both sites without a lot of late-night or early-morning hauling, because the rental company handles it for you very quickly.
  • Reduce your machinery storage expenses. In today’s competitive world, would you rather have the space to store that great deal on building materials or have to store your scissor lift? By going with a scissor lift hire, you don’t have to worry about having enough space to store the equipment when it’s not being used.
  • Always use the best and newest equipment. If you’ve seen scissor lifts with new features that you’d like to try out, renting is always a better option before buying. This allows you to try new features, enjoy quality performance and keep your operating running efficiently with minimal money out of pocket. Instead of upgrading every few years, simply rent a newer model.

By renting a scissor lift for your next project, you can avoid all of the hassles of equipment ownership while enjoying the benefits of having that equipment available when you need it most. If you need help finding the right rental equipment for your project, the experienced professionals at Power Access are ready to help. Please feel free to reach out today to get started.

Access Equipment Hire in Sydney

Why should you choose Access Equipment for your equipment rental needs? Let’s look at some facts.

On any worksite safety is an important issue. In Australia, 77% of injuries related to work are attributed to workers, incurring costs topping $61.8 billion. Add to that the fact that the construction industry ranks number three in the country for work related fatalities and it’s easy to see how important safety training and practices are.

You don’t have to go looking for the hazards; they are already there. Operating the equipment can be dangerous if it is not properly maintained or if the operator is not properly trained. If you own your equipment, you incur the (often quite large) added expense of maintaining your equipment yourself as well as machine specific training which can carry a pretty large price tag too.

The Power Access equipment hire division provides rental services for lifts such as telescopic boom lifts and hydraulic scissor lifts. This allows our customers to reap the benefits of having the equipment they need at their fingertips without having to shoulder the burden of all the costs associated with ownership.

Two of the main advantages are training and maintenance.

Operator training leads to better worksite safety.

The Power Access Yellow Card training helps operators become better operators. A Yellow Card is documentation proving that an operator has received the appropriate training needed to use an elevating work platform safely. When you hire Access Equipment you have the added benefit of training for the person or people who will be using the machine.

Each training module is approximately three hours long and can be conducted off-site at our facility or we can come to you. At the end of the training session, each participant will receive his or her Yellow Card.

When you purchase equipment, the training is often more difficult to access and considerably more expensive.

Regular maintenance means safer equipment.

The costs of maintaining equipment like lifts can be very cost prohibitive for many businesses. When you need several different pieces of equipment those costs go even higher. When you own your equipment, you are the one paying those costs.

Does owning your equipment really give you the best return on your investment?

In many cases, the answer is no.

There are some considerable costs associated with ownership. Fuel, grease, and oil are an ongoing maintenance expense that will be incurred on a regular basis throughout the life of the machine. This can be expensive, based on how often the machine is used, but repairs can cost even more.

Experts recommend setting aside around 2% of the yearly replacement price for the implement, or 2% of the engine operated machine’s replacement price. Of course, that percentage increases with increased use of the equipment.

At Power Access you can focus on the work at hand while we take care of equipment maintenance and repair. Not only do we have multiple machines for you to use that are specially suited to whatever job or need you have, we also do all of the servicing on that equipment.

If you want the benefits of having a fleet of lifts and equipment at your disposal without the headaches of ownership, give Access Equipment Hire Sydney a try.


Telescopic Lift Hire in Sydney

When you have a job, the last thing you need to worry about is your equipment. A telescopic lift is a specialized piece of equipment that can be costly to purchase and maintain. Quite often, a business may find that hiring their equipment is a better business decision.

Why hire instead of purchase?

Do you purchase or hire? When it comes to large equipment, this is not an easy question. Owning your equipment may seem like an attractive option simply because you will always have it when you need it. However, there are some detractors that may make ownership a less than attractive choice. Many businesses, particularly those that are smaller, find that telescopic lift hire offers many more benefits that purchasing.

No servicing expense – When large equipment breaks down it can be very costly to repair, and even more expensive to replace. When you hire a lift, you don’t bear the expense of maintenance, repair, or servicing. This not only saves you money, but you can get the equipment you need worry free. All you have to do is focus on the job at hand; we’ll take care of the rest.

More machines at your disposal – There is no such thing as one machine that does all the jobs you need on a work site. If you go the purchase route, this means you have to buy a different piece of equipment for each job. That can get very expensive very fast. Hiring equipment gives you the option to use multiple machines that are suited to each job without the expense of purchasing multiple units.

Only pay when the machine is being used – Hiring a telescopic lift also means that you only pay when the machine is being used. When you purchase equipment, it may sit in storage for months without being used while you still make regular payments. Hiring a lift give you the accessibility without ongoing payments. You pay when you use it. And when you aren’t using the equipment you don’t pay a dime.

No storage space required – If you own your equipment that means you must have a place to store it. Even a single telescopic lift requires more storage space than many companies have on hand. This means you either have to purchase storage space or lease it. That is an added expense you probably don’t need. When you choose to hire a lift, you don’t have to worry about storage, saving you money on several fronts.

Get the right machine for the job, fast – Speed of delivery of the most suitable machine.

Are you looking to hire a telescopic lift in Sydney? Power Access has the widest range of telescopic life machines for hire so you can make sure you get the right equipment for the job. All of our elevated lifts in our fleet are the most modern with the latest technology so you can rest assured you will have not only the right equipment for the job, but the very best as well.

We also offer yellow card training so you can ensure your operators have the training necessary to safely use the lift. Each of our five training modules focuses on a specific type of lift so you not only get the most suitable machine for the job, but you get specialized training for that machine.

Contact us today and talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff to learn more about our telescopic lifts for hire and how we can help you choose the right lift for your project.

PowerAccess for telescopic lift hire in Sydney

Genie Scissor Lifts : Offering Work Versatility

Selecting the appropriate scissor lift rental Sydney allows your company to perform maintenance work, lift inventory products to required heights to store them on racking systems, and handle other tasks. The right scissor lift to use will be based on a number of different factors, such as lifting height, capacity, machine length and machine width. Genie is one of the top companies in the world that provides scissor lifts and other materials handling equipment to commercial and industrial customers.

Genie Scissor Lift Rental Sydney

For 21 years, Genie has been providing aerial lift machines to markets throughout New Zealand and Australia. These scissor lifts can get workers, equipment and materials up to the desired height during indoor and outdoor use. They offer a wide range of lifts, including man lifts, articulated booms and straight booms for a variety of industries and purposes. They can handle rough terrain and level surfaces. The machines can operate on electric to offer zero emissions and very low noise levels, as well as bi-energy for outdoor use when an electric machine is not suitable.

Types of Genie Scissor Lifts

When selecting the right scissor lift, keep in mind to measure the space that is available for the lift as well as the lifting capacity and the lifting height that will be required. Also, be aware of the ground conditions and how much weight it can support to ensure that the scissor lift can be used properly without it sinking into the ground or through weak indoor flooring. Several types of Genie lifts include the following:


The GS-1330m scissor lift is an electric machine suitable for indoor work. It offers low level access as it has a maximum lifting height of 5.9m and a capacity of 227kg. This scissor lift is also the smallest in their lineup at 1.41m in length and 0.78m in machine length. Weighing 225kg, it is the perfect small machine for inside jobs such as stacking and retrieving products, making minor repairs, and working on lighting fixtures.


Going several steps up from the GS-1330, the GS-1932 is an electric scissor lift that is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. This machine has a working lift height of 7.79m and a capacity of 227kg. The lift provides quiet service while working on even surfaces as it weighs 2,012kg. It is also small at 2.44m in length and 0.81m in width.

GS-3369 DC

The GS-3369 DC is an indoor and outdoor lift that has a 454kg capacity and 11.75m maximum lift height. It can work in indoor environments due to its slim profile of 1.75m machine width and 3.12m machine length while also handling the rough terrain at outdoor construction and maintenance sites. This scissor lift works on muddy, sandy and other challenging ground conditions.

GS-4069 BE

When searching for a scissor lift rental Sydney that offers exceptional lift capabilities, the GS-4069 BE offers a maximum lifting height of 14.12m. It weighs 4,893kg yet has a slim profile of 1.75m width and 3.12m machine length. This lift runs on bio-energy as it is safe to use outdoors when an electrical unit is not suitable, yet can also be used indoors due to its quiet working capabilities and low emissions.

At Power Access, we offer Genie scissor lift rental in Sydney for a wide range of customers. Renting a scissor lift is an economical alternative as you can order multiple different machines at one time based on the task without worrying about servicing the machines or creating special storage for them. In addition, you only pay for the scissor lift when it is in use as training is provided. Contact our company today to rent a Genie scissor lift.

Cherry Picker Hire – Factors to Consider

There are many projects that may need a cherry picker, including reaching unusual heights for maintenance or repair of equipment, renovating or new construction, and in warehouses. Whatever the task, there is likely a cherry picker to fit your needs. But, before you choose a cherry picker hire Sydney, there are 5 key design specs that you will need to have so you will choose the right piece of equipment for the job.

5 Cherry Picker Specifications

1. Equipment Type

You can find a cherry picker hire available in multiple types including those with telescopic or stick booms that extend straight out and up or articulated booms that feature hinged sections for more accurate positioning or manoeuvring into tight spaces. Also consider how the cherry picker will be driven. Some are trailer-mounted or truck-mounted while others are self-propelled to drive themselves around your worksite.

Depending on how much control you will need, a cherry picker hire will feature models with different controls for basket movement, along with lateral, vertical, and rotational movement. Some models even allow for changing the angle of the basket tilt for work in difficult locations.

2. Maximum Working Height

Here you will consider how much vertical and horizontal reach or height your project will require. The maximum working vertical height for an aerial lift is typically measured from the ground to it’s maximum vertical reach. Working height includes the measurement of an average person’s reach, but platform height does not.

3. Maximum Outreach

Horizontal or sideways outreach is typically from the turret of the lifting arm to the end of the operator’s arm that is in the basket. Keep both these measurements well within your needs because it is better to choose a cherry lift hire that allows for plenty of room to reach into areas where you will be working.

4. Safe Working Load

Each cherry picker manufacturer will indicate a safe working load for each style and model of equipment. This specification is an indication of how robust the cherry picker base, bucket, turret arm, and boom are for lifting both the worker, tools, and other cargo. Pay attention to this specification because overloading the cherry picker can make the base unstable which may cause a collapse or tip-over accident.

5. Environmental Conditions

Here is where your partnership with a cherry picker hire Sydney will be most valuable – choosing the right equipment to meet environmental challenges. This includes rainy seasons where the soil may be unstable, during windy conditions, on steep inclines, and extremely hot days. All these environmental conditions can be overcome with the right choice of cherry picker or with planned safety guidelines.

You will also consider if operating the equipment is easy and if the model you choose will have the versatility you need for reaching, rotating, and controlling the basket. The size of your project, the heights you need to reach, the time of year and day, along with the amount of weight you will be lifting are the most important things to consider in a cherry picker hire Sydney.

Contact PowerAccess for a wide range of cherry pick hire Sydney choices including boom lift and scissor lift equipment.

Sydney Genie Lift Access Hire

Looking for heavy equipment to handle your jobs? Power Access equipment hire can fulfil all your needs. There are a number of reasons why it’s better to rent and hire heavy equipment. Here are a few:

  • Variety

You may start with the Genie Lift but find your project requires other machinery. Power Access carries multiple machines suited to each job for convenience and care, along with the longest range and most modern fleet of Access Equipment in Sydney.

  • Cost

If you don’t have a consistent need for a Genie Lift, chances are you’ll be wasting money if you invest in one. By utilizing the Genie Lift hire service, you’ll have the equipment you need without the overhead expense. You only pay when the machine is being used. This is one of the best incentives for hiring over buying. Your team gets the advantage of working with the best equipment on the market without having to overspend.

  • Training

When hiring from Access Equipment, training is provided to ensure every team member is on the same page and will be able to safely operate the equipment. Our team is able to advise on the right equipment for the job you need to ensure every step is properly handled. There are a number of instances where the job may require more than one type of machine, or multiple machines of the same type. We are able to train everyone at the same time.

  • Maintenance

You’ll never have to worry about the condition of the equipment because you’re guaranteed top of the line equipment and service. The equipment is delivered in top shape and is maintained throughout the life of the hire. Should any mechanical failures occur, an immediate replacement is provided. No servicing headaches and great machinery to get the job done.

What can the Genie Lift Do?

The Genie Scissor Lift is well known for its versatility. It provides a sturdy foundation for tasks that require lifting such as working in an overhead space, painting, window washing, moving items to upper floors and other tasks where it would be much safer to use than a ladder. The beauty of this type of lift is that it adjusts to different heights and is available in different types. There are electric and bi-energy lifts; outdoor, indoor or dual indoor selections.

Ensuring you have the right equipment

You may still be on the fence about the Genie Lift. That’s why we’re here. We help assess your project to help you get the right equipment each and every time. The Genie Lift is the most recommended piece of scissor lift equipment on the market. From the Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift, to the Genie Diesel Hydraulic Scissor Lift, we’ve got you covered.

It’s always best to search for expert access equipment hire Sydney consultants. With a wide range of platforms and equipment available at a moment’s notice, projects can be completed quickly and on time. For more information on the Genie Lift and all its capabilities, contact the team at Power Access to help get the equipment you need on time and within budget.

Telescopic Lift Hire in Sydney

Critical work areas are often not located on the ground, instead, workers much reach higher places with the use of a telescopic lift. A telescopic lift can be used for a range of purposes, such as construction projects, building maintenance, power line repairs, fruit tree picking, landscaping and other industries.

A telescopic lift differs from an articulating lift as it moves up and out. So it can reach high places but not around obstacles. They are ideal when ladders cannot reach the specific heights, and scaffolding may be too dangerous for workers.

Benefits of Hiring and Renting a Telescopic Lift

While purchasing a telescopic lift is an option, renting a telescopic lift can be more economical for companies. You may only need the telescopic lift for a limited amount of time for the construction project or to perform specific, one-time maintenance work. In addition, you don’t have to worry about storage of the machine or servicing the equipment as you can save on costs.

Also, training is provided to the operator who will be using the telescopic lift Sydney. This benefit ensures that the machine will be used safely and efficiently. Your workers can gain the Yellow Card training offered by Power Access as this training is recognized by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA). The training courses can be performed at your work facility for 2 hours to 3 hours so your workers can immediately get started with the job afterwards, or they can attend scheduled classes at our facilities.

Another important advantage is that the only time you will have to pay for the telescopic lift is when the equipment is in use. You won’t have to pay for the machine while it is being transported to the worksite. We work to get the machine delivered at the site as quickly as possible.

How to Select a Telescopic Lift

Before obtaining a telescopic lift hire, think about the maximum weight capacity that is needed. You want a telescopic lift that can handle the weight of the workers as well as their tools, materials and equipment. You also want to ensure that the ground can support the weight of the telescopic lift.

Then you will need to calculate the height of where the work will be performed. Using an ultrasonic distance device, you can obtain an exact measurement that will help narrow down the choices on the right height for the telescopic boom rental. Also, keep in mind to measure the size of the telescopic boom’s platform to ensure that it can lift certain bulky materials to the appropriate height. You don’t want to select a telescopic lift that cannot accommodate all the equipment and materials that will need to be raised up to the required height. You also want to avoid overloading the platform, as this problem can increase the risk of tools falling onto workers or pedestrians who may be walking near the lift equipment.

When you are looking for an affordable telescopic lift hire or rental in Sydney, turn to Power Access. We have the elevated work equipment you need to reach the highest locations at your worksite. Contact our staff today to learn more.