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Important Safety For Elevated Work Platforms

An elevated work platform is essential in many large-scale building and construction jobs. However, improper use of this equipment can lead to serious injury. Safety cannot be emphasised enough when using heavy equipment like elevated work platforms. We offer an extensive range of elevated work platforms for hire in the Sydney metro area and provide essential safety and operational advice when renting our equipment.

Elevated Work Platform Accident Avoidance

The construction sector reports accidents most often occurring as a result of elevated work platforms shifting or overturning due to operator error.

Not adhering to recommended safety guidelines for elevated work platform hire can lead to serious accidents. One of the most common situations leading to injury is when a platform shifts due to improper positioning. Operators must follow guidelines when it comes to operating, moving and positioning these machines.

Some of the key factors that can help with assuring elevated work platform hire safety include:

Training. Adequate training for all workers using this equipment is essential to ongoing safety for all personnel and clients who spend time on the site.

Licenses. In addition to general construction safety induction training, workers who operate and work on elevated work platforms should have the appropriate licensing for high risk work situations.

Placement. Situating the platform on stable, level ground is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring elevated work platform safety. Stability is crucial, as shifting can lead to serious injury if the machine rolls over on its side.

Maintenance and Repair. Regular maintenance of the equipment is also crucial to ongoing safety of elevated work platform hire. Regular maintenance and daily operational checks should be carried out. When you hire from PowerAccess we ensure the machines are well maintained and ready for safe operation.

Stay Aware and Adjust For Changing Conditions. Weather conditions such as wind or precipitation, sloped or soft terrain and other environmental conditions should be factored in to operational decisions throughout the work day.

Capacity. Elevated work platforms are provided with strict guidelines for maximum load capacity for safe operation. It is critical the machine is never loaded with more than the stated maximum load capacity.

Balance. Workers, equipment and supplies should be situated on the platform with the most balanced placement possible to ensure safety and stability.

Guardrails and Worker Protection. The platform should be equipped with guardrails to help prevent workers falls. Workers should be also be outfitted with fall protection equipment.

Avoiding PowerLines. Care should be taken to ensure the platform is a safe distance away from power lines, generators and electrical equipment to protect workers from the risk of accidental electrocution. The operator must review all potential obstructions above the operator platform before operation and extension of the platform.

Securing the Area. The area around the platform should be cordoned off with fencing or barriers to protect other personnel who enter the area. Signage should be posted both around the area and on the platform to ensure ongoing safe operation.

At PowerAccess we are proud to offer elevated work platform hire in Sydney and the surrounding areas clients can rely on for safe, reliable and cost effective operation to get jobs completed quickly and on budget. Operating the equipment with the key safety considerations we discuss in this blog post is crucial to the safe and successful use of this essential construction equipment. Call us today if you have any questions or to book equipment rental on a short or long term basis.



Scissor Lift Rental: Essential Safety Considerations

Scissor lifts, sometimes called “movable scaffolding,” offer a flexible way to lift supplies, equipment and personnel to a desired height during a construction job. Scissor lifts allow for the transport of items and workers to and from high elevations with ease. They can also be adjusted with precision to the exact height required at every phase of the job. At PowerAccess we offer an extensive range of scissor lifts for rental in the Sydney metro area.

Safe and effective scissor lift hire requires good knowledge of key safety elements. Scissor lifts are considered heavy equipment, and specific operational procedures are essential in ongoing safety and effective use. Implementing these methods assists companies in avoiding potential legal problems and ensures workers and anyone who visits the job site are operating in a safe environment.

Here are some of the most essential safety steps:

Do Not Overload 

All heavy machinery and equipment have specific load capacities and specifications. These should be closely adhered to in order to use the equipment safely and appropriately.

Balance Loads

Balancing all supplies, equipment and personnel on the platform is also essential to scissor lift operational safety. As the job progresses, the items on the platform should be moved around to maintain balance and ensure safety at all times.

Adjust For Conditions

Conditions such as windy weather should be taken into considerations when using a scissor lift on a job site. Reducing height or postponing work might be the safest option. Rainy weather could cause the ground beneath the base to become unstable.

Stay Inside Guard Rails

Personnel should be advised and trained to use the equipment safely and properly. This includes staying within the guard rails, retaining balance and never working at awkward angles on the equipment.

Use Scissor Lifts Appropriately

Scissor lifts are intended to assist in the building and construction industry. However, they have been used in other capacities such as in film and camera work to achieve aerial views and specific angles. Using scissor lifts in not recommended ways increases the risk of the lift falling over and injuring both users and anyone in the vicinity. Consult with your PowerAccess representative to ensure you hire the correct Scissor Lift to fit the job specification.

Never Relocate While Extended

When relocating the scissor lift, always do so when it is contracted (not extended). Never move the equipment when it is raised and loaded with tools and supplies.

Have Workers Utilise Lanyards

A safety lanyard is attached to workers’ wrists and linked with a machinery kill switch. This ensures that if a worker falls or becomes incapacitated the machine will no longer operate.

scissor lift offers a flexible scaffolding solution that’s easy to adjust for every phase of a job. We offer an extensive range of scissor lifts for rental in Sydney you can trust for assisting in your construction project. The advantages of hire over purchase are numerous and include no need to service the equipment, and multiple machines can be rented short term if required to quickly complete each job’s requirements.

We offer short- and long-term rental terms and pledge to always provide top of the line, carefully maintained equipment. We also offer safety and usage training to ensure you always get optimal results from our scissor lift hire services.



The Benefits of Cherry Picker Hire in Sydney

Strong economic forecasts throughout Australia indicate a clear need for functional, versatile, and safe cherry pickers that significantly improve productivity. Read on to learn more about the top cherry picker designs and brands — and the benefits of hiring a high-quality cherry picker in or around Sydney.

Types of Cherry Pickers and Scissor Lifts

Cherry pickers come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Different types of cherry pickers are better suited to different tasks. Top options for meeting your cherry picker hire Sydney needs include:

  • Mast boom lifts, which are compact and therefore ideal for manoeuvring in small spaces.
  • Diesel knuckle boom lifts designed for up-and-over reach service, and outdoor work in general.
  • Electric knuckle boom lifts, which boast a high run time and promote excellent productivity.
  • Diesel hydraulic scissor lifts with foam-filled tires and automatic stabiliser function to better handle rough terrain.
  • Electric hydraulic scissor lifts featuring roll-out extension decks and non-marking tires to ensure a combination of high reach and personal safety.

Cherry Picker Brands

Not all brands are equal when it comes to a cherry picker hire in Sydney. It is imperative that you select a highly trusted brand capable of delivering not only the reach you desire, but also the safety features needed to protect operators at all times.

Genie has long been one of the most admired and trusted scissor lift brands. Genie’s products are notoriously versatile; they can be used for a range of functions, including, of course, cherry picking.

Why Hire a Cherry Picker Instead of Purchasing One?

A hired cherry picker offers several benefits over purchasing your own equipment. In most cases, the primary factor is convenience. Maintaining and servicing a cherry picker can require significant time, effort, and money — even if you invest in a durable model from a trustworthy brand.

Hired cherry pickers grant you access to the latest equipment, abiding by the most recent Australian standards. If you purchase a cherry picker, it could take years of use to realise your full return on investment. During that time, your picker may fall behind — forcing you to purchase yet another cherry picker to ensure safety.

A single cherry picker is rarely good enough, as different types of equipment are suited to different jobs. The same cherry picker will not accommodate you in all situations; it’s easier to hire a specific type of cherry picker exactly when you need it.

Training is a critical element of hiring a cherry picker. Regular workshops ensure that operators understand the full scope of safety features and are able to avoid common hazards. With purchased cherry pickers, you are completely on your own for training.

The right cherry picker could make all the difference. Thankfully, the availability of quality cherry picker hires means that you’re not limited to just one option. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Sydney cherry picker hires, which can ensure productivity, versatility, and safety at all times.

Contact Power Access today for an instant quote to hire a latest model Cherry Picker today :


Why Renting a Scissor Lift Is the Best Approach

Boasting criss-cross supports that effectively move people and objects vertically, scissor lifts can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor functions. They are frequently used in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, and even retail. No matter your intended purpose, you can benefit from a scissor lift hire. Below, we examine the various scissor lift brands and designs, as well as reasons why a scissor lift hire is typically preferable to purchasing equipment.

Types of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts take several forms, each with its own unique benefits. No one scissor lift is ideal for every task; it’s important to select the variety best suited to your needs. Two common types of scissor lifts are highlighted below:

Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Emission-free and notoriously quiet, electric hydraulic scissor lifts are typically preferable for use indoors. Their non-marking tires are compatible with slab surfaces.

Diesel Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Ideal for outdoor functions, diesel hydraulic scissor lifts provide height and grip above and beyond what electric models can offer. Automatic stabiliser functions make it easier to manoeuvre these scissor lifts while dealing with challenging terrain.

Both electric and diesel hydraulic scissor lifts come in several different heights. Some extend to a full 16 metres. They are available for both short and long-term rental.

Scissor Lift Brands

When selecting a scissor lift, it is crucial that you look not only at the type of the lift, but also the brand. Ideally, you will opt for a respected name known for being safe and dependable.

Genie is always a wise choice when hiring a scissor lift. This trusted brand has an impressive history. A variety of Genie models are available, so you should have no trouble finding something that meets your needs.

Why Hiring a Scissor Lift Is Preferable to Purchasing One

If you intend to use a scissor lift, you may have thought of biting the bullet and purchasing one. This is not always a wise option, however — particularly if you only intend to use a scissor lift on an occasional basis. With your purchase comes considerable responsibility regarding maintenance and servicing. If your scissor lift malfunctions, it’s on you to fix it.

Opting for a scissor lift hire can prove beneficial before you even start to use the equipment. When you hire a scissor lift, you receive extensive training to ensure that it is operated correctly. Safety training can appease many of the concerns you might otherwise have regarding scissor lift operation.

A single scissor lift can be limited in scope, but you might not have it in your budget to order lifts of multiple heights or with other varying features. If you intend to use lifts both inside and outside, you may need access to both a diesel and an electric hydraulic scissor lift. With a scissor lift hire, you enjoy easy access to both types of machinery without paying extra. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about updating your equipment in keeping with changing standards; scissor lift hires feature the latest models.

A scissor lift hire is an excellent option if you demand versatility. Ditch the hassle of lift ownership and embrace a more convenient approach.

Contact Power Access for an instant quote to hire a scissor lift today :





Getting the Most From Your Telescopic Boom Lift

At their core, telescopic boom lifts are designed for situations where outreach and height are of the utmost importance – taking what might be a naturally dangerous project and turning it into a far safer one in an efficient and cost-effective way. However, your telescopic boom lift hire is ultimately just a tool – the same as anything else. The tool itself is less important than making sure you’re using it in the right way for the task at hand.

With that in mind, here are a few key tips you’ll definitely want to make use of to get the most use out of your next telescopic boom lift hire.

The Art of Successfully Using a Telescopic Boom Lift: Breaking Things Down

One of the most important things for you to do before any job begins involves conducting a thorough inspection of your equipment. This is important for safety considerations, but that’s not the only reason one should be done. A last minute inspection can help make you aware of issues like debris in the tracks, it can help guarantee that everything moves the way it’s supposed to and more – all of which goes a long way towards making sure your job goes off without a hitch. It’s better to find out that you have a problem before you’ve gotten started than when someone is already up on the platform trying to get things done.

Along those same lines, consider working with either the equipment’s manufacturer or your telescopic boom lift hire provider to invest in proper and thorough training for all operators. Again, this goes a long way towards making sure that your equipment can be operated safely – but that’s not the only reason it’s recommended. Proper training also means that your employees are operating a piece of heavy machinery at peak efficiency, allowing them to be as productive as possible with every waking hour of the day. You don’t want to lose an hour or more over the course of a shift while someone tries to get acclimated to a very specific machine like a telescopic boom lift that they may not be overly familiar with.

Never forget that just because a job requires a telescopic boom lift hire does not mean you necessarily know how to operate that equipment safely. Even if you’ve worked in a particular area before, it’s always essential for you to conduct a thorough job site risk assessment before each use. Be on the lookout for unexpected drop-offs, holes, surfaces that may be unstable and more. Not only will this help minimize the possibility of accident or injury, but it will also confirm one last time that a telescopic boom lift is actually needed.

Contact Power Access Today

Finding the right telescopic boom lift hire can literally mean the difference between success and failure in terms of your next big project – which is why this is one decision you do not want to make lightly. To learn more about what a telescopic boom lift can do for you, or to discuss your own personal needs with someone in a little more detail, please don’t delay – contact Power Access today. 




Mast Climber Hire Brings You a Safer, Customised Work Space

Mast climbers can literally allow for the creation of a work space in the sky. They feature a platform that elevates to the height you need, traveling vertically up either a single mast or twin masts. Mast climber platforms are powered by an APU (automated power unit). Our mast climber hire services allow for effective and affordable access to these specialty scaffolding mechanisms.

Customised Work Space Heights and Positioning

Mast climbers can assist in a range of installation, maintenance and construction projects. Unlike traditional scaffolding, which must be kept stationary, these units offer flexible positioning in hard to reach work areas. The entire platform of a mast climber moves with your workers, allowing for more focus, accuracy and productivity.

We offer mast climber hire of mast climber work platforms for numerous external building jobs and applications. They can be installed to heights that reach 100 m and allow for both materials and workers to be elevated to the required height for each job.

Both single and twin mast climbers can be adjusted in terms of both length and width up to 31.4 m. You can check out our Photo Gallery for examples of how these devices are used, or call us for ideas and suggestions. The possibilities are wide ranging!

Modular Design Offers Flexibility

Mast climbers, their platforms and their components are made of durable steel in a modular design. This allows both single and twin mast designs to be customised for a safe and effective configuration no matter what the job. The work platform can match the length of the work space or building façade to ensure safety and complete access.

They can work at lower heights free standing, but tied to a structure they can extend their full height. Using a twin mast dramatically increases load capacity. Ask us about specialised applications such as working at an angle with slanted facades; even at various angles, the platform and work area is still level and solid, offering a secure and fully functioning work space.

Safety First

Mast climbers bring the very latest in construction access technology, so they also embody the most innovative design and safety features. Because of this, job site injury risk is reduced and there are fewer incidents on construction tasks related to safety. Mast climbers also include safety features such as fall arrest and brake systems. They are equipped with guard railings and limit switches for added security on the job.

Some of the other features and benefits of using our mast climber hire services include:

  • Can handle large loads
  • Fast, efficient lift and elevation
  • Rapid, safe installation and dismantling times (as much as 30 percent faster than traditional scaffolding structures)
  • Increased productivity on the job
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced building ties
  • Decreased contract times/faster job turnover
  • Improved site safety
  • Better security after working hours
  • Platforms can be repositioned quickly as needed
  • Fast, safe transport of equipment and materials reduces downtime

Mast climbers offer a truly flexible alternative to conventional scaffolding solutions. For more information about our mast climber hire services and related products, feel free to call or email us.


Knuckle Boom – Safety Tips

Regardless of the environment you’re working in or the type of job you’re trying to complete, finding the right knuckle boom lift hire is only one small part of a much larger story. Equally important is your ability to use this complicated piece of machinery safely, not only guaranteeing that you’ll be able to complete your project in the right way but also while mitigating risk as much as possible. With that in mind, here are a few key knuckle boom lift safety tips that you’ll absolutely want to be aware of moving forward.

Essential Tips for Smooth, Safe Operation

By far, the most important knuckle boom lift safety tip to be aware of involves keeping a clear focus on the job at hand at all times. It goes without saying that nobody should ever use this or any other type of equipment under the influence of drugs and alcohol. But oftentimes, minor distractions turn into big problems in an instant – which is why you need to be almost hyper-aware before, during and after operation.

If someone does not need to be in the work zone to expressly do their job, they shouldn’t be in the work zone at all – end of story. Not devoting 100% of your attention to the lift, as well as the presence of other distractions in the area like employees, are both major contributing factors to the types of accidents that can quickly turn deadly if you’re not careful.

Likewise, you should always wear the proper safety equipment when operating your knuckle boom lift – even if you don’t think that the project itself is a naturally dangerous one. In addition to protection like a hard hat and safety glasses, steel-toe boots are also a recommendation more often than not. If an unfortunate accident does occur, even if it’s through no fault of your own, this level of protection will help minimize the risk of injuries that you may experience. Likewise, be absolutely sure to secure all loose clothing before operation and if you have long hair, wear a hat or pull it back so that it won’t get in the way.

Finally, always make an effort to keep your knuckle boom lift on firm, level ground at all times. When your boom lift is in its full and extended position, you’re dealing with a heavy piece of equipment that is very narrow with a somewhat different level of weight distribution than you may be used to. If you don’t stabilize the knuckle boom lift before you use it, you run the risk of putting it into a situation where it might tip over – which is absolutely something you don’t want to experience. Likewise, make sure all brakes, wheel locks and other safety mechanisms are in place to avoid this type of problem altogether.

Contact Power Access Today

Regardless of the reason you need a knuckle boom lift or the project you’re trying to complete, you’ve absolutely come to the right place. To find out more information about the difference that a knuckle boom lift hire will make for your next big job, or to get answers to any other essential questions you may have, please don’t delay – contact Power Access today.

The Different Types of Scissor Lift Hire

Scissor lifts refer to hydraulic powered lifting platforms that are able to lower and raise workers and/or heavy loads. As you were probably able to guess, these platforms get their name from the scissor-like design of the lift supports. The lift supports fold when the lift is lowered and unfold as it is raised. This design is very stable, enabling the lift platform to be safely raised above the base.

What Are the Benefits of the Scissor Lift Hire?

The main advantage of the scissor lift hire is that it permits workers to reach otherwise inaccessible areas safely. Unlike that of a traditional ladder, the work platform is large and offers enough space to not only safely lift a worker, but also his or her equipment and tools. A scissor lift hire’s work platform is free standing. The worker enjoys a good amount of level space to work from and is surrounded by guardrails to reduce the risk of falling.

The lift base of a scissor lift is mobile, which makes easy maneuvering possible. In comparison, traditional ladders are cumbersome and don’t offer enough safety to workers, particularly when it comes to hard-to-reach spaces.

Types of Scissor Lifts

There are many different types of scissor lifts. Some scissor lifts are designed to lift equipment and workers to great heights. Other scissor lifts are smaller and intended to lift objects to lower height. Not only do scissor lifts come in many different shapes and sizes, but they also come in various heights and power options.

Low Level Scissor Lifts

Low level scissor lifts are best for use in garages, warehouses, gangers, and other indoor work spaces. The typical low level scissor lift is able to reach a height of about 25 feet. The low level scissor lift hire is light, which limits stress on flooring. These types of scissor lift hires tend to be powered by an electric motor.

High Level Scissor Lifts

As you could probably tell by the name, high level scissor lifts are able to reach heights that cannot be accessed by low level heights. These scissor lifts can reach a height of about 28 meters. While some high level scissor lifts are electric-powered, others are powered by diesel.

Outdoor Scissor Lifts

While most scissor lifts are able to be used outdoors, some scissor lifts are specifically designed for outdoor use. These scissor lifts have unique features that are well-suited for outdoor work spaces. Usually, outdoor scissor lifts are used to access electrical wires and telephone wires. Outdoor scissor lifts have pneumatic tires for use in rough terrain. Outdoor scissor lifts are usually powered by a diesel engine.

There are many different types of scissor lift hires on the market for different purposes. While the three types of scissor lift hires discussed above are the most common, there are even more types to choose from. For more information about the different types of scissor lifts and how to choose a scissor lift hire, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hiring Quality Cherry Pickers at Excellent Rates

Cherry pickers are hydraulic lifts used to help raise personnel in a stable platform that can be elevated to difficult to reach locations. The device comprises a strong steel arm extended by powerful hydraulics and a bucket shaped extension to hold the person completing their tasks. Every cherry picker is made to unique specifications, with most designed to handle weights not exceeding 200 kilograms.

When you are searching hunting for a cherry picker hire company there are several important aspects you have to be aware of such as :

Types of Lifts

The kind of engine mounted on the lift is an important consideration. The machine can have either an electric or diesel-powered engine. The choice of lift you select is largely predetermined by the nature of the job you have in mind and access to power and if terrain.


Owning a cherry picker can be very expensive with service and maintenance costs, plus you still have to pay when the machine is not being utelised. The hiring rates differ depending on the type of lift you select and with rental once has the convenience of renting the scissor lift on an hourly, daily, weekly or even longer term monthly rates.

Long-Term Leasing

It can be prudent to take a long-term lease of these machines as you can benefit from a significant discount.

Why Choose Us?

If you are considering hiring a cherry picker, consider contacting Power Access. Our company specializes in cherry picker hire services, with a wide variety of elevated work platforms available for rental.

Mast Climber Hire

Articulating Vs. Telescoping Boom Lifts1: Which One Should You Hire

Aerial lifts features extendable platforms, which let you reach high working areas such as roofs and ceilings. Mast climbers are well designed for getting a worker to a site on an elevated work platform or the capability to reach extremely high working areas. It has become increasingly apparent that getting the right equipment for your needs may be complicated particularly when it comes to the boom lifts (Articulating Boom Lifts and Telescoping Boom Lifts).  The machine you decide to use is subject to what you need it for as well as the kind of environment. Below is a guide to assist with selecting the correct equipment.

Articulating Boom Lift
An articulating boom lift, sometimes known as a knuckle boom, is made up of “joints” that allows the boom arm to unfold in ways that aid the users to go over and around obstacles particularly in tight working spaces. Most of the articulating boom lifts available today have a platform height of about 40 feet; however, specialized equipment can reach a height of up to and over 100 feet. The width of the platform is dependent on the model and make. Mast climbers have two varieties of articulated boom lifts, one of which is ‘Z-styled’ having both vertical as well as horizontal versatility. Its horizontal reach is restricted to only 50 to 75% of the vertical range.

The Specialty Uses of Articulated boom lifts 
Articulated boom lifts have a variety of uses that surpasses the construction site, they are ordinarily found in designated work areas such as, power and telephone line repair as well as tree-trimming sites due to their versatility.

What to Consider When Renting an Articulated Knuckle Boom
Before renting a knuckle boom lift for indoor or outdoor work, you ought to consider the unique aspects of your work-related requirements. For instance, in case you are working on an outdoor service line repair job, a diesel-powered engine, as well as rough terrain articulated lift fits the bill.

Telescopic Boom Lifts
A telescopic boom lift, also known as a stick boom or straight boom unlike an articulated boom lifts does not have joints but an extended straight arm that sits on a rotating turntable platform. These types of lift booms are best suited to jobs that require maximum height, as the arm extends heights of up to 200 feet with minimal horizontal movements. The platforms widths are characteristically at a standard size of 8 feet, which is one of the broadest bases as compared to other aerial lifts.

The Specialty Uses of Telescopic Boom Lifts
Telescopic Boom Lifts are found in most industrial construction sites such as multi-story structure constructions, industrial inspection for instance bridgework.

Considerations for Renting a Straight Telescopic Boom
Before you rent a telescopic boom, you ought to examine the width of the base considering straight booms are wide and as such the job sites must be able to support the equipment accordingly. Additionally, depending on the project site, you may also wish to rent a rough terrain machine with an outrigger.