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Genie Lift Hire and Training in Sydney

A Genie Lift can be used in a wide variety of industries for a large number of purposes. They can be used by construction companies, tree trimmers, electricians and painters, just to name a few of the industries. If your company uses a Genie Lift, you may find yourself wondering whether you should hire one or whether you should purchase one. There are many benefits associated with hiring a Genie Lift compared to buying one outright, especially if you use one sporadically. Here are a few of the benefits associated with a Genie Lift hire compared to a purchase.

No Servicing

One of the benefits associated with a Genie Lift hire is that you are not responsible for servicing or maintaining the Genie Lift. Maintaining one of these lifts can be time-consuming and costly. The company that rents the unit is responsible for all of its maintenance needs.

The Option to Use Multiple Machines

The second benefit associated with hiring a Genie Lift is that you have the option of using multiple machines. On one job, a scissor lift may be the better type of lift, whereas on another job, a boom or work platform may be the better fit. When you rent a machine, you always have the option of renting the machine that is the best fit for the job you are completing. When you buy a unit, you are stuck with that one type of machine.

Training Provided

The third benefit is that training is provided when you rent a lift. When you buy a lift, no training is given. You are on your own for figuring out how to use the machine properly. This can be dangerous. As such, it makes sense to rent and get training, ensuring everyone on your job site is kept safe.

Lower Costs

The fourth benefit associated with hiring a Genie Lift compared to purchasing one is the price. Buying a Genie Lift is costly. You have to put up thousands of dollars to buy one, and then you have to pay to maintain the unit. When you rent a unit, you are not putting up as much money upfront and you do not have to pay to maintain the unit. If your business does not have a lot of money sitting in its accounts, renting may make more sense.

Speed of Delivery

The final benefit associated with a Genie Lift hire is that the unit can be delivered to your job site quickly. When you purchase a unit, it may take weeks or months to get the ordered unit constructed and delivered to you. Odds are, you don’t have weeks or months to wait. Renting helps you get the machine you need in a timely manner.

There are many benefits to a Genie Lift hire, compared to purchasing one outright. If you are ready to learn more about hiring a Genie Lift Sydney, contact Power Access today. We can help you determine the right type of Genie Lift for your job, schedule a rental period and then deliver the lift directly to your job site. Contact us today to get started.

Boom Lift Hire Range and Options

When your work projects require access to extended heights and the ability to quickly shift and swing workers into place at different areas, consider a boom lift hire that offers flexibility in tasks and versatility in operations. Boom lifts are specifically designed for making small adjustments to position and will allow for workers to have more area for tools and working.

3 Benefits of Boom Lift Hire

Access to a Wide Range of Styles

Different jobs sites require different reach and weight capacities.  When you partner with Power Access, you have access to the latest models and a wide range of boom lift styles and capacities to meet your work application.

Consider an Electric Knuckle Boom that offer working heights over 15 meters and have a fast charging time and longer run times. When your indoor projects require quiet operations with zero emissions, an electric knuckle boom lift is a good choice. Another electric boom lift style is the Mast Boom Lifts – also known as runabouts. These compact electric-powered lifts can travel down narrow production or warehouse aisles and the non-marking tyres protect your professional flooring.

But, for projects that demand a lifting workhorse that can safely handle working heights of 43 meters, a Genie self-propelled, articulating boom is one of the industry’s most dependable machines. You can hire a diesel boom lift with a lift capacity of up to 272 kg and a platform reach of 41 meters. Your company benefits by having access to top manufacturers of heavy-duty elevated platforms that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

No Servicing of Equipment Saves Money

Eliminate the responsibilities and costs that come with servicing, inspecting, and maintaining these complex and rugged machines. Partner with a company that is dedicated to exceeding the customer’s expectations in customer service – from sales to site to servicing.

You should expect on-site repairs and the option of a Preventative Maintenance Program that is designed to assist your work goals and get the most from your telescopic boom lift:

  • Stay on schedule throughout the project
  • Minimize employee downtime
  • Increases machine efficiency
  • Reduces fuel and power consumption

Regular equipment inspections will add to your peace of mind, as operator safety is number one when working from heights. When you choose a boom lift hire, you reduce your operating costs that are associated with finding and hiring heavy-equipment mechanics to keep your boom lift performing at top levels.

Only Pay for Time Needed

Protect your working cash flow by using a boom lift hire Sydney service provider that allows you to only pay for the use of equipment during the time that your project requires. When you avoid the large purchase cost of a boom lift, you can better allocate your financial resources to grow your business.

Working with a hire service puts you in touch with aerial lift experts that can help you determine the best boom lift for your application – and provide speedy delivery directly to your work site. A full-service provider will also offer training in the safe operation and general maintenance of the equipment so your workers have the skills they need to remain productive.

Purchasing heavy equipment that quickly becomes outdated and depreciates rapidly is not necessary when you can hire a boom lift and only pay for the time you need it. Contact Power Access to discover more details on the benefits of boom lift hire in Sydney.


Cherry Picker Hire and Rental Options

Buying versus renting is an age-old conundrum that Australians are tasked with deciding between for a variety of services. And while some services make sense to buy rather than rent, the decision becomes all the more important if it involves some sort of heavy equipment, like a cherry picker. Yes, you could invest in purchasing the equipment, safely storing it when it’s not in use and committing to its upkeep and maintenance. But does buying make the most sense? Especially if you’re only using it sporadically?

When it comes to cherry pickers, renting is a viable option that should not be overlooked. This post will take a look at the benefits of hiring a cherry picker.

Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker

  • Flexibility: Why buy something to have around indefinitely when you can rent something only when you need it? Not only does this offer a cost savings, but it frees up storage space and offers more flexibility than if you were to spend the money to purchase one outright.
  • Guidance: Cherry pickers aren’t all the same, and the successful outcome of a job – not to mention the safety of those in the “basket” – is largely dependent on selecting the right type of picker. That’s where a good equipment rental provider can pay big dividends, as it can help you select the right picker for your job. Factors such as weight and height specifications, job timeframe, environmental conditions and more can all dictate the best type of picker, and a good partner can help deliver the right one for your next task.
  • No maintenance: One of the nicest things about cherry picker hire Sydney rather than buying one is that you’re not on the hook for any of the maintenance that these pieces of equipment require. Like any piece of heavy-duty equipment, cherry pickers are subject to both routine and periodic maintenance to ensure they continue to run well and operate efficiently. And being that not just anyone can service a picker, the costs of maintenance can be a significant investment to the overall effectiveness of the equipment. When you hire a picker, you can leave any service costs to the rental company.
  • Economics: How often do you expect to use a cherry picker? If it’s sporadically, then it likely doesn’t make sense to purchase one outright. Like we noted above, the return on investment ins’t likely to be favorable long-term when you consider initial cost of purchase, maintenance and upkeep, and storage space.
  • Speed of delivery: One of the nice things about owning your own cherry picker is that it’s right there for you when you need to use it. However, at Power Access, we streamline delivery with hired cherry pickers to make equipment rental as on-demand as possible. When you consider all of the other benefits listed here, coupled with timely delivery service, renting really does shine as the better option.

As you can see, hiring a cherry picker has its benefits. And it is these benefits that often serve as the reason for companies to hire a cherry picker rather than purchase one outright. For more information, contact Power Access today.



Cherry Picker Operator Training and Yellow Card

When you partner with a cherry picker hire company, you have access to a wide range of models to fit a variety of applications. From construction to warehousing and tree service, a cherry picker gives your employees a safe and convenient method of reaching work heights without the need to construct scaffolding or risk the dangers of climbing a ladder.

It is the responsibility of businesses to make sure cherry picker operators are trained not only in how to use these productivity machines, but also in matters of safety. You can remain compliant with government regulations for licensed operators by working with a company that not only distributes high-quality equipment that has been safety checked and serviced prior to hire, but also provides Yellow Card training that is recognised across the nation.

Training for Cherry Picker Hire Sydney

Working at heights will always present challenges and a certain level of risk. To reduce the chances of operator injury that can result from an accidental fall or unstable access equipment, consider training supervisors and operators in the safe use of these motorized, elevated platforms. This type of training can not only prevent falls, but other accidents related to working on aerial lifts:

  • cherry picker tip-overs
  • operator entanglement
  • electrical shock

It doesn’t matter what type of equipment is being used – scissor lifts, a vertical lift, or a truck or trailer mounted cherry picker, make sure the operator is trained using guidelines set forth by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA). This program can help make sure employers and operators stay in compliant with Occupational Health and safety regulations.

For convenience, choose a Yellow Card Training provider that can train you staff at your workplace, or at training facility. These courses generally take less than half-a-day to complete, but the experience is invaluable to your company’s safety record and profits.

Service and Safety Checks Hire

When you consider a cherry picker hire Sydney, choose a company that will complete all the documentation and safety checks to keep your equipment operating at the highest performance levels. Cherry pickers are a major investment that can allow your company to take on more projects and perform services in less time. Access to top-notch service and safety checks for your cherry picker hire will protect your investment and the life of your equipment.

As a part of any cherry picker training program, learning how to prevent falls and mechanical failures along with basic equipment maintenance is critical to operator safety. Expect training sessions to make clear the following:

  • how to check ground stability
  • checking for proper overhead clearances
  • the dangers of overconfidence and horseplay
  • assessing the risks before work begins

Don’t neglect the importance of safety and training when you choose a cherry picker hire in Sydney. Workers that are unfamiliar with the operation and safety risks associated with these machines should be trained by a reputable operator or training facility.

Power Access provides customers with full service, on-site maintenance or repairs and also maintains a repair workshop at our branch located in Wetherill Park. To keep your equipment in safe running condition and compliant with Australian standards, we can also offer 3 monthly inspections of cherry pickers and other elevated work platforms.



Genie Scissor Lift Hire and Rental

When you need equipment like a scissor lift for your worksite but don’t have the money to purchase one, you have another option. Renting a scissor lift has many advantages that purchasing doesn’t offer. It is particularly beneficial to the smaller construction company.

But if you’re not sure whether or not you should rent or buy a scissor life, here are a few compelling reasons to consider hiring one.

Renting means so servicing responsibilities.

You use the equipment and return it – that all you do. By renting you don’t carry any of the responsibility of maintenance or repairs. You don’t have to service it at all. That’s a great time saver.

Renting allows you to use multiple machines that are directly suited for each job.

Different lifts serve different purposes. When you rent, you can actually get the equipment that is directly suited for the job at hand. When you purchase, you are often left to try and make one piece of equipment fit all the jobs on the site. This can hinder production and waste a lot of time. Hiring each machine for the time you need it to do the job frees up a lot of time for you. You could even finish the job ahead of schedule!

Renting comes with training on safe operation of the equipment.

Safety is not necessarily a natural tendency. When you are not familiar with a piece of equipment, unsafe operation could be costly. It could even be fatal. When you rent equipment, you get safety training, so you and your crew will be able to operate the machinery the right way and keep everyone safe.

Renting allows for more flexibility on your jobsite.

If you need different scissor lifts for different jobs, renting is far more economically feasible than purchasing. This is especially true when you have a small operation. You can also obtain more pieces if you need them and you only pay for them when you need them. This leaves you with a much more flexible jobsite that is much more productive while staying under budget.

Renting allows you to pay for the equipment only when you use it.

If you only need a scissor lift for a few hours for one part of the job, then you can simply rent it for that time. That is far less expensive than purchasing the equipment and keeping it onsite (and in the way) when you really don’t need it.

Renting means a speedy delivery of the machine that is best suited for the ob.

Rental companies are motivated to make your life as easy as possible. Service, delivery, pick up, everything tends to be customer centric. When you choose to rent your scissor lift you can rest assured that delivery will be fast and friendly. You won’t have a lot of downtime waiting for a purchase to be delivered. The rental company will get it to you in a hurry.

When you need a scissor lift rental in Sydney, Power Access is here for you. We have an extensive line of Genie scissor lifts for all types of jobs. Our fast, friendly service can’t be beat. Call today for all your equipment needs

Scissor lift rental Sydney



Elevated Work Platform Hire

An elevated work platform allows workers to reach areas that are difficult to access because they are too high for a ladder or other device. They act as lifts, bringing the workers to the work area, eliminating the need to climb which can be a safety hazard on a construction site.

Traditionally, companies have purchased this equipment, but it can be a rather large expenditure, especially for a smaller construction company. This is leading many businesses to turn to elevated work hire as a viable solution. But is renting an elevated work platform really the better option? For many companies, the answer is a resounding yes.

Types of Elevated Work Platforms

Elevated work platforms, also known as aerial work platforms, can be used both inside and outside. They allow a person to access windows, trees, scaffolding, buildings, and other structures or things that are too high to reach. There are five primary work platform types. Each is intended for specific types of jobs.

Spider Lifts – These are somewhat smaller than other lifts and are easier to manoeuvre. This makes them ideal for construction sites and to pick fruit, reach trees, and get to power lines. They are also used by firefighters who need to get to upper areas of burning buildings.

Articulating Boom Lifts – This is another lift that has very good manoeuvrability. It swivels, giving it the ability to reach a number of hard to reach places. This makes them very handy for maintenance work.

Telescopic Boom Lifts – These lifts make jobs located in the highest places possible because of their impressive reach. They are used for tasks like washing windows on tall buildings or repairing power lines. Any maintenance project that is located high up can be completed by this lift.

Scissor Lift – Because this elevated lift can only move up and down and is usually intended for indoor use, it is somewhat limited in the variety of jobs it can do. However, there is no shortage of the types of jobs it is used for, including AC, heating, and duct work as well as painting or welding. The rough terrain scissor lift is the outdoor version of this lift.

Cherry Pickers – These lifts are installed on vehicles and are used to reach utility lines. They may also be used to do maintenance work on items that are located very high.

Benefits of Hiring Your Elevated Work Platform

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of hiring certain pieces of equipment that they need as opposed to paying for it outright. There are many advantages to this, which include:

  • You are not responsible for servicing the equipment.
  • You have the option to use multiple machines that are suited to each specific job.
  • Training is provided when you hire equipment
  • Hiring a lift provides you with much more flexible options regarding use, cost, and lift type.
  • You only pay when you use the machine.
  • Speed of delivery means you get the machine that is more suitable for your job when you need it (Power Access special feature).

In many cases hiring an elevated work platform for your job site is a very smart choice.

When you need an elevated work platform hire in Sydney, you can trust Power Access.




Why Include Scissor Lift Rental in this Year’s Budget

The construction sector always had an on-and-off relationship with renting equipment. But after the last economic downturn, equipment rentals emerged as the preferred option for many small and mid-sized outfits. Large corporations also set aside space in their budgets to take on rentals rather than invest in machinery that would not necessarily enjoy full-time use.

Within the construction sector, profit-savvy outfits are pivoting away from purchasing expensive equipment that is used in short-term or spot duty in their endeavours. For example, a warehouse or electrical operation may require full-time forklifts but not necessarily a scissor lift each day.

Forklifts help move pallets and load 18-wheelers, but a scissor lift may generally be used in spot duty such as changing light fixtures or servicing air conditioning units. If you are a decision-maker in the construction sector, consider the benefits of scissor lift rental before making a significant investment.

Benefits of Scissor Lift Rental

Consider for a moment that even the most modestly priced scissor lift will likely cost more than $10,000 for a cheap model. Equipment that can safely and reliably reach heights of 14 feet could run upwards of $50,000 to $200,000. Buying a high-quality scissor lift stands as a major investment and will likely involve a long-term loan with plenty of interest costs. But avoiding a heavy equipment loan is not the only way companies can benefit from renting instead of buying. Consider the following.

  • Reduced Expenses: Hiring a scissor lift helps companies avoid expenses such as service, repair, and general maintenance. These are already factored into the price of the rental. If it breaks down, simply call the rental company and have another one delivered at no cost.
  • Machine Flexibility: By working with an outfit that specializes in construction equipment rentals, companies enjoy the versatility of changing equipment when the need arises. This could include reaching additional work heights or negotiating rough terrain. Just call and have another scissor lift dropped off in real time.
  • Latest Technology: Purchasing a piece of equipment locks in an outfit to that specific item. Rental companies compete for clients and are therefore more prone to have the latest technology in their fleet. This scenario means that everyday businesses can enjoy cutting-edge technology they otherwise might not have access.

Scissor lifts and other construction equipment can be rented on a daily basis for spot needs or by working out discounted weekly or monthly agreements. Business owners and decision-makers who are smart about allocating funds can factor the cost of rental equipment into their charges and enjoy greater profitability.

Consider Scissor Lift Rental Sydney

Although there are a wealth of positives to scissor lift rental in the Sydney area, the one drawback is that inventory may be limited. Because construction equipment rental has become a popular method for managing costs, many outfits have already worked out ongoing rental relationships with rental companies. PowerAccess has one of the largest ranges of Scissor Lifts available for rent in the Sydney region. Contact PowerAccess now to organise a same day quote and delivery of your Scissor Lift rental today.



Need a Cherry Picker? Rent not Buy is the Smart Choice !

When a job demands that you must reach heights, but productivity and safety concerns are uppermost in your mind, the cherry picker hire company you select in the Sydney area must completely fulfil your needs and meet all your demands. You will want to select the specific brand and model that can deliver the performance capability you require, whether you need a compact lift to manoeuvre in tight quarters, or an expanding boom lift for large-tract outdoor access.

Advantages of Hiring a Cherry Picker

Renting this kind of unique machinery is more economical over the long term than purchasing a cherry picker because it assures that you will be able to select the exact make and model to best fulfil your needs. An ongoing relationship with a firm that specialises in cherry picker hire offers great advantages in terms of versatility and choice.

By renting rather than purchasing these elevated work platforms, contractors gain access to the right machinery at the right time for a broad range of functional uses.

Options for Hiring a Cherry Picker Sydney

Power Access offer the most complete selection of cherry pickers for hire in Sydney and nearby environs. Customize your operations by hiring a cherry picker designed for a specific use. Select exactly what you need and customize your operation based of job specifications, matching the machine to the task. Available options for cherry picker hire include:

  • Mast boom lifts, ideal for small space use
  • Either diesel or electric knuckle boom lifts
  • Both diesel and electric hydraulic scissor lifts

Own or Hire a Cherry Picker

While it might be initially tempting to purchase a cherry pickercherry picker hire includes financial benefits. There is no down time, and no need to budget for repair and maintenance costs. Add to that the ability to choose the specific make and model of cherry picker to get the job done, and the ability to rent equipment for short or long term. Cherry picker hire is a wise business decision.

Functional needs vary greatly from one job site to the next. With options available to select the perfect cherry picker hire for your needs, you will never be in a position to simply “make do” with equipment that isn’t well-suited for the job in terms of function or safety.

Up to Date and Safety Tested

As a supplier of the most popular types of lifts on the market, including the highly-respected Genie brand, Power Access attests that all cherry picker and lift hires meet the safety standards established by Australian authorities. In addition, we maintain all scissor lifts, cherry pickers and boom lifts in prime condition, and also sponsor regular training programs to familiarise operators of rental cherry picker equipment with operational requirements and safety guidelines.

Our modern fleet of cherry pickers for hire not only allows our clients access to the latest technology, but also assures that the specific cherry picker model you select will perform exactly the way it should, meeting all your needs and delivering great value and performance.

Contact us now to discuss upcoming cherry picker needs, or to obtain an instant quote for cherry picker hire (Sydney area).





Benefits of Cherry Picker Hire vs. Buying

Cherry pickers assist with providing access to work areas at an elevated height that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. Once used exclusively in orchards and where tree trimming is required, they are now employed in a range of work situations and applications. They can be mounted on a truck or flatbed for easy transport and are available in a number of styles and sizes.

Cherry picker rental versus purchasing the machinery brings numerous advantages to companies that require this equipment. Power Access is your source for cherry picker rental Sydney can count on. The following are some of the most significant benefits of cherry picker hire versus buying:

Safety and Compliance

When renting our equipment, you can rest assured that it will meet the highest standards for quality and safety. Each unit is in compliance with Australian rules and standards. Your operational needs will be met without technical hazards.


Rather than investing in the full cost of the equipment, renting it for specific jobs as needed is much easier on the budget. Cherry picker hire also allows you access to different models without having to buy multiple pieces of equipment.

Help with Finding the Right Cherry Picker

PowerAccess offer a range of cherry picker styles and sizes, each with their own safety specifications as described above. We can assist you in finding the ideal choice for your project, and you can be certain it will be in full working order and right for the job.

Cherry picker selection is crucial; the right machinery for the job ensures safety as well as effectiveness and productivity. Certain cherry pickers are appropriate for specific settings; for example, articulated boom lifts for clearing obstacles or for use in narrower spaces.

Assistance and Availability

When you rent versus buy, you receive the benefit of our assistance in selecting the right cherry picker for the job. Factors such as the site surface, weight limits, environmental conditions, other equipment required, job time frame and requirements for moving the equipment will all be considered. PowerAccess will provide the ideal cherry picker for your needs.

On-Site Service

At Power Access, we pledge a full commitment to bringing you great service during your rental experience. This includes assisting you with your questions and concerns as well as servicing our equipment regularly and as-needed on your job site.

Safety and Expertise Training

We also offer workshops to help you and your staff learn how to safely and properly operate our equipment. We offer training in each model to ensure you are always up to speed. Our expert personnel are always available to answer questions, offer advice and conduct inspections as required to ensure effectiveness and adherence to Australian standards.

Whether you need a cherry picker for home or business use, Power Access offers cherry picker rental Sydney and the surrounding areas can count on. From working on a roof to installing signage to construction industry applications, a cherry picker can be indispensable to certain tasks requiring an extended reach. Contact us today with your questions or to get started with the rental process. We look forward to assisting you!


Renting A Scissor Lift – The Right Choice

Safety First

Sydney’s construction industry attracts people who are proud to have no fear of heights. However, just because you can carry a sheet of half-inch OSB up a ladder that would make a regular mortal’s knees turn to water doesn’t mean you should. According to Safe Work Australia’s report on the subject, “the Construction industry accounted for 37% of falls-related fatalities and recorded a fatality rate four times the overall rate.”

The Working At Height Association adds that falls from height (primarily ladders and roofs) are a leading cause of accidental death among workers, second only to vehicle collisions. Against this grim backdrop, the need for increased safety on construction sites becomes very clear.

Scissor Lifts for Efficiency

Extension ladders are inherently unstable, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive for workers to climb them, especially when carrying materials. Scaffolds are even slower and more labor-intensive. With today’s tight timelines and high labor costs, it makes sense to look for a solution that reduces wasted time, saves money, and achieves a higher level of safety. For the vast majority of elevated tasks on conventional buildings, scissor lift is the ideal tool for the job.

Because a scissor lift‘s platform extends directly up from the base, it fits neatly into tight quarters, and minimizes the inconvenience to customers who are using their property while you work on it (such as during a renovation).

Choosing A Scissor Lift

Since a scissor lift can rapidly move up and down, as well as from side to side, it is the perfect choice for common tasks such as sheathing, siding, painting, and window or gutter installation. These cumbersome chores can be accomplished with a dramatic savings of time and a tremendous increase in safety by using a scissor lift.

There is really only one brand that is synonymous with scissor lifts: JLG. Since 1969, when John L. Grove invented the first scissor lift, JLG has been the first and the best in the field. Today, JLG offers a variety of scissor lifts: electric ones that offer double the battery life of hydraulic drive machines; or engine-powered models that can easily traverse unfinished sites and rough terrain.

Why Scissor Lift Rental?

With over a dozen models to choose from, purchasing a scissor lift is a big commitment. What’s right for one job might not be the best suited for another. There’s also the substantial cost of financing, maintenance and storage to consider. For this reason, scissor lift rental from a reputable company such as Power Access is the best approach. Not only does Power Access offer multiple options so that you can hire the right lift for each job, they ensure that every machine is properly serviced, and can even provide training for your personnel. Quick delivery to your job site means your workers stay busy, and your clients stay happy. Best of all, you only pay for the machine when you need to use it!

So, for a safer, more efficient worksite, remember JLG. And for scissor lift rental Sydney, remember Power Access!