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Top Facts You Should Know About Electric Boom Lifts

Lift machinery is usually employed at construction sites, especially when there is heavy lifting to be done or there is a need to work on certain heights. There are different types of lift machinery for different uses and it’s important to know more about them before using.

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Genie lifts are usually reserved for construction work that would require working close to infrastructures or obstacles, accessing work from a height, and others. This would help workers to perform their tasks in an easier and safer manner. Boom lifts can also be used for other types of scenarios and places. Here, we’ve got the top facts for you when it comes to electric boom lifts.

Boom lifts have easy maneuverability and a tight access

When controlling and maneuvering around with the machine, there are several things to consider. There must be appropriate or organised execution of hand movements to control the equipment. Electric boom lifts typically consist of models that are narrow, making them ideal for constricted and tight work areas.

These types of places are usually enclosed, making them a possible site for accidents or serious injuries arising from hazardous situations. The compact design of the boom lift will make it more convenient for turning around in tight spaces without a tail swing. It would also be easier for driving around on congested or narrow areas.

Boom lifts give you superb control

The drive control and proportional lift of the boom lift will give you accurate positioning control, letting you have a smooth drive performance. When operating the lift, you need to have careful and precise balance in order to avoid all manner of accidents.

The electric boom lift has the ability for maintaining the balance of the load being lifted while giving the operator a full, smooth drive for the duration. The boom lift also has the flexibility needed to save on energy while performing different functions in a more convenient and faster timeframe.

Boom lifts have accurate positioning

For every task undertaken, there is a given position for work. Electric boom lifts have the ability to perform 90 degree rotations on both sides. In addition, they can also move vertically for up to 130 degrees to 139 degrees.

The control for proportional movement will let you regulate the speed for each function and make adjustments for some places in a safe and easy manner. This accuracy will help avoid any accidents or malfunctions in the best way possible.

Boom lifts have a dependable electric drive system

The drive systems of electric boom lifts are used freely in places where quiet, zero-emission operation is emphasised. They also have an AC drive system which effectively combines DC batteries for better and more efficient energy performance that is also longer-lasting. This would result in more improved drive speed ability. Superb traction control is also provided by work tires that can perform independent work.

In comparison with boom lifts that are engine-operated, electric boom lifts are versatile in positioning capacities, such as over, up and out, especially for inaccessible or difficult work areas. They are chiefly designed for outdoor or indoor work, or for rough terrain. They offer enhanced capacity for work while giving more ability for horizontal outreach. Different types of electric boom lifts can also be customised to fit with various loads or other options to suit your needs.

For electric boom lifts, make sure you hire or rent only the best equipment for safety and great performance for your needs.

Telescopic Lift Hire Guide

Hire, rent or purchase? It’s an age-old question for so many services and items, including when it comes to heavy equipment and machinery for specialty jobs, and it goes without saying that there are both pros and cons to each. But when it comes to telescopic lifts machines, it often makes more sense to go the hiring route versus the purchase route, especially when you consider the various types of telescopic lift machines and the frequency in which you’ll need to use them for various tasks. Here’s a look at why it makes sense to go the telescopic lift hire route:

Why Hire?

Aside from the obvious cost savings of renting when you need one versus outright purchasing one (and then having to maintain the equipment regardless of how much and how often you use it), there are several other benefits associated with telescopic lift hire. Here’s a closer look:

  • Equipment flexibility: Like we’ve noted, telescopic lifts come in different varieties, so the one you purchase for a task isn’t necessarily the right one that you’ll need when it comes to performing the next task. That’s one big benefit of hiring, or renting — you can get what you want on demand, rather than having to modify a purchased lift for the task that you need to perform. Furthermore, if you need to hire multiple telescopic lifts, that’s another thing that going the hire vs. purchase route enables when it comes to flexibility.
  • Training provided: When you hire a lift, training is provided — and it’s always timely and relevant to the use you’ll need it for right now. Some equipment manufacturers might offer training when you purchase a lift, but just think about how much of that training you’ll forget over time. When you hire a lift, you’ll receive the training right before you use it, so it’s top of mind. This helps permit you to perform the task with a higher degree of safety.
  • Pay to play: We mentioned this above, but it’s worth mentioning again: When you hire, you’ll only pay for the time that you need to use it. This can represent a significant short and long term cost savings compared to purchasing a lift outright. In addition, you can count on the machine being delivered on time and properly maintained so that it starts up and is ready to operate during the period that you need it.

For more information on telescopic lift hire and telescopic lift machines, contact Power Access today. With the largest range and most modern fleet of telescopic lift machines in all of Sydney, we’re well-equipped to hire out the lift that you need, and you can rest assured that it will arrive on time and ready to work for you. For more information, contact Power Access today, the No. 1 choice for telescopic lift Sydney.


Cherry Picker Hire – Sydney

When it comes to construction, choosing the right equipment for your job can save you time and money, not to mention ensure the safety of your workers. It’s important to do your homework when it comes to equipment, or you could be using a cherry picker when you should be using a crane. When it comes to picking cherry pickers, or any other equipment for your jobs site, a range of things need to be factored in and considered.

Before you pick your equipment, there’s a variety of points which should be considered;

  • The construction operation
    What kind of jobs will you need to use this equipment for? Do you need a particular height or weight specification?
  • The conditions at the job site
    Does it need to be able to operate in certain conditions? How easy is it to get the equipment to the jobsite?
  • The project time schedule
    Is the equipment going to arrive on time? Are you hiring it for a long enough period?
  • Balancing of interdependent equipment
    Do you need the equipment to work in conjunction with something else on your jobsite?
  • The mobility required of the equipment
    Will your require assistance to move the equipment around the jobsite?

Mistakes often arise from a misunderstanding of your equipment. When it comes to choosing a cherry picker, there are two specific types- scissor lifts and boom lifts. Scissor lifts use a criss-cross ‘scissor’ mechanism to lift a caged platform and other mechanisms that do the same job. Boom lifts are operated from the basket, allowing the operator to move from place to place (from a fixed point) in a small amount of time, without having to re-set the unit each time. If you are unsure as to the best equipment for your site, be sure to contact Power Access for technical assistance, or an obligation-free quote.

After assessing your need for a scissor lift or boom lift, you can go about assessing your site requirements. As discussed above, height, length and intended use are important factors when choosing equipment. When taking measurements, remember height is quoted as the measurement from ground level to the maximum height of the platform, plus the reach of an average person, with working height defined as platform height plus 2 metres. Length (or outreach) is defined as the measurement from the centre of the turret to the fingertips of an average person on a fully extended boom. If you are going to be working inside, be sure to measure any doors the machine will need to go through.

When operating construction equipment, such as cherry pickers, the New South Wales Government requires the operator to obtain a crane license. Before you can apply for a national license to perform high risk work, a registered training organisation must assess your training, skills and knowledge using the relevant ‘assessment instrument’ under realistic workplace conditions.

If you are hiring a cherry picker or crane for your worksite, and you’ll be operating the equipment on or above the public walkway, you’ll need to complete a crane permit application. For this kind of work, the maximum weight of any machinery proposed to operate on the footway is 1500kg (total weight, not point loads). When you apply for this crane permit, you’ll need to have the following:

  • Traffic/pedestrian control plan
  • All external approvals/acknowledgments or permits
  • Proof of application for a works zone permit (where applicable)
  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Safe work method statement &/or Material Data Safety sheets

If you intend to hire the equipment for an extended period of time, PowerAccess has great service benefits which will ensure the long-term reliability of your rented equipment. We offer on site servicing and full workshop facilities at our Arndell Park Branch. Power Access offers a Preventative Maintenance Program, meaning we will contact you when your quarterly service is due. And best of all, our trade qualified technicians can attend your site in fully equipped service vans and complete a 3 monthly inspection of your Elevating Work Platform. This keeps your machine in top condition and complies with Australian standards.

The Differences Between Diesel and Electric Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts act as elevated platforms, allowing people to perform a wide range of tasks above ground. If your company is looking into scissor lifts hire, also known as scissor lifts rental, one of the decisions that you will be facing is whether to rent a diesel or electric scissor lifts. While there are many similarities between the two types of equipment, there are also many differences. Learning about these differences can help you decide whether a diesel or electric scissor lift is a better choice for your needs.

How the Scissor Lift is Operated

One of the major differences between a diesel and electric scissor lift is how the machine is operated or how it is powered. Electric scissor lifts have a battery in them. That battery needs to be charged after each use to ensure it can provide power to your equipment when you need it. A diesel scissor lift uses diesel fuel to power the machinery. You have to purchase diesel fuel and refill the tank on the equipment or it will fail to operate once it runs low on gas.

The Noise Level

Another major difference between diesel and electric scissor lifts is the noise levels that they make. Electric scissor lifts are extremely quiet, or in some cases, silent. On the other hand, diesel scissor lifts are very loud. If you are working in a neighborhood and/or want to work without disturbing neighbors nearby, an electric scissor lift has minimal noise, which also helps to minimize noise disturbances.

Height Range

Anytime you are looking to rent a scissor lift, you need to consider the height range of the scissor lift and the height that you need to reach. As a general rule of thumb, diesel lifts tend to have higher height range compared to electric lifts. As such, if you need a piece of machinery to reach extremely high, you may find that you cannot find an electric lift to reach as high as you may want, and will have to consider a diesel lift instead.

Size, Weight and Weight Capacity

The final difference between diesel and electric scissor lifts is the size, weight and weight capacity of the pieces of machinery. Electric scissor lifts tend to be smaller and more compact than diesel equipment. This makes them easier to load and to transport. Unfortunately though, due to its smaller size and frame, electric lifts tend to have a lower weight capacity. Diesel scissor lifts tend to be larger than electric lifts and are much heavier. Thanks to their weight, they can support a higher weight capacity than electric scissor lifts.

Regardless of whether you are looking for diesel or electrical scissor lifts NSW or scissor lifts Sydney, Power Access has you covered. We offer machinery for hire to help ensure that your company can get the equipment it needs to complete tasks without having to invest in expensive machinery. Reach out to us today to get a quote or to reserve equipment for your next project.

MAST BOOM Hire in Sydney

Being a contractor can be challenging, especially when you have specialty jobs added to a project. Purchasing equipment can be expensive, and not being able to use it on a frequent basis is an expense you shouldn’t have to incur. That’s like having a car you only drive for special occasions. MAST BOOM rental can help save time and money with benefits you might not be able to resist.

How can MAST BOOMS hire help me?

Let’s look at the benefits of hiring equipment over purchasing. The first? Maintenance. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that you’ll never have to service that piece of equipment again. It’s no secret – maintenance costs can quickly eat away at a budget. By renting, your team will be able to use the latest version of the equipment, and you’ll only pay for the time the machine is being used.

Imagine the equipment having issues or being inoperable. You’ll immediately get a replacement and can use multiple machines to suit each job. This adds flexibility and an opportunity to reap all the benefits while saving money. Additionally, every piece of equipment comes with specialized training to make sure your team knows and understands how to properly use it.

Training for every scenario

Training for multiple machines can be expensive, especially when there is an equipment upgrade. The cost of MAST BOOMS rental pays for itself in training alone. Yellow Card training is nationally recognized and helps assist operators and employers in complying with occupational health and safety regulations.

The training modules are extensive and thorough, ensuring employees are well trained and the equipment is protected from misuse.

There are five different yellow card modules to go through which also come with a duty of care to prove the employee has been trained on the equipment. This means the staff will always be up-to-date with the latest training methodology which may result in lower premiums on insurance and other benefits. Speed in getting the equipment you need, cost savings across the board, faster job completion, and teams that are well-versed in multiple areas makes the difference.

Never wonder about a piece of equipment again

With MAST BOOMS NSW, you’ll never wonder how to use a piece of equipment or hold up a project due to defective equipment or not being able to operate it. There’s a peace of mind attached to knowing your team is always ready to handle any job at any time. The rewards gained from partnering with MAST BOOMS Sydney can make a difference in the way business is done now and in the future. With access to so many variations of equipment, jobs can be scaled faster with more accessibility for all team members. For more information on hire and rental services, along with the types of equipment available, call the team at Power Access today.

Why Consider Straight Stick Boom Hire

When your job site has limited ground access to a project, a straight boom (also known as a stick boom) is the ideal choice. Consider a straight stick booms hire when you need the greatest horizontal outreach compared to other types of aerial platforms. Many industries including construction, warehousing, tree services, window cleaning, and utilities need to access hard to reach places. Here are some reasons why straight stick booms rental can be the right choice for your next project.

Benefits of Straight Stick Booms NSW

A straight stick boom features a lift platform for one or more workers to be hoisted straight up and out. These aerial lift platforms make it easy for workers to work at heights that would otherwise be dangerous or sometimes impossible to reach.

Best in tough terrains

Consider a straight stick boom configuration that features rough terrain tires and a higher ground clearance to navigate uncleared land, debris, or other obstacles. This type of equipment is made specifically for articulating in rough terrain where slopes, soft ground, or gravel and stones may pose a problem. When you factor in less than ideal weather conditions, a straight booms hire can get you where you need to be safely and quickly.

Rough terrain boom lifts are even preferred in other settings where wet surfaces are present such as industrial operations or when cutting trees in high brush and grass that can cause problems for other equipment.

Employee safety on job sites

No worries about workplace safety when you consider short-term or long-term hire of straight stick booms Sydney. Power Access offers Yellow Card training which is a nationally accepted industry program developed by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA) to assist operators and employers in complying with Occupational Health and safety regulations.

Operators learn how to keep a clear base and circumference around lift equipment, how to wear a safety harness, and how to respect the weight limits of your equipment.

Maximum reach and multiple features

Finally, straight stick booms hire allows you to choose equipment with the capacity and reach needed for each and every project. Choose from multiple payloads and platform sizes, stationary or rotating boom turrets, fly jibs for ease of positioning, and maximum reach to access hard to reach spaces. Straight stick booms are built for lifting one or two workers to heights from 30 feet or greater. Choose solid tires for indoor applications or gas-filled tires for outdoor and extreme terrain.

Other factors to consider when choosing a straight stick boom is how fast the lift can accelerate from ground to working heights, the horizontal outreach, the maximum restricted and unrestricted capacity, and the ruggedness of the boom for a smooth and steady lift experience. At Power Access, we keep all our equipment serviced and maintained so our customers never have to worry about unexpected downtime.

For more information on how to choose the right straight stick booms Sydney, contact Power Access to view rental products or request a free proposal. We are committed to your project’s success and at Power Access, we go out of our way to provide any technical assistance needed to keep your operations running smoothly.

The Benefits of Knuckle Boom Hire Over Purchasing

If you are in need of a knuckle boom, one of the biggest decisions that you face is deciding whether to purchase one or whether you should get a knuckle boom hire, also known as a knuckle boom rental. There are many benefits associated with hiring or renting a machine, rather than purchasing one. Read on to learn more about these benefits and decide for yourself whether a knuckle boom hire is right for your needs.

You Don’t Have to Service the Machine

One benefit of knuckle boom hire is that you are not responsible for servicing or maintaining the machine. The company that you rent the piece of machinery from is responsible for maintaining it. Maintenance costs can add up, and you can be out of commission while the machine is being services. When you rent machinery, this is not something that you have to worry about, budget for or plan around.

You Have the Option to Use Multiple Machines Suited to Each Job

Another benefit to knuckle boom rental is that you have the option to use multiple pieces of machinery, each suited to a particular job you are working on. If you purchase a piece of machinery, you have to make that piece of machinery work for various jobs, even if it is not the best fit for the task at hand. When you rent machinery, you can rent the right equipment for the job, helping to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Training is Provided With a Rental

One of the lesser known benefits associated with knuckle boom hire is that you are provided training for each piece of machinery that you rent. This is important, as it ensures you know how to properly and safely use the equipment that you are utilizing for a job. When you purchase machinery, no one tells you how to use it or gives you a crash course in what you should and should not do. As such, this type of training can be invaluable.

You Only Pay For the Machine When the Machine is Being Used

The final benefit associated with knuckle boom rental is that you are only paying for the machine when the machine is being used. Many companies purchase equipment or machinery, and then only use it for a couple of months out of the year. You have to make payments on the equipment, whether it is being used or not. When you rent a machine, you only rent it for the days you are planning on using it, which ultimately means that you are only paying for the machine when it is being used.

If you have decided that knuckle boom hire or knuckle boom rental is best for you, the next decision you face is deciding where to hire or rent the machine from. If you are looking for knuckle boom hire Sydney or knuckle boom hire NSW, turn to us here at Power Access. We rent or hire a wide selection of machinery, including knuckle booms. This helps us to meet your needs, regardless of what type of project you are working on. Reach out to us today to learn more or to book a reservation.

How To Match The Best Cherry Picker To Complete A Work Task

Organisations that conduct work at heights discover that not every cherry picker was created equal. The varying nature of work environments and tasks that need to be conducted at elevations prompted the lift manufacturing world to design distinctly different models that are generally considered “cherry pickers.” These include types of machinery such as straight stick booms, the knuckler boom, and mast booms.

As a leader in cherry picker hire in the greater Sydney area, Power Access maintains a fleet that includes wide-reaching designs. If you have a task that needs to be completed at an elevation or require an ongoing rental, these are ways professionals routinely match a cherry picker to a task effectively.

Mast Booms Navigate Indoor Spaces Cleanly

Mast booms are typically powered by electricity, lightweight, and easy to manage in sometimes tight quarters. They require among the smallest footprints to secure the base and are particularly useful in settings such as industrial plans, big box outlets, and warehouses, among others.

A straight shaft is typically employed, and a smaller offshoot is connected to a platform. Many enjoy non-marking tires that allow work crews to negotiate any space without damaging floors or requiring cleanup. For companies that have exceedingly high ceilings that require maintenance and repair crews to conduct aerial work, few rival the effectiveness of mast booms.

Common Uses For A Knuckle Boom

This class of cherry picker allows workers to access difficult to reach areas. They elevate a platform with a series of shafts that are hinged, like a finger with knuckles. They have the ability to reach over obstacles and position workers effectively. Also called “articulated booms,” they can be used indoors or outdoors under the right conditions.

Outdoor use tends to be more common and repair crews routinely use the knuckle boom after severe weather topples trees and power lines. Along with emergency use, the extended outreach lends itself to construction and roof work, among others. One of the top benefits is that workforces can position the base in a congested area and reach out to perform otherwise unmanageable tasks.

Best Uses For Straight Stick Booms

Also called “telescoping booms,” these rank among the most prevalent alternatives to articulating booms. The difference is that a straight shaft extends a platform at an angle horizontally. The platform is then raised into position for the operator to complete a task. These are generally considered simpler to operate than articulating booms.

This design delivers maximum elevation and is routinely used on construction projects. This may include working on the façade of a building or positioning workers to make repairs on the underside of items such as a bridge, among others. Minimal ground space is required, and rough terrain may be negotiated using outriggers for stabilization.

Selecting the right cherry picker for conducting maintenance, repairs, or completing construction projects requires decision-makers to match the work and type of cherry picker. Power Access has a complete line of cherry pickers for hire and a customer care professional can help you choose wisely.

The Right Genie Lift Hire – Job Done on Time and Budget

Growing companies need tools and resources to complete jobs on time and on budget. While it’s usually necessary to keep a stock of everyday tools on hand, buying big-ticket items such as lift machinery doesn’t usually fit into budgets. That’s why Power Access maintains a fleet of lift equipment that industry leaders can leverage only when they need it. Among the top-tier brands at your disposal is Genie lift equipment. These are reasons why companies in the greater Sydney area can benefit from a Genie lift hire.

Why Genie Lifts Deliver Proven Benefits

The Genie name has been associated with quality and durability since 1966 and has enjoyed a robust partnership with Australian companies for more than two decades. Its innovative designs have exceeded expectations by focusing on user outcomes. Genie lifts are well known for reduced downtime due to service needs, and that equates to improved task completion.

Those are strong reasons why Power Access includes the brand in its expansive fleet and why a Genie lift hire remains an effective way to get the job done. That being said, business decision-makers who need spot lift or ongoing Genie lift rentals can select the best lift for their needs.

How To Get The Most Out Of A Genie Lift Hire

Genie manufacturers top of the line lifts that are safe, reliable, and uniquely designed to efficiently complete projects at heights. That’s one reason why they have emerged as darling in the construction trades. Each durable type of lift can be matched to tasks that make them cost-effective. These are types of Genie lifts that construction and other sectors routinely rent.

  • Vertical Mast Lifts: These units allow one or more workers to remain at heights and deftly maneuver the base. This drivability makes a modestly sized mast lift a highly efficient tool to complete numerous tasks without stopping to reposition the base.
  • Scissor Lifts: Electric scissor lifts are veritable game-changers in terms of indoor use. When operating in enclosed areas, health and safety regulations require minimal emissions. The spacious platforms can elevate workers with tools and materials and not require additional breathing protections. They make indoor use simple, healthy, and clean.
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts: Perhaps the top reason why construction outfits choose Genie lift rentals is that they seamlessly negotiate uneven terrain. Large-scale models elevate multiple crew members using energy-efficient electric and hybrid systems.
  • Articulated Booms: Engine powered big booms have routinely been used in construction trades, including steel, electrical, carpentry, masonry, and HVAC, among many others. Genie employs hydraulic motors that maximize speed and torque capacity.

Genie lifts run the gamut from slender indoor units to large models to handle heavy construction duties. No one lift will cost-effectively complete every task. That’s why industry leaders need numerous options to get the job done when they need it.

Contact Power Access For A Genie Lift Hire in Sydney

Because this brand delivers the reliability and safety necessary for positive outcomes, Power Access continues to maintain a fleet and offer Genie lift hire solutions. For more information about a Genie rental, contact our Sydney facility.

Short and Long-Term Nifty Lift Hire in Sydney

Here at Power Access, we are the go-to company for industrial companies and managers looking for short or long-term Nifty Lift hires in Sydney. Whether the job site involves working with electrical systems, trees, maintenance efforts or contracting work, our selection of Nifty Lifts for hire can handle even the most demanding tasks. Power Access has a large fleet of modern and well-maintained Nifty Lifts available for rent, and there are many reasons to choose a hire option rather than purchase this expensive equipment.

The Benefits of Lift Hires Versus Purchase

Once you buy any type of commercial vehicle, it begins to depreciate in value the moment it leaves the lot. While there are some situations in which buying makes more logistical and fiscal sense, renting a boom or other type of lift can be a better option for most for numerous reasons. For starters, there will be no need to store these large machines which will definitely add to costs. Another huge benefit of lift hires is that you will not have to worry about maintenance, because Power Access maintains flawlessly kept vehicles that pass routine inspections prior to each rental.

Our experienced team will deliver your Nifty boom lift quickly to the job site, and you’ll only be billed for hours in which the machine is being used versus a huge monthly bill that arrives after purchasing. Another advantage to short and long-term boom lift hires is that fleet managers and operators can have access to multiple machines to best handle specific jobs without having to invest permanently in individual equipment. In addition to flexible rentals, Power Access also offers a full range of Yellow Card training for operators and site supervisors.

Yellow Card Training at Power Access

Safe operation is pivotal to the success of the project and the wellbeing of users and those on the job site. Along with long and short-term lift rentals, we offer certified workshops to obtain proper Yellow Card training. This essential training indicates that operators have been instructed on how to safely use elevating work platforms, and we offer certification courses for several types of lifts.

Rent the NiftyLift HR21 Self Propelled Boom Lift

Our most popular Nifty boom lift rental is the HR21 Self Propelled lift that boasts numerous productivity, stability and safety features. Designed to operate on hard surfaces, rugged terrain, uneven slopes and other rough conditions, the NiftyLift 4×4 21m boom lift can rise to platform heights of 19m. This impressive machine has a lifting capacity up to 225kg, has room for two workers, and boasts and outreach of 12.8m. The Nifty can be powered on diesel fuel of via battery, making it a good choice for external or internal use.

Power Up Your Work Site With Power Access Lift Hires

Power Access has the large lift equipment you need ranging from telescopic and lift booms to scissor lifts. We conveniently deliver your short or long-term lift hire and provide quarterly inspections and maintenance to ensure that your machinery performs optimally at all times. Our knowledgable experts are always helpful and ready to assist customers in choosing the best equipment for the job.

We place a heavy emphasis on exceeding industry standards and offer exceptional rates on short and long term lift rentals in Sydney Metro, Wollongong and Newcastle. Contact Power Access online or call us 24/7 at 1300 851 447 to take to one of our associates about your needs for boom lifts, cherry pickers and scissor lifts for hire.