How To Match The Best Cherry Picker To Complete A Work Task

Organisations that conduct work at heights discover that not every cherry picker was created equal. The varying nature of work environments and tasks that need to be conducted at elevations prompted the lift manufacturing world to design distinctly different models that are generally considered “cherry pickers.” These include types of machinery such as straight stick booms, the knuckler boom, and mast booms.

As a leader in cherry picker hire in the greater Sydney area, Power Access maintains a fleet that includes wide-reaching designs. If you have a task that needs to be completed at an elevation or require an ongoing rental, these are ways professionals routinely match a cherry picker to a task effectively.

Mast Booms Navigate Indoor Spaces Cleanly

Mast booms are typically powered by electricity, lightweight, and easy to manage in sometimes tight quarters. They require among the smallest footprints to secure the base and are particularly useful in settings such as industrial plans, big box outlets, and warehouses, among others.

A straight shaft is typically employed, and a smaller offshoot is connected to a platform. Many enjoy non-marking tires that allow work crews to negotiate any space without damaging floors or requiring cleanup. For companies that have exceedingly high ceilings that require maintenance and repair crews to conduct aerial work, few rival the effectiveness of mast booms.

Common Uses For A Knuckle Boom

This class of cherry picker allows workers to access difficult to reach areas. They elevate a platform with a series of shafts that are hinged, like a finger with knuckles. They have the ability to reach over obstacles and position workers effectively. Also called “articulated booms,” they can be used indoors or outdoors under the right conditions.

Outdoor use tends to be more common and repair crews routinely use the knuckle boom after severe weather topples trees and power lines. Along with emergency use, the extended outreach lends itself to construction and roof work, among others. One of the top benefits is that workforces can position the base in a congested area and reach out to perform otherwise unmanageable tasks.

Best Uses For Straight Stick Booms

Also called “telescoping booms,” these rank among the most prevalent alternatives to articulating booms. The difference is that a straight shaft extends a platform at an angle horizontally. The platform is then raised into position for the operator to complete a task. These are generally considered simpler to operate than articulating booms.

This design delivers maximum elevation and is routinely used on construction projects. This may include working on the façade of a building or positioning workers to make repairs on the underside of items such as a bridge, among others. Minimal ground space is required, and rough terrain may be negotiated using outriggers for stabilization.

Selecting the right cherry picker for conducting maintenance, repairs, or completing construction projects requires decision-makers to match the work and type of cherry picker. Power Access has a complete line of cherry pickers for hire and a customer care professional can help you choose wisely.