MAST BOOM Hire in Sydney

Being a contractor can be challenging, especially when you have specialty jobs added to a project. Purchasing equipment can be expensive, and not being able to use it on a frequent basis is an expense you shouldn’t have to incur. That’s like having a car you only drive for special occasions. MAST BOOM rental can help save time and money with benefits you might not be able to resist.

How can MAST BOOMS hire help me?

Let’s look at the benefits of hiring equipment over purchasing. The first? Maintenance. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that you’ll never have to service that piece of equipment again. It’s no secret – maintenance costs can quickly eat away at a budget. By renting, your team will be able to use the latest version of the equipment, and you’ll only pay for the time the machine is being used.

Imagine the equipment having issues or being inoperable. You’ll immediately get a replacement and can use multiple machines to suit each job. This adds flexibility and an opportunity to reap all the benefits while saving money. Additionally, every piece of equipment comes with specialized training to make sure your team knows and understands how to properly use it.

Training for every scenario

Training for multiple machines can be expensive, especially when there is an equipment upgrade. The cost of MAST BOOMS rental pays for itself in training alone. Yellow Card training is nationally recognized and helps assist operators and employers in complying with occupational health and safety regulations.

The training modules are extensive and thorough, ensuring employees are well trained and the equipment is protected from misuse.

There are five different yellow card modules to go through which also come with a duty of care to prove the employee has been trained on the equipment. This means the staff will always be up-to-date with the latest training methodology which may result in lower premiums on insurance and other benefits. Speed in getting the equipment you need, cost savings across the board, faster job completion, and teams that are well-versed in multiple areas makes the difference.

Never wonder about a piece of equipment again

With MAST BOOMS NSW, you’ll never wonder how to use a piece of equipment or hold up a project due to defective equipment or not being able to operate it. There’s a peace of mind attached to knowing your team is always ready to handle any job at any time. The rewards gained from partnering with MAST BOOMS Sydney can make a difference in the way business is done now and in the future. With access to so many variations of equipment, jobs can be scaled faster with more accessibility for all team members. For more information on hire and rental services, along with the types of equipment available, call the team at Power Access today.