The Differences Between Diesel and Electric Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts act as elevated platforms, allowing people to perform a wide range of tasks above ground. If your company is looking into scissor lifts hire, also known as scissor lifts rental, one of the decisions that you will be facing is whether to rent a diesel or electric scissor lifts. While there are many similarities between the two types of equipment, there are also many differences. Learning about these differences can help you decide whether a diesel or electric scissor lift is a better choice for your needs.

How the Scissor Lift is Operated

One of the major differences between a diesel and electric scissor lift is how the machine is operated or how it is powered. Electric scissor lifts have a battery in them. That battery needs to be charged after each use to ensure it can provide power to your equipment when you need it. A diesel scissor lift uses diesel fuel to power the machinery. You have to purchase diesel fuel and refill the tank on the equipment or it will fail to operate once it runs low on gas.

The Noise Level

Another major difference between diesel and electric scissor lifts is the noise levels that they make. Electric scissor lifts are extremely quiet, or in some cases, silent. On the other hand, diesel scissor lifts are very loud. If you are working in a neighborhood and/or want to work without disturbing neighbors nearby, an electric scissor lift has minimal noise, which also helps to minimize noise disturbances.

Height Range

Anytime you are looking to rent a scissor lift, you need to consider the height range of the scissor lift and the height that you need to reach. As a general rule of thumb, diesel lifts tend to have higher height range compared to electric lifts. As such, if you need a piece of machinery to reach extremely high, you may find that you cannot find an electric lift to reach as high as you may want, and will have to consider a diesel lift instead.

Size, Weight and Weight Capacity

The final difference between diesel and electric scissor lifts is the size, weight and weight capacity of the pieces of machinery. Electric scissor lifts tend to be smaller and more compact than diesel equipment. This makes them easier to load and to transport. Unfortunately though, due to its smaller size and frame, electric lifts tend to have a lower weight capacity. Diesel scissor lifts tend to be larger than electric lifts and are much heavier. Thanks to their weight, they can support a higher weight capacity than electric scissor lifts.

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