The Right Genie Lift Hire – Job Done on Time and Budget

Growing companies need tools and resources to complete jobs on time and on budget. While it’s usually necessary to keep a stock of everyday tools on hand, buying big-ticket items such as lift machinery doesn’t usually fit into budgets. That’s why Power Access maintains a fleet of lift equipment that industry leaders can leverage only when they need it. Among the top-tier brands at your disposal is Genie lift equipment. These are reasons why companies in the greater Sydney area can benefit from a Genie lift hire.

Why Genie Lifts Deliver Proven Benefits

The Genie name has been associated with quality and durability since 1966 and has enjoyed a robust partnership with Australian companies for more than two decades. Its innovative designs have exceeded expectations by focusing on user outcomes. Genie lifts are well known for reduced downtime due to service needs, and that equates to improved task completion.

Those are strong reasons why Power Access includes the brand in its expansive fleet and why a Genie lift hire remains an effective way to get the job done. That being said, business decision-makers who need spot lift or ongoing Genie lift rentals can select the best lift for their needs.

How To Get The Most Out Of A Genie Lift Hire

Genie manufacturers top of the line lifts that are safe, reliable, and uniquely designed to efficiently complete projects at heights. That’s one reason why they have emerged as darling in the construction trades. Each durable type of lift can be matched to tasks that make them cost-effective. These are types of Genie lifts that construction and other sectors routinely rent.

  • Vertical Mast Lifts: These units allow one or more workers to remain at heights and deftly maneuver the base. This drivability makes a modestly sized mast lift a highly efficient tool to complete numerous tasks without stopping to reposition the base.
  • Scissor Lifts: Electric scissor lifts are veritable game-changers in terms of indoor use. When operating in enclosed areas, health and safety regulations require minimal emissions. The spacious platforms can elevate workers with tools and materials and not require additional breathing protections. They make indoor use simple, healthy, and clean.
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts: Perhaps the top reason why construction outfits choose Genie lift rentals is that they seamlessly negotiate uneven terrain. Large-scale models elevate multiple crew members using energy-efficient electric and hybrid systems.
  • Articulated Booms: Engine powered big booms have routinely been used in construction trades, including steel, electrical, carpentry, masonry, and HVAC, among many others. Genie employs hydraulic motors that maximize speed and torque capacity.

Genie lifts run the gamut from slender indoor units to large models to handle heavy construction duties. No one lift will cost-effectively complete every task. That’s why industry leaders need numerous options to get the job done when they need it.

Contact Power Access For A Genie Lift Hire in Sydney

Because this brand delivers the reliability and safety necessary for positive outcomes, Power Access continues to maintain a fleet and offer Genie lift hire solutions. For more information about a Genie rental, contact our Sydney facility.