Why Consider Straight Stick Boom Hire

When your job site has limited ground access to a project, a straight boom (also known as a stick boom) is the ideal choice. Consider a straight stick booms hire when you need the greatest horizontal outreach compared to other types of aerial platforms. Many industries including construction, warehousing, tree services, window cleaning, and utilities need to access hard to reach places. Here are some reasons why straight stick booms rental can be the right choice for your next project.

Benefits of Straight Stick Booms NSW

A straight stick boom features a lift platform for one or more workers to be hoisted straight up and out. These aerial lift platforms make it easy for workers to work at heights that would otherwise be dangerous or sometimes impossible to reach.

Best in tough terrains

Consider a straight stick boom configuration that features rough terrain tires and a higher ground clearance to navigate uncleared land, debris, or other obstacles. This type of equipment is made specifically for articulating in rough terrain where slopes, soft ground, or gravel and stones may pose a problem. When you factor in less than ideal weather conditions, a straight booms hire can get you where you need to be safely and quickly.

Rough terrain boom lifts are even preferred in other settings where wet surfaces are present such as industrial operations or when cutting trees in high brush and grass that can cause problems for other equipment.

Employee safety on job sites

No worries about workplace safety when you consider short-term or long-term hire of straight stick booms Sydney. Power Access offers Yellow Card training which is a nationally accepted industry program developed by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA) to assist operators and employers in complying with Occupational Health and safety regulations.

Operators learn how to keep a clear base and circumference around lift equipment, how to wear a safety harness, and how to respect the weight limits of your equipment.

Maximum reach and multiple features

Finally, straight stick booms hire allows you to choose equipment with the capacity and reach needed for each and every project. Choose from multiple payloads and platform sizes, stationary or rotating boom turrets, fly jibs for ease of positioning, and maximum reach to access hard to reach spaces. Straight stick booms are built for lifting one or two workers to heights from 30 feet or greater. Choose solid tires for indoor applications or gas-filled tires for outdoor and extreme terrain.

Other factors to consider when choosing a straight stick boom is how fast the lift can accelerate from ground to working heights, the horizontal outreach, the maximum restricted and unrestricted capacity, and the ruggedness of the boom for a smooth and steady lift experience. At Power Access, we keep all our equipment serviced and maintained so our customers never have to worry about unexpected downtime.

For more information on how to choose the right straight stick booms Sydney, contact Power Access to view rental products or request a free proposal. We are committed to your project’s success and at Power Access, we go out of our way to provide any technical assistance needed to keep your operations running smoothly.