Yellow Card Training Sydney

Yellow Card Training Sydney

Looking to operate scissor lifts, cherry pickers, or any other type of Elevating Work Platform (EWP) in Sydney? Yellow Card training is mandatory to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to work safely at heights. Here at Power Access, we offer comprehensive Yellow Card training courses designed to equip you with the confidence and competence to operate EWPs effectively.

What is Yellow Card Training?

A Yellow Card is a nationally recognised credential that verifies you’ve undergone EWP operator training. This training ensures you understand EWP safety regulations, proper operation procedures, and how to minimise risks while working at elevated heights.

Power Access - Your Trusted Provider for EWP Training in Sydney

Our EWP training covers various EWP types, including:

  • Scissor Lifts (SL): Ideal for overhead work with a wide, stable platform. Scissor lifts are often used in warehouses, construction sites, and event venues for maintenance, installation, and repairs. Our Scissor Lift training equips you to operate these machines safely and efficiently.
  • Boom Lifts (BL): Boom lifts offer exceptional flexibility and outreach for reaching high or distant work areas. They are commonly used in electrical work, signage installation, window cleaning, and tree trimming. Our Boom Lift training covers the operation of various boom lift types, including telescopic booms, knuckle booms, and articulated booms.
  • Vertical Lifts (VL): Designed for vertical ascent and descent, vertical lifts provide a safe and efficient way to access elevated workspaces. They are frequently used in confined spaces or for tasks requiring a straight, vertical path, such as machinery repairs or elevator maintenance. Our Vertical Lift training focuses on the safe operation and manoeuvring of vertical lifts.

Our conveniently located training facility in Arndell Park offers Yellow Card training courses weekly. We can also deliver training directly at your workplace in Sydney for added flexibility. Courses typically last 2-3 hours and cater to all experience levels. Once the course is completed the operator will have documentary evidence (Yellow Card) that the duty of care has been met or exceeded.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact Power Access today to learn more about our Yellow Card training programs and ensure you meet workplace safety requirements in Sydney. All applicants must provide valid identification for enrolment.

Yellow Card Training Sydney