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Power Access has an extensive range of ultra modern and well maintained elevating work platforms in Wollongong. As one of Australia’s largest professional EWP equipment rental companies, all our products and maintenance services meet the highest Australian safety specifications.

When you rent Access Equipment in Wollongong from Power Access, you will be guaranteed a premium product along with professional service and training at an affordable price for daily, weekly and monthly hire.

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Access Equipment Hire Wollongong

Genie, SkyJack, JLG, Snorkel Lift, Cherry Picker, Scissor Lift Hire in Wollongong

Power Access for cherry pickers, scissors lifts, boom lift hire in Wollongong.

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Power Access have all brands of equipment including Genie, JLG, Skyjack and Snorkel in Wollongong.

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Maintenance and Service EWP Equipment In Wollongong

Power Access offer on site servicing in Wollongong and full workshop facilities at our local branch.

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EWP Yellow Card Training In Wollongong

The Yellow Card is a nationally recognised industry training program developed by EWPA

Why Power Access Wollongong?

In addition to providing you with access to a modern and well maintained fleet, our success is also built on our commitment to exceptional customer service! 

Power Access Wollongong prides itself on having the most modern elevating work platform equipment in the industry. Technology is constantly evolving and being a Power Access customer ensures you have access to the latest equipment and EWP training in Wollongong.

Whether you’re in need of the latest cherry picker or scissor lift in Wollongong, look no further than Power Access for Australia’s most comprehensive and modern EWP fleet for daily, weekly or monthly hire.

Power Access services the Sydney metro, Newcastle and Wollongong areas for short term elevated work platforms rentals, and offers long term rentals.

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Why We Service Wollongong?

At Power Access, we are especially enthusiastic about our involvement in Wollongong, a city that splendidly combines coastal beauty with industrial and urban growth. Wollongong offers a distinctive setting that allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness and adaptability of our specialized equipment, including our high-performance scissor lifts, dynamic boom lifts, and sturdy cherry pickers. Our scissor lifts are particularly adept for use in both the tight spaces of urban development and the more expansive industrial projects. The boom lifts we provide are crucial for tackling the vertical challenges presented by Wollongong’s diverse building heights and structures.

Each project in Wollongong is an opportunity for us to underscore our commitment to providing safe, reliable, and state-of-the-art machinery. Power Access is proud to be actively involved in Wollongong’s development, ensuring that each piece of equipment we supply contributes to the city’s dynamic growth and transformation.

Power Access scissor lift

Wollongong, a coastal city south of Sydney, is known for its rich industrial history and scenic beauty. The city’s architecture, evolving from its early days as a steel and coal mining hub to its current status as a vibrant, modern city, reflects a journey of transformation and resilience, a narrative that resonates with Power Access’s mission. Wollongong’s initial architectural landscape was heavily influenced by its industrial roots. The early structures were utilitarian, designed to support the burgeoning steel and coal industries. These buildings were a far cry from the sophisticated structures of today, yet they laid the foundation for the city’s growth and the future need for advanced construction equipment, like that provided by Power Access.

As the city grew in the mid-20th century, Wollongong began to diversify its architecture, moving beyond industrial buildings to include residential and commercial structures. This period saw the rise of modernist influences, reflecting the city’s expanding economic and cultural landscape. The construction of these new buildings highlighted the need for safe and efficient elevating work platforms, similar to those offered by Power Access. In recent years, Wollongong has embraced a more modern identity, with a focus on revitalising its city centre and waterfront areas. Contemporary architectural projects, such as the Wollongong University Innovation Campus and the Wollongong Central shopping centre expansion, showcase the city’s commitment to modernity and sustainability. Power Access’s fleet of cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and boom lifts supports these developments, offering solutions that align with Wollongong’s vision for a vibrant urban future.

Wollongong’s transformation is evident in projects like the BlueScope Steelworks modernisation and the redevelopment of the Wollongong Harbour precinct. Power Access has been instrumental in Wollongong projects, providing essential equipment that enables safe and efficient construction work, contributing significantly to the city’s evolving skyline. As Wollongong continues to grow and redefine its identity, Power Access remains a vital partner in the city’s architectural evolution. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge elevated work platform technology supports Wollongong’s journey towards a more innovative and sustainable urban environment.


PowerAccess are definitely the most professional EWP hire company we have worked with over the past 10 years. The equipment is always immaculate and nothing is ever too much trouble for the team to organise. 



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We are long standing customers of PowerAccess. The extensive range of modern equipment and excellent customer service ensures our business relationship will continue long into the future. 


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