There are many projects that may need a cherry picker, including reaching unusual heights for maintenance or repair of equipment, remodeling or new construction, and in warehouses. Whatever the task, there is likely a cherry picker to fit your needs. But, before you choose a cherry picker hire Sydney, there are 5 key design specs that you will need to have so you will choose the right piece of equipment for the job.

5 Cherry Picker Specifications

1. Equipment Type

You can find a cherry picker hire available in multiple types including those with telescopic or stick booms that extend straight out and up or articulated booms that feature hinged sections for more accurate positioning or maneuvering into tight spaces. Also consider how the cherry picker will be driven. Some are trailer-mounted or truck-mounted while others are self-propelled to drive themselves around your worksite.

Depending on how much control you will need, a cherry picker hire will feature models with different controls for basket movement, along with lateral, vertical, and rotational movement. Some models even allow for changing the angle of the basket tilt for work in difficult locations.

2. Maximum Working Height

Here you will consider how much vertical and horizontal reach or height your project will require. The maximum working vertical height for an aerial lift is typically measured from the ground to it’s maximum vertical reach. Working height includes the measurement of an average person’s reach, but platform height does not.

3. Maximum Outreach

Horizontal or sideways outreach is typically from the turret of the lifting arm to the end of the operator’s arm that is in the basket. Keep both these measurements well within your needs because it is better to choose a cherry lift hire that allows for plenty of room to reach into areas where you will be working.

4. Safe Working Load

Each cherry picker manufacturer will indicate a safe working load for each style and model of equipment. This specification is an indication of how robust the cherry picker base, bucket, turret arm, and boom are for lifting both the worker, tools, and other cargo. Pay attention to this specification because overloading the cherry picker can make the base unstable which may cause a collapse or tip-over accident.

5. Environmental Conditions

Here is where your partnership with a cherry picker hire Sydney will be most valuable – choosing the right equipment to meet environmental challenges. This includes rainy seasons where the soil may be unstable, during windy conditions, on steep inclines, and extremely hot days. All these environmental conditions can be overcome with the right choice of cherry picker or with planned safety guidelines.

You will also consider if operating the equipment is easy and if the model you choose will have the versatility you need for reaching, rotating, and controlling the basket. The size of your project, the heights you need to reach, the time of year and day, along with the amount of weight you will be lifting are the most important things to consider in a cherry picker hire Sydney.

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