Selecting the appropriate scissor lift rental Sydney allows your company to perform maintenance work, lift inventory products to required heights to store them on racking systems, and handle other tasks. The right scissor lift to use will be based on a number of different factors, such as lifting height, capacity, machine length and machine width. Genie is one of the top companies in the world that provides scissor lifts and other materials handling equipment to commercial and industrial customers.

Genie Scissor Lift Rental Sydney

For 21 years, Genie has been providing aerial lift machines to markets throughout New Zealand and Australia. These scissor lifts can get workers, equipment and materials up to the desired height during indoor and outdoor use. They offer a wide range of lifts, including man lifts, articulated booms and straight booms for a variety of industries and purposes. They can handle rough terrain and level surfaces. The machines can operate on electric to offer zero emissions and very low noise levels, as well as bi-energy for outdoor use when an electric machine is not suitable.

Types of Genie Scissor Lifts

When selecting the right scissor lift, keep in mind to measure the space that is available for the lift as well as the lifting capacity and the lifting height that will be required. Also, be aware of the ground conditions and how much weight it can support to ensure that the scissor lift can be used properly without it sinking into the ground or through weak indoor flooring. Several types of Genie lifts include the following:


The GS-1330m scissor lift is an electric machine suitable for indoor work. It offers low level access as it has a maximum lifting height of 5.9m and a capacity of 227kg. This scissor lift is also the smallest in their lineup at 1.41m in length and 0.78m in machine length. Weighing 225kg, it is the perfect small machine for inside jobs such as stacking and retrieving products, making minor repairs, and working on lighting fixtures.


Going several steps up from the GS-1330, the GS-1932 is an electric scissor lift that is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. This machine has a working lift height of 7.79m and a capacity of 227kg. The lift provides quiet service while working on even surfaces as it weighs 2,012kg. It is also small at 2.44m in length and 0.81m in width.

GS-3369 DC

The GS-3369 DC is an indoor and outdoor lift that has a 454kg capacity and 11.75m maximum lift height. It can work in indoor environments due to its slim profile of 1.75m machine width and 3.12m machine length while also handling the rough terrain at outdoor construction and maintenance sites. This scissor lift works on muddy, sandy and other challenging ground conditions.

GS-4069 BE

When searching for a scissor lift rental Sydney that offers exceptional lift capabilities, the GS-4069 BE offers a maximum lifting height of 14.12m. It weighs 4,893kg yet has a slim profile of 1.75m width and 3.12m machine length. This lift runs on bio-energy as it is safe to use outdoors when an electrical unit is not suitable, yet can also be used indoors due to its quiet working capabilities and low emissions.

At Power Access, we offer Genie scissor lift rental Sydney for a wide range of customers. Renting a scissor lift is an economical alternative as you can order multiple different machines at one time based on the task without worrying about servicing the machines or creating special storage for them. In addition, you only pay for the scissor lift when it is in use as training is provided. Contact our company today to rent a Genie scissor lift.