Looking for heavy equipment to handle your jobs? A Power Access equipment hire can fulfil all your needs. There are a number of reasons why it’s better to rent and hire heavy equipment. Here are a few:

  • Variety

You may start with the Genie Lift but find your project requires other machinery. Power Access carries multiple machines suited to each job for convenience and care, along with the longest range and most modern fleet of Access Equipment in Sydney.

  • Cost

If you don’t have a consistent need for a Genie Lift, chances are you’ll be wasting money if you invest in one. By utilizing the Genie Lift hire service, you’ll have the equipment you need without the overhead expense. You only pay when the machine is being used. This is one of the best incentives for hiring over buying. Your team gets the advantage of working with the best equipment on the market without having to overspend.

When hiring from Access Equipment, training is provided to ensure every team member is on the same page and will be able to safely operate the equipment. Our team is able to advise on the right equipment for the job you need to ensure every step is properly handled. There are a number of instances where the job may require more than one type of machine, or multiple machines of the same type. We are able to train everyone at the same time.

  • Maintenance

You’ll never have to worry about the condition of the equipment because you’re guaranteed top of the line equipment and service. The equipment is delivered in top shape and is maintained throughout the life of the hire. Should any mechanical failures occur, an immediate replacement is provided. No servicing headaches and great machinery to get the job done.

What can the Genie Lift Do?

The Genie Scissor Lift is well known for its versatility. It provides a sturdy foundation for tasks that require lifting such as working in an overhead space, painting, window washing, moving items to upper floors and other tasks where it would be much safer to use than a ladder. The beauty of this type of lift is that it adjusts to different heights and is available in different types. There are electric and bi-energy lifts; outdoor, indoor or dual indoor selections.

Ensuring you have the right equipment

You may still be on the fence about the Genie Lift. That’s why we’re here. We help assess your project to help you get the right equipment each and every time. The Genie Lift is the most recommended piece of scissor lift equipment on the market. From the Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift, to the Genie Diesel Hydraulic Scissor Lift, we’ve got you covered.

With a wide range of platforms and equipment available at a moment’s notice, projects can be completed quickly and on time. For more information on the Genie Lift and all its capabilities, contact the team at Power Access to help get the equipment you need on time and within budget.