Sometimes work areas are not located on the ground. Instead, workers much reach higher places with the use of a telescopic lift. A telescopic lift Sydney can be used for a range of purposes, such as construction projects, building maintenance, power line repairs, fruit tree picking, landscaping and other industries.

A telescopic lift differs from an articulating lift as it moves up and out. So it can reach high places but not around obstacles. They are ideal when ladders cannot reach the specific heights, and scaffolding may be too dangerous for workers.

Benefits of Hiring and Renting a Telescopic Lift

While purchasing a telescopic lift is an option, renting a telescopic lift can be more economical for companies. You may only need the telescopic lift for a limited amount of time for the construction project or to perform specific, one-time maintenance work. In addition, you don’t have to worry about storage of the machine or servicing the equipment as you can save on costs.

Also, training is provided to the operator who will be using the telescopic lift Sydney. This benefit ensures that the machine will be used safely and efficiently. Your workers can gain the Yellow Card training offered by Power Access as this training is recognized by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA). The training courses can be performed at your work facility for 2 hours to 3 hours so your workers can immediately get started with the job afterwards, or they can attend scheduled classes at our facilities.

Another important advantage is that the only time you will have to pay for the telescopic lift is when the equipment is in use. You won’t have to pay for the machine while it is being transported to the worksite. We work to get the machine delivered at the site as quickly as possible.

How to Select a Telescopic Lift

Before obtaining a telescopic lift hire, think about the maximum weight capacity that is needed. You want a telescopic lift that can handle the weight of the workers as well as their tools, materials and equipment. You also want to ensure that the ground can support the weight of the telescopic lift.

Then you will need to calculate the height of where the work will be performed. Using an ultrasonic distance device, you can obtain an exact measurement that will help narrow down the choices on the right height for the telescopic boom rental. Also, keep in mind to measure the size of the telescopic boom’s platform to ensure that it can lift certain bulky materials to the appropriate height. You don’t want to select a telescopic lift that cannot accommodate all the equipment and materials that will need to be raised up to the required height. You also want to avoid overloading the platform, as this problem can increase the risk of tools falling onto workers or pedestrians who may be walking near the lift equipment.

When you are looking for an affordable telescopic lift hire or rental in Sydney, turn to Power Access. We have the elevated work equipment you need to reach the highest locations at your worksite. Contact our staff today to learn more.