6 important qualities of scissor lifts that you need to know

Some jobs don’t come easy without necessary equipment aid like scissor lifts. These are easily manipulated aerial tools for a safer job from meters above the ground.

The functions of scissor lift vary from indoor to outdoor objectives. The tool helps workers to accomplish aerial work easier and faster. It also reduces the number of falling incidents and ensures safety and protection to all operators.


But, do you exactly know what makes scissor lifts a good choice?

Here are some of its necessary qualities which make it an absolute, better option.


Scissor lifts have three types.

Hydraulic, electric or diesel, and pneumatic.

Using hydraulic oil, hydraulic scissor lift may function better in warm than cold temperature as the oil is likely affected by the changing temperature.

With electricity, electric scissor lifts are perfect for closed spaces only. Diesel usage on the other hand is advisable to be used on outdoor works because of the harmful fumes it releases.

Lastly, pneumatic scissor lifts is the environment friendly type. It doesn’t need electricity at all and is accessible in any working environment.


Scissor lifts are large and strong.

It can accommodate a number of people plus their equipment all together. You don’t need to worry for creaking sound and breaking vulnerability like using ladders. Besides, workers can swiftly finish loads of work in a short period of time as you don’t need to do a lot of repositioning.

Along with this advantage in mind, make sure that you hire the scissor lift that best fits the job area.


Scissor lifts are perfect for indoor use.

Usually electric powered, scissor lifts make indoor works like painting, cleaning and repairing objects easier. The tools are equipped with specially designed tires that won’t harm your flooring designs. Or, you can also choose a narrower platform for tight spaces.

A special type of scissor lift ensures non-harmful fumes released in the job area as work is in progress.


Scissor lifts are perfect for outdoor use.

Technically, all scissor lifts could be used outdoors. From lifting automobiles to filming higher ground scenes for movies, scissor lift can instantly achieve these tasks. However, there are also scissor lifts specially suited for outdoor works, equipped with high level lift.

Outdoor lifts aren’t limited to battery or electrical powers, too.


Scissor lifts are way better than ladders.

Some people may still use ladders nowadays, but a scissor lift could be a safer choice. A ladder needs safe positioning against a wall or anywhere with reliable strength. And it sounds dangerous if the support fails.

Meanwhile, scissor lift could be positioned anywhere with proper ground condition knowledge. It can be a safer choice where workers have to wear harness for protection.


Scissor lifts produce higher efficiency and productivity.

Aside from the safer function of scissor lift, it also promises efficiency. Workers can perform faster and better as the hassle of repositioning and climbing or manually lifting objects is not a barrier anymore. Multiple tasks can be completed possibly in a day or two with reduced efforts and guarded safety.