Benefits of Cherry Picker Hire vs. Buying

Cherry pickers assist with providing access to work areas at an elevated height that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. Once used exclusively in orchards and where tree trimming is required, they are now employed in a range of work situations and applications. They can be mounted on a truck or flatbed for easy transport and are available in a number of styles and sizes.

Cherry picker rental versus purchasing the machinery brings numerous advantages to companies that require this equipment. Power Access is your source for cherry picker rental Sydney can count on. The following are some of the most significant benefits of cherry picker hire versus buying:

Safety and Compliance

When renting our equipment, you can rest assured that it will meet the highest standards for quality and safety. Each unit is in compliance with Australian rules and standards. Your operational needs will be met without technical hazards.


Rather than investing in the full cost of the equipment, renting it for specific jobs as needed is much easier on the budget. Cherry picker hire also allows you access to different models without having to buy multiple pieces of equipment.

Help with Finding the Right Cherry Picker

PowerAccess offer a range of cherry picker styles and sizes, each with their own safety specifications as described above. We can assist you in finding the ideal choice for your project, and you can be certain it will be in full working order and right for the job.

Cherry picker selection is crucial; the right machinery for the job ensures safety as well as effectiveness and productivity. Certain cherry pickers are appropriate for specific settings; for example, articulated boom lifts for clearing obstacles or for use in narrower spaces.

Assistance and Availability

When you rent versus buy, you receive the benefit of our assistance in selecting the right cherry picker for the job. Factors such as the site surface, weight limits, environmental conditions, other equipment required, job time frame and requirements for moving the equipment will all be considered. PowerAccess will provide the ideal cherry picker for your needs.

On-Site Service

At Power Access, we pledge a full commitment to bringing you great service during your rental experience. This includes assisting you with your questions and concerns as well as servicing our equipment regularly and as-needed on your job site.

Safety and Expertise Training

We also offer workshops to help you and your staff learn how to safely and properly operate our equipment. We offer training in each model to ensure you are always up to speed. Our expert personnel are always available to answer questions, offer advice and conduct inspections as required to ensure effectiveness and adherence to Australian standards.

Whether you need a cherry picker for home or business use, Power Access offers cherry picker rental Sydney and the surrounding areas can count on. From working on a roof to installing signage to construction industry applications, a cherry picker can be indispensable to certain tasks requiring an extended reach. Contact us today with your questions or to get started with the rental process. We look forward to assisting you!