Important Safety For Elevated Work Platforms

An elevated work platform is essential in many large-scale building and construction jobs. However, improper use of this equipment can lead to serious injury. Safety cannot be emphasised enough when using heavy equipment like elevated work platforms. We offer an extensive range of elevated work platforms for hire in the Sydney metro area and provide essential safety and operational advice when renting our equipment.

Elevated Work Platform Accident Avoidance

The construction sector reports accidents most often occurring as a result of elevated work platforms shifting or overturning due to operator error.

Not adhering to recommended safety guidelines for elevated work platform hire can lead to serious accidents. One of the most common situations leading to injury is when a platform shifts due to improper positioning. Operators must follow guidelines when it comes to operating, moving and positioning these machines.

Some of the key factors that can help with assuring elevated work platform hire safety include:

Training. Adequate training for all workers using this equipment is essential to ongoing safety for all personnel and clients who spend time on the site.

Licenses. In addition to general construction safety induction training, workers who operate and work on elevated work platforms should have the appropriate licensing for high risk work situations.

Placement. Situating the platform on stable, level ground is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring elevated work platform safety. Stability is crucial, as shifting can lead to serious injury if the machine rolls over on its side.

Maintenance and Repair. Regular maintenance of the equipment is also crucial to ongoing safety of elevated work platform hire. Regular maintenance and daily operational checks should be carried out. When you hire from PowerAccess we ensure the machines are well maintained and ready for safe operation.

Stay Aware and Adjust For Changing Conditions. Weather conditions such as wind or precipitation, sloped or soft terrain and other environmental conditions should be factored in to operational decisions throughout the work day.

Capacity. Elevated work platforms are provided with strict guidelines for maximum load capacity for safe operation. It is critical the machine is never loaded with more than the stated maximum load capacity.

Balance. Workers, equipment and supplies should be situated on the platform with the most balanced placement possible to ensure safety and stability.

Guardrails and Worker Protection. The platform should be equipped with guardrails to help prevent workers falls. Workers should be also be outfitted with fall protection equipment.

Avoiding PowerLines. Care should be taken to ensure the platform is a safe distance away from power lines, generators and electrical equipment to protect workers from the risk of accidental electrocution. The operator must review all potential obstructions above the operator platform before operation and extension of the platform.

Securing the Area. The area around the platform should be cordoned off with fencing or barriers to protect other personnel who enter the area. Signage should be posted both around the area and on the platform to ensure ongoing safe operation.

At PowerAccess we are proud to offer elevated work platform hire in Sydney and the surrounding areas clients can rely on for safe, reliable and cost effective operation to get jobs completed quickly and on budget. Operating the equipment with the key safety considerations we discuss in this blog post is crucial to the safe and successful use of this essential construction equipment. Call us today if you have any questions or to book equipment rental on a short or long term basis.