Scissor Lift Rental: Things to Keep in Mind

Wondering what scissor lifts are for? This type of heavy machinery is generally designed to perform heavy lifting of large loads, while providing much space for work. They are aerial lifts that are especially needed in the line of manufacture or industrial work, when many workers have to be on the same platform.

Scissor lifts are either run by electricity or by gas. Rough terrain scissor lifts are powered by diesel or gas and are better equipped to use for outdoor work. Meanwhile, scissor lifts that are powered by electricity are a much better option for work conducted indoors or in warehouses, as they are quiet and free of emission.What are scissor lifts used for?

Scissor lifts are generally used for lifting heavy equipment. They are specifically engineered to help people who are working in construction, industrial, maintenance, or in a warehouse, as well as in lifting any heavy equipment. This type of machinery is also used across many different industries, such as for mechanical and electrical work and similar uses.

Benefits of using scissor lifts

Scissor lifts eliminate the need for using ladders. Scissor lift rental also improves productivity and safety, letting employees work in a safer environment so that they can meet their work requirements in an easier manner. They are a good solution for when you have workers who have to be more than six feet from the level of the ground. The guardrails on a scissor lift effectively provide protection from falls, providing work safety.

Scissor lifts are also known to be very versatile. As explained above, scissor lifts can be used for indoor and outdoor work. This is as long as they are operated on a level and firm surface. Scissor lifts can also be driven from one location to another and can be positioned to commence work without a lot of setting up.

What to consider in scissor lift rental

When it comes to the considerations to keep in mind for scissor lift rental, your top concern should be the height you are aiming for. Scissor lifts are used for reaching certain heights while carrying heavy loads, so you need to determine the height you need to reach from the outset.

The strength of a scissor lift is based on the platform’s size and the weight it is able to support. This is why you may not get the same lift height that you can expect from other aerial lifts. Most scissor lifts can reach a height of 20 to 50 feet. Another important thing to consider is the lifting capacity that you may require. In general, scissor lifts can support and carry weights that range from 500 to 2,500 lbs.

Scissor lifts generally only move in a straight up-and-down direction, but there are some that come with a horizontal shift of several feet. There are also types of scissor lifts that let you drive the equipment around with the platform raised, but not all have this feature.

Scissor lift rentals enable you to have a convenient and safe solution to your work requirements. When it comes to renting aerial lift machinery, what’s important is that you determine your basic requirements firsthand and have them outlined before you begin looking for the right scissor lift for your needs.

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