Things to Consider When Choosing a Cherry Picker

As the name implies, cherry pickers were originally invented for picking fruit. Today, cherry pickers are
used for many different tasks, such as trimming high tree branches, repairing fascia, cleaning windows,
and fixing roofs. Cherry pickers are one of the best alternatives to scaffolding. This machinery offers an
effective way to access high and hard to reach areas. If you’re interested in getting a cherry picker, here
are a few things that you should consider.

cherry picker


What Reach and Raise do you Need?

The first thing that you should consider is the raise and horizontal reach you need. The height that a
cherry picker can reach is calculated by measuring from the ground to the machines maximum vertical
reach. Sometimes, the height that a cherry picker is able to reach includes the length of the reach of the
average person. In general, you should avoid including the height of the average individual to the
measurement of the reach of a cherry picker.

The sideways outreach of the cherry picker is measured from the cherry pickers turret to the average
persons reach. When considering the average reach of a person, you should keep the task and any
other heavy equipment in mind. For example, a light tool like a paintbrush won’t impact individuals
reach. However, heavy equipment could have a significant impact on an individuals reach.

How Heavy is the Equipment That Will Be Used?

It is essential that you take into consideration the weight of the equipment that will be put in the
bucket. The weight in the bucket impacts the reach that is possible. The lower the buckets weight, the
further the cherry picker will be able to safely reach. Keep in mind that the weight of the bucket should
include not just the weight of your tools and equipment but also the weight of the individual in the
bucket. You should compare the weight of the bucket to the safe working load of the cherry picker hire.

Will the Work Be Done Outside or Inside?

The next thing that you should consider is whether the work will be done inside or outside. If the work
will be done outside, you should think about the ground surface. The existence of a slope, for example,
will have an impact on your equipment choice. You should conduct research about the gradient at which
a machine can function safely and effectively. If the ground surface is uneven and bumpy, you may need
to talk to the hire firm. Another consideration is groundwater. You may want to get a cherry picker with
outriggers that can be used to spread the load.

If the work will be done inside, ventilation should be the key factor of consideration. An electric machine
will not give off fumes while a diesel powered cherry picker will. Therefore, it is preferable to get an
electric cherry picker. Get the measurements of the most narrow space the machine will need to fit
through. Take into consideration the turning radius as well.
As you can see, there are many things you should consider when choosing a cherry picker. For more
information about what you should consider when it comes to a cherry picker hire, don’t hesitate to
contact us.