Why Include Scissor Lift Rental in this Year’s Budget

The construction sector always had an on-and-off relationship with renting equipment. But after the last economic downturn, equipment rentals emerged as the preferred option for many small and mid-sized outfits. Large corporations also set aside space in their budgets to take on rentals rather than invest in machinery that would not necessarily enjoy full-time use.

Within the construction sector, profit-savvy outfits are pivoting away from purchasing expensive equipment that is used in short-term or spot duty in their endeavours. For example, a warehouse or electrical operation may require full-time forklifts but not necessarily a scissor lift each day.

Forklifts help move pallets and load 18-wheelers, but a scissor lift may generally be used in spot duty such as changing light fixtures or servicing air conditioning units. If you are a decision-maker in the construction sector, consider the benefits of scissor lift rental before making a significant investment.

Benefits of Scissor Lift Rental

Consider for a moment that even the most modestly priced scissor lift will likely cost more than $10,000 for a cheap model. Equipment that can safely and reliably reach heights of 14 feet could run upwards of $50,000 to $200,000. Buying a high-quality scissor lift stands as a major investment and will likely involve a long-term loan with plenty of interest costs. But avoiding a heavy equipment loan is not the only way companies can benefit from renting instead of buying. Consider the following.

  • Reduced Expenses: Hiring a scissor lift helps companies avoid expenses such as service, repair, and general maintenance. These are already factored into the price of the rental. If it breaks down, simply call the rental company and have another one delivered at no cost.
  • Machine Flexibility: By working with an outfit that specializes in construction equipment rentals, companies enjoy the versatility of changing equipment when the need arises. This could include reaching additional work heights or negotiating rough terrain. Just call and have another scissor lift dropped off in real time.
  • Latest Technology: Purchasing a piece of equipment locks in an outfit to that specific item. Rental companies compete for clients and are therefore more prone to have the latest technology in their fleet. This scenario means that everyday businesses can enjoy cutting-edge technology they otherwise might not have access.

Scissor lifts and other construction equipment can be rented on a daily basis for spot needs or by working out discounted weekly or monthly agreements. Business owners and decision-makers who are smart about allocating funds can factor the cost of rental equipment into their charges and enjoy greater profitability.

Consider Scissor Lift Rental Sydney

Although there are a wealth of positives to scissor lift rental in the Sydney area, the one drawback is that inventory may be limited. Because construction equipment rental has become a popular method for managing costs, many outfits have already worked out ongoing rental relationships with rental companies. PowerAccess has one of the largest ranges of Scissor Lifts available for rent in the Sydney region. Contact PowerAccess now to organise a same day quote and delivery of your Scissor Lift rental today.