Why Should You Rent (Instead of Buy) A Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers allow construction companies and other businesses to access tall places like power lines, upper floors of tall buildings and the tops of trees. If your business uses cherry pickers from time to time, you may at one time find yourself asking whether a cherry picker rental or purchase is right for you. Knowing the benefits of cherry picker rental can make this decision easier.

No Servicing

Your cherry picker rental is only your responsibility while it’s in your possession. Service and maintenance is not a part of your contract. If at any time your cherry picker rental breaks down, Power Access will deliver a new cherry picker to your job site for immediate use. You’ll never have to go through the hassle or expense of repairing and maintaining a machine.

Training Is Provided

As your rental company, we want you to be able to use your rental machine properly. Without proper training, you could have an accident, become injured or cause damage to the machine. That’s why we provide training to all of our customers before they’re ever given the keys for a vehicle.

Ask us about our training services. If you’re thinking about buying a cherry picker sometime in the future, trainings through Power Access could be an excellent orientation into the safe use of any cherry picker machine.

Switch Machines Based on the Job

Different cherry pickers meet different specifications. Some go higher and some are lower. Our machines come in different styles to meet different needs. A machine that works on one job site may not work on the next. If you’re renting your machine, you can switch machines based on the job. Once you’ve purchased your own cherry picker, you may feel less leeway to switch machines on an as-needed basis. This can limit the work that you can do on the jobsite.

Only Pay When Machine is Being Used

Any product you purchase outright must be paid for whether you’re using it or not. Rental products are more efficient because they’re only paid for when they’re in use. This frees up money for you to use on other pieces of equipment, and can give you the leeway to invest in your business instead of equipment.

Speedy Delivery

At Power Access, we provide speedy delivery of all our products, to ensure that our clients have the machines they need when they need them. We take calls from clients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, so your request can be entered into our system as soon as you contact us. We’ll have your cherry picker product delivered much more quickly than it would take for you to purchase your own product. All you have to do is call; it’s that easy.

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