Why Hire Access Equipment with Power Access

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We offer all brand new access equipment

Power Access has the best options for scissor lift hire and other access equipment you need for the job. All are made under safety and quality standards to provide convenience and efficiency on the site. Our products are designed for work in elevated workspaces, with the best designs for task accomplishment. Power Access keeps up with the latest technologies to reflect recent industry trends in each product that we produce. This ensures that what you get is only the best for the type of job you have in mind.


Years of hire industry experience

With expertise and dedication, Power Access is the best option in the market for high-quality cherry picker rental and more. Our years of experience have given us invaluable insight into the industry. Through this, we are able to provide the best for our clients in all their needs for different types of jobs. Our team is composed of professionals who can provide the best insight into the different workings of each machinery, as well as provide advice and safety training to ensure a hazard-free workspace.


We’re here to help 24/7. Call now: 1300 851 447

As a high-quality option for boom lift hire in Sydney, Power Access prides itself on providing quality with every service. The team provides a personalised consultation, which ensures that all your needs are met. We also have training lessons for personnel to reflect the highest standards of safety in the workplace. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide assistance and feedback on proper handling of equipment.

Free Delivery

All access equipment comes with free delivery

Our access equipment is delivered throughout Australia free of charge. With our office in Sydney, we fulfill clients’ needs with dedication and excellence. We inspect all our equipment extensively prior to delivery and make sure they are up to date with certain standards specified in the industry. With our delivery service, clients experience convenience like no other to accomplish requirements for the job needed.


Lowest prices, guaranteed.

Power Access believes in providing quality service to our clients with great affordability. Our team knows how important it is to get the best equipment for picker and life hire without spending a fortune. This is why we only feature top brands that provide the best value for our customers, with emphasis on the type of work to be done and the right fit for the equipment to be used.

Made in AU

All access equipment are made here in AU

The equipment we feature here at Power Access is all made in Australia. Our rentals are from the best brands in the market, having passed all industry standards for safety and performance. With our expertise in selecting the best type of equipment for the job you have at hand, you will find your needs met adequately in a professional manner.