A Practical Guide on Getting the Right Cherry Picker Rental

Taking care of extra chores can be daunting especially if these chores require one to access heights and corners that normally cannot be reached by human aid alone. Most often these tasks require hiring a cherry picker. Cherry pickers are handy and compact aerial lifts that are capable of performing tasks in different areas and heights.

get the best cherry picker rental


If you plan on employing a particular cherry picker for the job, below is a simple and practical guide in helping you choose the right one for the job.

Verify specific work requirements.

Before one chooses to employ the services of an aerial lift, particularly the use of a rented cherry picker, it is important to identify the specific requirements and conditions that the task or job is likely to need. Some of the specifications that need to be identified before hiring a cherry picker are the size, the power, (whether it’d be diesel powered or electrically powered) and the drive system (can be 2 wheeled or 4 wheeled).

It is also important that a site inspection must be made with the rental company of your choice to help you determine which model fits the job well. Identifying the specific requirements will save those, especially homeowners the cost of hiring the wrong model.

Find out more about the safety features.

Once you have chosen a particular model, it is important to ask the dealer about the safety features of that specific model. Each has excellent safety features that reduces the risk of accidents from happening while the cherry picker is in operation. Most of these safety features can be accessories or attachments and can be acquired with the approval of the after purchase or the aftermarket.

Explore these possibilities with your dealer. It is their responsibility to give you the best options available. It is highly recommended that purchasing accessories or attachments before having it installed and delivered to the site is cheaper. Talk with your dealer on this matter and see what you can receive from their valuable offer.

Check on the maintenance on the model.

Two other important matters that you also need to consider before sealing the deal with cherry picker of your choice are the availability of maintenance and the warranty of the model. Technical problems come naturally when working with cherry pickers. It is imperative to be informed if maintenance tasks can be done offsite or onsite.

Make sure that you are well-informed with the issues surrounding maintenance because chances are one might be piling up on extra costs especially if the model is required to be repaired outside of the work site.

Warranties are a big deal.

A warranty saves individuals from unplanned events that could occur during the entire work period. They are often offered as incentives by dealers to customers. Certain rental companies or dealers offer warranties for specific cherry pickers, whether they are new or used. Ask the contact person in the company or direct to your dealer on which models have warranties attached to them.

Get your hands on training resources or hands-on courses.

The biggest step in preventing accidents while operating a cherry picker is by undergoing the proper training or taking a short, hands-on course on how to properly operate the said aerial lift. Most rental companies or dealers offer short courses and training programs on these important subjects. Arming one’s self with the knowledge of how to safely operate cherry pickers does wonders.

Picking the right cherry picker for the job entails one to do a thorough research on one’s own local area. The research will help you pick out the best rental company who has more than enough resources to give you the best help on special and important tasks.