6 Simple Strategies to Prevent Aerial Lift Equipment Robbery

Aerial platforms like scissor lift, cherry picker, boom lift and alike cost high values in the market. As these machines are highly usable, functional and expensive, their vulnerability to thieves is also high.

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Smaller machines and its fundamental parts like battery have greater value for resale. With this problem arising in the workplace, the need to purchase unanticipated parts add to the cost of the company, which sums up to an unwanted budget. Oftentimes, huge amount of money are used to replace the stolen equipment.

In line with this dilemma, it is necessary to keep tight security in order to give protection to the machines and prevent this type of problem. Here are a few tips to consider:

Provide a comprehensive list of all your equipment/machine.

Keep on track of the equipment used in the location site during operation. Make sure to secure a log-in book for every operator who will utilize machines before and after working. Always keep a record on the incoming and outgoing machines and their essential parts that are susceptible for robbery.

Secure safe job sites.

This is the topmost area where safety is crucial. Be sure that there are several camera installed everywhere. Also, additional emergency lights, motion sensors and light towers are essential installments that a job site should have.
Place a “No Trespassing” sign on the fences for an establishment of authority and caution, too. These are great help especially at night when no one is around working.

Conduct inventory management, habitually.

Besides providing a list as mentioned above, an inventory serves as an annual check-up from the smallest parts to the biggest machine available. Also, this is one good way to track the overlooked tools that are missing from last week or last month. An annual inventory aids in a more efficient and organized equipment record from time to time.

It’s not just the lives of the operators that are crucial in the location site. The machines are also precious and valuable equipment that need security and protection. Check-out aerial lift issues and discover common safety precautions in an aerial lift workplace.

Put up a basic security system.

Machines highly need this installment type for a more challenging manipulation of the machines. This way, thieves cannot immediately access the machine and it would be difficult to dismantle parts from the machine itself. Security lock and key control would also help in lesser robbery risks. Plus, don’t forget alarm system that automatically responds when an unknown individual manipulates the equipment.

Mark machines in noticeable stickers, numbers, etc.

This will help in the recovery in case your machines were stolen. Try to engrave hard-to- remove marks like numbers or symbols so that you can easily identify your equipment. If possible, do this to all your tools to ensure more recognizable items in case robbery took place.

Tighten security protocol.

To some companies who don’t have loss prevention plan, it would be difficult to track the machines and notice that some parts are lost. This is just some of the common mistakes in handling aerial lift. That’s why, it is necessary that everyone in the location from the management, operators to staff, should know the policy in case of loss.

A lenient protocol might lead to trouble in looking for some missing machine parts which results to lesser time for work. What’s worse is if it’s too late before you realized that your equipment were stolen.