A Handy Guide before Leasing Your Ideal Scissor Lift

Scissor lift is among the most widely used, easy to manipulate, and safe platforms in construction sites and at home.


They are composed of important qualities necessary to accomplish higher ground tasks. These machines are pricey that’s why in most cases, they are highly prone to robbery. As purchasing one is costly, renting a functional equivalent can be helpful for the meantime. Whether you are leasing more than once or for the first time, getting the ideal scissor lift could be a tricky job.

To help you figure out the right choice, here is a guide you may utilize.

Find a perfect match to your needs.

Technically, you need to find a scissor lift that can cater your primary needs in the job site. It is very important that you differentiate the lifting capacity and height requirement as changing chandelier is a different task from installing window panes on the 6th floor.

Just be sure you choose the one that suits your working demand. Take for example if it is an overhead work, you will need a vertical lift to do the job.

Take careful considerations.

Be certain how many people and tools will be needed in order to accomplish the task. Take note that you need to match this with the weight capacity of the scissor lift to have a balanced working process. Another is the location on whether it will be an indoor or outdoor job. Indoor works can come in electric power source while outdoor jobs generally need diesel powered equipment.

Be specific on the nature of your work.

Avoid generalization in your workloads and be keen on the details when looking for the perfect rental equipment. Include the smallest tool that you might use while working like large and bulky items. Also, don’t overlook the load capacity of the scissor lift that is dependable on the type of platform that you will choose.

Understand the height capacity for example an operator may ask a 20-ft. scissor lift to accommodate a 20-ft working height. Height is one of the most vital considerations in choosing a machine as the work entails various levels of height and complex lifting process.

Eye on the specifications.

Rental specifications can vary from different factors. It depends on its working capacity, size, features, designs and models. Pay attention to these details to avoid discrepancies. Nowadays, a lot of construction site managers would prefer rentals to examine which machine is better before finally purchasing for the site’s utilization. This is one practical way to ensure functionality and effectivity beyond imitation and deceitful products in the market, nowadays.

Besides, make sure the rental owner provides warranty to rescue you from unanticipated events in your working progress. Some store offer warranties while others do not, depending on the kind of product that you will lease. Make sure to directly contact the owner and inquire more information about your prospect rental products.

Safety, above all.

On top of it all, safety is the most fundamental element before choosing an ideal scissor lift. The nature of aerial works is very critical therefore, ensuring productivity comes second after securing safety in the workplace. In case there might be some suspicions in the safety of the leased equipment, report it to the store owner and have an expert inspect it immediately.