Cherry Pickers : Should I Hire or Buy ?

A cherry picker is undoubtedly a versatile machine in the construction industry. Initially, this invaluable invention was designed for picking fruit. Today, it’s used in almost every industry for various tasks above ground thanks to its high safety and security standards.

Businesses that need a cherry picker have two options: buy or hire. In this post, we’ll elaborate why and when it’s recommended to hire. Continue reading to remain informed.

Cost Effective

Hiring cost is significantly lower than buying a machine outright. When buying, you have to meet other ownership related expenses such as registration, transport, and storage. By hiring, you can make better use of your working capital. Moreover, you know the specific period and duration of hire making budgeting easy.

High flexibility 

When hiring a cherry picker, you do it for a fixed period. Your task is to ensure you get the right one for your project. No time and resources are wasted. Flexibility comes in with the option to choose what machine you need when required. This is crucial for short-term projects and companies that experience project fluctuations. Why buy equipment that sits idle when you explore new markets when you can hire one for short periods?

Risk Management 

Sometimes, you can invest a significant amount of money on equipment only to discover the situation has changed. Maybe the proposed project has been rescheduled, loss of contract or necessary delays.  That leaves you with an expensive asset that can’t bring in earnings. As you wait for the project to commence or find another one, you may need to maintain the equipment and secure it. These avoidable expenditures can be solved by hiring rather than buying.

New Technologies 

Once you buy a cherry picker, you’re stuck with its technology. However, hiring creates the opportunity to choose and access latest equipment. Your company will not only keep abreast of new developments but also extend the benefits to your clients. In some cases, construction companies can hire higher quality machines than they could afford. That enables them to realize better results.

Service and Maintenance 

Before buying any equipment, you may need to know everything about it. You must know about its inner workings and how to use it optimally. But when you hire one, how to operate becomes your only concern. The cherry picker hire company does all maintenance, repairs, and servicing.

With bought machinery, if it sits idle for a long time, it’ll require servicing before being used. A hired machine is at its optimal performance level from the first day.

Test before purchasing

Buying your cherry picker for construction can be an astute move. However, you won’t have the chance to try various types without investing significant capital. How much are you willing to spend trying and testing each machine ? Hiring gives you that opportunity. You can do many trials on any model with minimal investment and long-term financial commitment. Who knows when you will end up finding that one picker your business can’t do without?

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