Hiring a Cherry Picker? Here’s All You Need to Know

Originally, cherry pickers were used by farmers to pick cherries. Today, however, they are used for a variety of tasks such as fixing a roof, cleaning gutters, repairing electricity posts, and trimming of trees. In some instances, emergency workers have used cherry pickers to carry out rescue works. Cherry picker hire services offer a cost-effective way of getting this machine as opposed to high costs of owning it.

Here’s what you need to know before you hire a cherry picker:-

Range of use

There are different cherry pickers for different purposes. The nature of the job you intend to use it for will influence your pick. For instance, a cherry picker that is suitable for painting needs to have the ability to move from side to side. On the other hand, one suited for repairing an electricity post which needs to move up and down. You should also consider the weight of the tools you might be lifting. Choosing the machine suited for the job will allow you finish the project on time and efficiently.

Working environment

Will you be working indoors or outdoors? Does the area you will be working in have surrounding buildings? Does the area have an even or sloped terrain? Cherry pickers are of different sizes and heights depending on whether you will be working indoors or outdoors. There are also cherry pickers designed for sloped terrains. Keep in mind that things such as power cables and telephone lines might interfere while you work and choose appropriately.

Can I operate it on my own or do I need an operator?

While most cherry pickers can be operated by a person with a basic license and a little training, it is safer for it to be handled by an experienced operator. In most cases, a company offering cherry picker hire services will be happy to refer you to a trained operator if they are not able to provide the manpower themselves.

Legal requirements

Hire a cherry picker from a company that has the necessary licenses and certifications. They should also demonstrate that the operators are well trained and certified. Ensure that the licenses and insurance are up to date.

Assessing the risks that might arise in the course of the project will help you avoid them and come up with mitigating procedures should they happen. Barricade the area you will be working in or install warning signs to notify people of the ongoing project. Ensure that everyone involved, either on the ground or the cherry picker’s platform has the necessary protective gear. Check on the cherry picker’s loading capacity and ascertain that it is working optimally.

Hire a Cherry Picker from a company that offers not only first-rate customer services but also the best and highly maintained machines for the best results.  The company needs to demonstrate that their cherry pickers also undergo bi-annual inspections.

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