Getting the Best from Scissor Lifts

Could your business benefit from using a scissor lift? A scissor lift is a material handling solution which is designed to lift heavy loads in a variety of environments. There are different types of scissor lifts, including stationary and mobile, with fixed, adjustable or rotating load platforms. This wide range of configurations makes the scissor lift a versatile piece of equipment, suitable for many jobs and needs.

Benefits of a Scissor Lift

With a wheeled scissor lift, you can easily lift and transport materials between workstations. Fixed scissor lifts, on the other hand, are perfect for moving materials from one level to another. Those lifts with adjustable and rotating load platforms are suitable for a wide range of handling tasks.

Scissor lifts can help:

  • Improve your business’s productivity: With a scissor lift and pallets, you can streamline your loading tasks. A scissor lift will help position your work surface at the perfect height for any task. This will help reduce your workload and your cycle times, improving your operation’s overall efficiency—which can in turn improve your bottom line.
  • Reduce injuries in the workplace: Research shows back injuries are the number one workplace accident. These back injuries are usually caused by overextending when performing any type of heavy lifting. These injuries can be costly, resulting in downtime for your company. With a scissor lift, heavy materials are lifted to where they need to be by a machine, reducing the burden on your employees.
  • Enhanced process ergonomics: Scissor lifts also function as an easily adjustable table. This allows your staff to position their work surface at the ideal height for them. The scissor lift will improve the speed of performing repetitive tasks and it will make the process more ergonomic—which is again, better on the back. It helps improve the speed of the process and the wear and tear on the joints.
  • Simple to use: Scissor lifts are very easy to operate and move from place to place. Because they are so easy to use, it can help reduce fatigue on your staff. This can help improve your workers’ productivity, and again, speed up processes.
  • Flexibility in use: Scissor lifts can be used in number of different environments because they are so versatile. No matter your business, there’s a task the scissor lift is perfect for. Turntables can be added to the scissor lift’s working platform in order to rotate heavy loads; tilters can be added to adjust the angle of the platform, and so on. There are plenty of options to meet your needs.
  • Compact storage size: Additionally, scissor lifts are compact. They can also be stowed easily, so when not in use, they won’t take up much space.

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