Elevated Work Platform Hire

An elevated work platform allows workers to reach areas that are difficult to access because they are too high for a ladder or other device. They act as lifts, bringing the workers to the work area, eliminating the need to climb which can be a safety hazard on a construction site.

Traditionally, companies have purchased this equipment, but it can be a rather large expenditure, especially for a smaller construction company. This is leading many businesses to turn to elevated work hire as a viable solution. But is renting an elevated work platform really the better option? For many companies, the answer is a resounding yes.

Types of Elevated Work Platforms

Elevated work platforms, also known as aerial work platforms, can be used both inside and outside. They allow a person to access windows, trees, scaffolding, buildings, and other structures or things that are too high to reach. There are five primary work platform types. Each is intended for specific types of jobs.

Spider Lifts – These are somewhat smaller than other lifts and are easier to manoeuvre. This makes them ideal for construction sites and to pick fruit, reach trees, and get to power lines. They are also used by firefighters who need to get to upper areas of burning buildings.

Articulating Boom Lifts – This is another lift that has very good manoeuvrability. It swivels, giving it the ability to reach a number of hard to reach places. This makes them very handy for maintenance work.

Telescopic Boom Lifts – These lifts make jobs located in the highest places possible because of their impressive reach. They are used for tasks like washing windows on tall buildings or repairing power lines. Any maintenance project that is located high up can be completed by this lift.

Scissor Lift – Because this elevated lift can only move up and down and is usually intended for indoor use, it is somewhat limited in the variety of jobs it can do. However, there is no shortage of the types of jobs it is used for, including AC, heating, and duct work as well as painting or welding. The rough terrain scissor lift is the outdoor version of this lift.

Cherry Pickers – These lifts are installed on vehicles and are used to reach utility lines. They may also be used to do maintenance work on items that are located very high.

Benefits of Hiring Your Elevated Work Platform

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of hiring certain pieces of equipment that they need as opposed to paying for it outright. There are many advantages to this, which include:

  • You are not responsible for servicing the equipment.
  • You have the option to use multiple machines that are suited to each specific job.
  • Training is provided when you hire equipment
  • Hiring a lift provides you with much more flexible options regarding use, cost, and lift type.
  • You only pay when you use the machine.
  • Speed of delivery means you get the machine that is more suitable for your job when you need it (Power Access special feature).

In many cases hiring an elevated work platform for your job site is a very smart choice.

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