Cherry Picker Operator Training and Yellow Card

When you partner with a cherry picker hire company, you have access to a wide range of models to fit a variety of applications. From construction to warehousing and tree service, a cherry picker gives your employees a safe and convenient method of reaching work heights without the need to construct scaffolding or risk the dangers of climbing a ladder.

It is the responsibility of businesses to make sure cherry picker operators are trained not only in how to use these productivity machines, but also in matters of safety. You can remain compliant with government regulations for licensed operators by working with a company that not only distributes high-quality equipment that has been safety checked and serviced prior to hire, but also provides Yellow Card training that is recognised across the nation.

Training for Cherry Picker Hire Sydney

Working at heights will always present challenges and a certain level of risk. To reduce the chances of operator injury that can result from an accidental fall or unstable access equipment, consider training supervisors and operators in the safe use of these motorized, elevated platforms. This type of training can not only prevent falls, but other accidents related to working on aerial lifts:

  • cherry picker tip-overs
  • operator entanglement
  • electrical shock

It doesn’t matter what type of equipment is being used – scissor lifts, a vertical lift, or a truck or trailer mounted cherry picker, make sure the operator is trained using guidelines set forth by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA). This program can help make sure employers and operators stay in compliant with Occupational Health and safety regulations.

For convenience, choose a Yellow Card Training provider that can train you staff at your workplace, or at training facility. These courses generally take less than half-a-day to complete, but the experience is invaluable to your company’s safety record and profits.

Service and Safety Checks Hire

When you consider a cherry picker hire Sydney, choose a company that will complete all the documentation and safety checks to keep your equipment operating at the highest performance levels. Cherry pickers are a major investment that can allow your company to take on more projects and perform services in less time. Access to top-notch service and safety checks for your cherry picker hire will protect your investment and the life of your equipment.

As a part of any cherry picker training program, learning how to prevent falls and mechanical failures along with basic equipment maintenance is critical to operator safety. Expect training sessions to make clear the following:

  • how to check ground stability
  • checking for proper overhead clearances
  • the dangers of overconfidence and horseplay
  • assessing the risks before work begins

Don’t neglect the importance of safety and training when you choose a cherry picker hire in Sydney. Workers that are unfamiliar with the operation and safety risks associated with these machines should be trained by a reputable operator or training facility.

Power Access provides customers with full service, on-site maintenance or repairs and also maintains a repair workshop at our branch located in Wetherill Park. To keep your equipment in safe running condition and compliant with Australian standards, we can also offer 3 monthly inspections of cherry pickers and other elevated work platforms.