Cherry Picker Hire and Rental Options

Buying versus renting is an age-old conundrum that Australians are tasked with deciding between for a variety of services. And while some services make sense to buy rather than rent, the decision becomes all the more important if it involves some sort of heavy equipment, like a cherry picker. Yes, you could invest in purchasing the equipment, safely storing it when it’s not in use and committing to its upkeep and maintenance. But does buying make the most sense? Especially if you’re only using it sporadically?

When it comes to cherry pickers, renting is a viable option that should not be overlooked. This post will take a look at the benefits of hiring a cherry picker.

Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker

  • Flexibility: Why buy something to have around indefinitely when you can rent something only when you need it? Not only does this offer a cost savings, but it frees up storage space and offers more flexibility than if you were to spend the money to purchase one outright.
  • Guidance: Cherry pickers aren’t all the same, and the successful outcome of a job – not to mention the safety of those in the “basket” – is largely dependent on selecting the right type of picker. That’s where a good equipment rental provider can pay big dividends, as it can help you select the right picker for your job. Factors such as weight and height specifications, job timeframe, environmental conditions and more can all dictate the best type of picker, and a good partner can help deliver the right one for your next task.
  • No maintenance: One of the nicest things about cherry picker hire Sydney rather than buying one is that you’re not on the hook for any of the maintenance that these pieces of equipment require. Like any piece of heavy-duty equipment, cherry pickers are subject to both routine and periodic maintenance to ensure they continue to run well and operate efficiently. And being that not just anyone can service a picker, the costs of maintenance can be a significant investment to the overall effectiveness of the equipment. When you hire a picker, you can leave any service costs to the rental company.
  • Economics: How often do you expect to use a cherry picker? If it’s sporadically, then it likely doesn’t make sense to purchase one outright. Like we noted above, the return on investment ins’t likely to be favorable long-term when you consider initial cost of purchase, maintenance and upkeep, and storage space.
  • Speed of delivery: One of the nice things about owning your own cherry picker is that it’s right there for you when you need to use it. However, at Power Access, we streamline delivery with hired cherry pickers to make equipment rental as on-demand as possible. When you consider all of the other benefits listed here, coupled with timely delivery service, renting really does shine as the better option.

As you can see, hiring a cherry picker has its benefits. And it is these benefits that often serve as the reason for companies to hire a cherry picker rather than purchase one outright. For more information, contact Power Access today.