Boom Lift Hire Range and Options

When your work projects require access to extended heights and the ability to quickly shift and swing workers into place at different areas, consider a boom lift hire that offers flexibility in tasks and versatility in operations. Boom lifts are specifically designed for making small adjustments to position and will allow for workers to have more area for tools and working.

3 Benefits of Boom Lift Hire

Access to a Wide Range of Styles

Different jobs sites require different reach and weight capacities.  When you partner with Power Access, you have access to the latest models and a wide range of boom lift styles and capacities to meet your work application.

Consider an Electric Knuckle Boom that offer working heights over 15 meters and have a fast charging time and longer run times. When your indoor projects require quiet operations with zero emissions, an electric knuckle boom lift is a good choice. Another electric boom lift style is the Mast Boom Lifts – also known as runabouts. These compact electric-powered lifts can travel down narrow production or warehouse aisles and the non-marking tyres protect your professional flooring.

But, for projects that demand a lifting workhorse that can safely handle working heights of 43 meters, a Genie self-propelled, articulating boom is one of the industry’s most dependable machines. You can hire a diesel boom lift with a lift capacity of up to 272 kg and a platform reach of 41 meters. Your company benefits by having access to top manufacturers of heavy-duty elevated platforms that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

No Servicing of Equipment Saves Money

Eliminate the responsibilities and costs that come with servicing, inspecting, and maintaining these complex and rugged machines. Partner with a company that is dedicated to exceeding the customer’s expectations in customer service – from sales to site to servicing.

You should expect on-site repairs and the option of a Preventative Maintenance Program that is designed to assist your work goals and get the most from your telescopic boom lift:

  • Stay on schedule throughout the project
  • Minimize employee downtime
  • Increases machine efficiency
  • Reduces fuel and power consumption

Regular equipment inspections will add to your peace of mind, as operator safety is number one when working from heights. When you choose a boom lift hire, you reduce your operating costs that are associated with finding and hiring heavy-equipment mechanics to keep your boom lift performing at top levels.

Only Pay for Time Needed

Protect your working cash flow by using a boom lift hire Sydney service provider that allows you to only pay for the use of equipment during the time that your project requires. When you avoid the large purchase cost of a boom lift, you can better allocate your financial resources to grow your business.

Working with a hire service puts you in touch with aerial lift experts that can help you determine the best boom lift for your application – and provide speedy delivery directly to your work site. A full-service provider will also offer training in the safe operation and general maintenance of the equipment so your workers have the skills they need to remain productive.

Purchasing heavy equipment that quickly becomes outdated and depreciates rapidly is not necessary when you can hire a boom lift and only pay for the time you need it. Contact Power Access to discover more details on the benefits of boom lift hire in Sydney.