Genie Lift Hire and Training in Sydney

A Genie Lift can be used in a wide variety of industries for a large number of purposes. They can be used by construction companies, tree trimmers, electricians and painters, just to name a few of the industries. If your company uses a Genie Lift, you may find yourself wondering whether you should hire one or whether you should purchase one. There are many benefits associated with hiring a Genie Lift compared to buying one outright, especially if you use one sporadically. Here are a few of the benefits associated with a Genie Lift hire compared to a purchase.

No Servicing

One of the benefits associated with a Genie Lift hire is that you are not responsible for servicing or maintaining the Genie Lift. Maintaining one of these lifts can be time-consuming and costly. The company that rents the unit is responsible for all of its maintenance needs.

The Option to Use Multiple Machines

The second benefit associated with hiring a Genie Lift is that you have the option of using multiple machines. On one job, a scissor lift may be the better type of lift, whereas on another job, a boom or work platform may be the better fit. When you rent a machine, you always have the option of renting the machine that is the best fit for the job you are completing. When you buy a unit, you are stuck with that one type of machine.

Training Provided

The third benefit is that training is provided when you rent a lift. When you buy a lift, no training is given. You are on your own for figuring out how to use the machine properly. This can be dangerous. As such, it makes sense to rent and get trainingensuring everyone on your job site is kept safe.

Lower Costs

The fourth benefit associated with hiring a Genie Lift compared to purchasing one is the price. Buying a Genie Lift is costly. You have to put up thousands of dollars to buy one, and then you have to pay to maintain the unit. When you rent a unit, you are not putting up as much money upfront and you do not have to pay to maintain the unit. If your business does not have a lot of money sitting in its accounts, renting may make more sense.

Speed of Delivery

The final benefit associated with a Genie Lift hire is that the unit can be delivered to your job site quickly. When you purchase a unit, it may take weeks or months to get the ordered unit constructed and delivered to you. Odds are, you don’t have weeks or months to wait. Renting helps you get the machine you need in a timely manner.

There are many benefits to a Genie Lift hire, compared to purchasing one outright. If you are ready to learn more about hiring a Genie Lift Sydney, contact Power Access today. We can help you determine the right type of Genie Lift for your job, schedule a rental period and then deliver the lift directly to your job site. Contact us today to get started.