Functions of a Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker is a hydraulic crane which is used for raising and lowering people, for instance, to work on overhead cables.

A Cherry Picker can be transported easily from one location to another and can be set up swiftly. They are made to be as weightless and firm as possible with excellent features and capabilities.


Cherry Picker on site


Cherry picker lifts were initially developed to pick fruit. This equipment is now used in fire fighting and prevention, repair services involving wire connections and typically whatever needs fixing that’s beyond the range and safety of a standard extension step ladder.

Cherry pickers may be utilized for the purpose of cleaning the windows (of a building) by a utility personnel that is out of reach when on their ladders. These machines are ideal for any job where the safe elevation of a person is required.

With regards to operation, you should first ensure operator and surrounding safety. The equipment works on the concept of hydraulics. Today, cherry pickers are made such that they are easily transported from one location to another with minimal effort for maximum productivity.

Originally designed to be used in fruit picking, this skillful piece of equipment is now likely to be used in repairing telecom or electricity poles or cables as it is for taking cherries off trees.

A cherry picker is an essential machine for a multitude of assignments which require elevation to complete. Safety is paramount when lifting difficult jobs at a higher position than ground level. On any given day, a cherry picker could be used to help with any number of substantial above ground activities.

The top 5 uses are:

Building Maintenance

A building which needs painting, cleaning or renovation will require staff given the assignment to operate at significant height and often at challenging angles. While a ladder may be seen as acceptable in use, a cherry picker provides the flexibility, maneuverability, and a level of safety when accessing any part of the building while using maintenance equipment, extending to a required point to complete the task.

Maintenance of overhead wiring

There are thousands of telephone and electricity poles all over the world and making sure they are all maintained and fixed is critical work. For any person engaged in this field, a cherry picker will be an essential part of their day to day routine to assure that they can complete each assigned task in a timely, safe and efficient manner. Previously, it was conventional that a ladder would be used and then climbing equipment to reach a high level of work, but this now considered to be a dangerous and outdated method now.

Film and Television

When watching shows on television, visual impact is added to the main shots with high angles of the camera as it captures every altitude of every second of the take. A cherry picker is important and a useful tool for filming. Film equipment can be raised to give the viewers a bird’s eye view and follow the action from above and help the director to get the perfect shot.

Fire services

Every day a lot of firefighters fearlessly expose their lives to danger to perform their duty and save people’s lives trapped through fire or other life-threatening situations. With the help of a cherry picker, they are able to remove those in danger on higher floors to safety other than using a ladder. When a cherry picker works within its operating limitations several rescues can take place at the same time and will limit the risks to first responders.

Picking Fruit

A cherry picker will not be called a “cherry picker” if it is not originally used for harvesting cherries. Picking fruit from big trees and high branches is now easy with the help of a cherry picker. There is no longer danger of falling from a height because of its location.

These kinds of activities have been made safer, and more efficient with new generation of highly mobile cherry pickers.

However, it is highly recommended that professional training from Power Access (see  be completed before operators are allowed to use this piece of access equipment. Areas such as general health and safety, machine operation, emergency control and limitations are all covered.