Getting the Most From Your Telescopic Boom Lift

At their core, telescopic boom lifts are designed for situations where outreach and height are of the utmost importance – taking what might be a naturally dangerous project and turning it into a far safer one in an efficient and cost-effective way. However, your telescopic boom lift hire is ultimately just a tool – the same as anything else. The tool itself is less important than making sure you’re using it in the right way for the task at hand.

With that in mind, here are a few key tips you’ll definitely want to make use of to get the most use out of your next telescopic boom lift hire.

The Art of Successfully Using a Telescopic Boom Lift: Breaking Things Down

One of the most important things for you to do before any job begins involves conducting a thorough inspection of your equipment. This is important for safety considerations, but that’s not the only reason one should be done. A last minute inspection can help make you aware of issues like debris in the tracks, it can help guarantee that everything moves the way it’s supposed to and more – all of which goes a long way towards making sure your job goes off without a hitch. It’s better to find out that you have a problem before you’ve gotten started than when someone is already up on the platform trying to get things done.

Along those same lines, consider working with either the equipment’s manufacturer or your telescopic boom lift hire provider to invest in proper and thorough training for all operators. Again, this goes a long way towards making sure that your equipment can be operated safely – but that’s not the only reason it’s recommended. Proper training also means that your employees are operating a piece of heavy machinery at peak efficiency, allowing them to be as productive as possible with every waking hour of the day. You don’t want to lose an hour or more over the course of a shift while someone tries to get acclimated to a very specific machine like a telescopic boom lift that they may not be overly familiar with.

Never forget that just because a job requires a telescopic boom lift hire does not mean you necessarily know how to operate that equipment safely. Even if you’ve worked in a particular area before, it’s always essential for you to conduct a thorough job site risk assessment before each use. Be on the lookout for unexpected drop-offs, holes, surfaces that may be unstable and more. Not only will this help minimize the possibility of accident or injury, but it will also confirm one last time that a telescopic boom lift is actually needed.

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Finding the right telescopic boom lift hire can literally mean the difference between success and failure in terms of your next big project – which is why this is one decision you do not want to make lightly. To learn more about what a telescopic boom lift can do for you, or to discuss your own personal needs with someone in a little more detail, please don’t delay – contact Power Access today.