Great Uses for Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are used for a variety of reasons across different workplaces, especially for engineering or construction. As the name suggests, it was originally designed for use in orchards to pick fruits. These days, this equipment has a number of flexible uses, including fixing poles and such.


Cherry pickers enable the tasked person to perform his job safely and conveniently. They are crucial for tasks that are performed at a height and the main concern is of course for safety. Here, we’ve got the top uses for cherry pickers for you to know about.

Doing work on electricity or telephone poles

Cherry pickers help greatly when it comes to doing work on electricity and telephone poles, whether for maintenance or for repairs. In this scenario, cherry pickers enable employees to reach the area and work in relative protection. Ladders have worked in the past for this field, but these days it is considered an inefficient strategy that could also prove dangerous.

Maintenance work for buildings

Doing maintenance for buildings, such as painting or making repairs, would require working at a certain height, sometimes at awkward angles. A ladder may seem enough, but cherry pickers will give you more room for safety as well mobility.

A cherry picker would allow you to move safely and securely from one area of the building to another. It would also enable you to handle your equipment for maintenance, in addition to giving you the capacity for stretching or reaching.

Provide assistance for firemen

Cherry pickers are also a great fit for certain emergencies, including during fires. With a cherry picker, firemen can rescue people who are trapped in buildings in a safer way than when a ladder is used. Through this, firemen can bring people from the upper floors to safety without having to carry them all the way. This way, multiple rescues can be done more effectively in a safer manner.

Filming large events or competitions

For people who watch sports events on TV, the thrill of the moment is captured by wide shots and high angles that swoop in and out for emphasis. This can be made possible by cherry pickers, as cameras are mounted in the air to afford viewers a clear observation of the field. With a cherry picker, every second of the event can be filmed at an effective angle.

Pick fruits in a timelier manner

Recalling to mind cherry pickers’ original use, they can still be used for picking cherries or other types of fruits. Through this, picking fruits from a height will be quicker and easier, reducing the dangers of falling and other types of accidents.

Whatever use you may have in mind for hiring or renting a cherry picker, it is important to keep safety procedures in mind before operating the machinery. Training must also be done to avoid untoward accidents or injuries.

Most importantly, make sure that your cherry picker hire is only the best quality, enabling you to get a great performance and a safe, easy operation command.