Top Facts You Should Know About Electric Boom Lifts

Lift machinery is usually employed at construction sites, especially when there is heavy lifting to be done or there is a need to work on certain heights. There are different types of lift machinery for different uses and it’s important to know more about them before using.

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Genie lifts are usually reserved for construction work that would require working close to infrastructures or obstacles, accessing work from a height, and others. This would help workers to perform their tasks in an easier and safer manner. Boom lifts can also be used for other types of scenarios and places. Here, we’ve got the top facts for you when it comes to electric boom lifts.

Boom lifts have easy maneuverability and a tight access

When controlling and maneuvering around with the machine, there are several things to consider. There must be appropriate or organised execution of hand movements to control the equipment. Electric boom lifts typically consist of models that are narrow, making them ideal for constricted and tight work areas.

These types of places are usually enclosed, making them a possible site for accidents or serious injuries arising from hazardous situations. The compact design of the boom lift will make it more convenient for turning around in tight spaces without a tail swing. It would also be easier for driving around on congested or narrow areas.

Boom lifts give you superb control

The drive control and proportional lift of the boom lift will give you accurate positioning control, letting you have a smooth drive performance. When operating the lift, you need to have careful and precise balance in order to avoid all manner of accidents.

The electric boom lift has the ability for maintaining the balance of the load being lifted while giving the operator a full, smooth drive for the duration. The boom lift also has the flexibility needed to save on energy while performing different functions in a more convenient and faster timeframe.

Boom lifts have accurate positioning

For every task undertaken, there is a given position for work. Electric boom lifts have the ability to perform 90 degree rotations on both sides. In addition, they can also move vertically for up to 130 degrees to 139 degrees.

The control for proportional movement will let you regulate the speed for each function and make adjustments for some places in a safe and easy manner. This accuracy will help avoid any accidents or malfunctions in the best way possible.

Boom lifts have a dependable electric drive system

The drive systems of electric boom lifts are used freely in places where quiet, zero-emission operation is emphasised. They also have an AC drive system which effectively combines DC batteries for better and more efficient energy performance that is also longer-lasting. This would result in more improved drive speed ability. Superb traction control is also provided by work tires that can perform independent work.

In comparison with boom lifts that are engine-operated, electric boom lifts are versatile in positioning capacities, such as over, up and out, especially for inaccessible or difficult work areas. They are chiefly designed for outdoor or indoor work, or for rough terrain. They offer enhanced capacity for work while giving more ability for horizontal outreach. Different types of electric boom lifts can also be customised to fit with various loads or other options to suit your needs.

For electric boom lifts, make sure you hire or rent only the best equipment for safety and great performance for your needs.