Safety Reminders when Working with Aerial Lifts

Fixing broken power lines and doing construction work at incredible heights requires a different kind of tool to get things done. Aerial lifts are vehicle mounted, boom supported aerial platforms whose specialty deals with work up in the air.

Safety Reminders when Working with Aerial Lifts

Whether it’s cherry pickers or boom lifts, safety hazards naturally comes when working with this type of machinery. If you are a first time worker or a veteran who will soon be working with aerial lifts, it pays to know these safety precautions to ensure that you are working in a safe environment.

Familiarize yourself with both the working area and the equipment

Familiarity does wonders especially if you are in a hazardous occupation and environment. From the danger zones to which equipment should be used for the job, knowing your way around is the first safety step you can do once you start working.

Operate the equipment according to the manufacturer’s guide

It has long been reiterated that following instructions is a must especially when operating heavy Safety Reminders when Working with Aerial Lifts machinery. Part of this is by properly using the equipment according to the safety standards set in the manual. The manual forms a significant part not only in maintaining the equipment’s functionality but also ensures that people who are operating it are safe.

Never move the equipment if workers are still on the platform

Working with an aerial lift will naturally involve being moved from one place to another. Check with the equipment’s manufacturer to see if it is capable of becoming mobile while the workers are still on the platform. Other equipments will require for the workers to be off the platform to prevent accidents from happening on the work site.

Always maintain safe clearance from dangerous areas

According to safety regulations, workers must maintain a distance of 3 ft. to 10 ft. from dangerous areas in the workplace. Whether it’s overhead power lines or the loading area, workers must be vigilant in recognizing which spots in the workplace are hazardous. If you are a first time worker, do not hesitate to ask where the danger zones in the workplace are as this can save your life.

Power lines are always “live”

Looks are deceiving, in this case for power lines, wires or other conductors. Electrocution ranks as the top cause of death when working with aerial lifts. Always treat powerlines or other conductors as “live” ones even if the look does not indicate it.

Make use of harnesses, lanyards or other safety devices to prevent from falling

Even if the vehicle is stationary, never take chances when working with this kind of equipment. Strap yourself to the safety of the body harness or to any safety device to ensure that one won’t be leaving the basket or the platform any time soon.

Observe safety precautions at all times

Safety first is the motto in every workplace no matter what industry you are in. And working with aerial lifts requires a special set of safety guidelines. To ensure that safety is indeed a priority, nothing beats having the best aerial lifts for the job.