Safety Tips Every Cherry Picker Operator Should Know

Safety is a prerogative in every workplace. This is true for individuals who are involved in high risk professions like the military or in construction. And the people who are more likely to injure themselves on the job are those who operate heavy equipment.

Safety Tips Every Cherry Picker Operator Should Know

Cherry pickers are no exception in this particular situation. The cherry picker is a highly functional aerial lift that can be used for several purposes. Aside from operating the machine, the nature of the work involved is what keeps this profession prone to hazards.

Although there are several safety regulations, there will be times that work can get in the way and all caution is thrown in the wind. Here are the top tips that every cherry picker operator should not miss when working with the equipment.

Undergo proper training

Before handling any heavy equipment or complicated machinery, proper training must be done. The training equips you on how to properly handle the equipment, know proper safety maneuvers in case of equipment failure and maintenance. This will prevent any untoward incidents on the work site.

Follow the Instructions

No amount of training can save you from danger if you do not follow the instructions. These ensure that high quality work is done and they also prevent accidents from happening. Never neglect following instructions at all times.

Inspect the Equipment

Before working with the equipment, make sure that everything is good in shape. Inspect every part of the equipment and make sure everything is working in full capacity. Should there be any repairs needed, do not hesitate to make them.

Working with a defective equipment can cause accidents on the site. A pre-inspection and post-inspection should be done to see if the equipment is consistent in its performance while at work.

Make use of Safety Devices

Safety devices should not be an option especially when working with aerial lifts. These devices were especially made to secure workers on the job. This includes wearing the safety harness while on the lift and wearing the prescribed uniform on site at all times.

Maintain Safe Clearance

It is important to maintain safe clearance from hazardous area while at work. This includes staying 3 ft. away from powerlines during operations and treating power lines as “live.”

Work Safely

Safety starts from being aware of the dangers of your work and following the necessary precautions set in the workplace. Whether it’s wearing safety devices like helmets or being conscious of the cherry picker’s loading capacity, it pays to be vigilant at all times.

And work safety comes hand in hand with having the best cherry picker for the job.