Hiring Quality Cherry Pickers at Excellent Rates

Cherry pickers are hydraulic lifts used to help raise personnel in a stable platform that can be elevated to difficult to reach locations. The device comprises a strong steel arm extended by powerful hydraulics and a bucket shaped extension to hold the person completing their tasks. Every cherry picker is made to unique specifications, with most designed to handle weights not exceeding 200 kilograms.

When you are searching hunting for a cherry picker hire company there are several important aspects you have to be aware of such as :

Types of Lifts

The kind of engine mounted on the lift is an important consideration. The machine can have either an electric or diesel-powered engine. The choice of lift you select is largely predetermined by the nature of the job you have in mind and access to power and if terrain.


Owning a cherry picker can be very expensive with service and maintenance costs, plus you still have to pay when the machine is not being utelised. The hiring rates differ depending on the type of lift you select and with rental once has the convenience of renting the scissor lift on an hourly, daily, weekly or even longer term monthly rates.

Long-Term Leasing

It can be prudent to take a long-term lease of these machines as you can benefit from a significant discount.

Why Choose Us?

If you are considering hiring a cherry picker, consider contacting Power Access. Our company specializes in cherry picker hire services, with a wide variety of elevated work platforms available for rental.