The Different Types of Scissor Lift Hire

Scissor lifts refer to hydraulic powered lifting platforms that are able to lower and raise workers and/or heavy loads. As you were probably able to guess, these platforms get their name from the scissor-like design of the lift supports. The lift supports fold when the lift is lowered and unfold as it is raised. This design is very stable, enabling the lift platform to be safely raised above the base.

What Are the Benefits of the Scissor Lift Hire?

The main advantage of the scissor lift hire is that it permits workers to reach otherwise inaccessible areas safely. Unlike that of a traditional ladder, the work platform is large and offers enough space to not only safely lift a worker, but also his or her equipment and tools. A scissor lift hire’s work platform is free standing. The worker enjoys a good amount of level space to work from and is surrounded by guardrails to reduce the risk of falling.

The lift base of a scissor lift is mobile, which makes easy maneuvering possible. In comparison, traditional ladders are cumbersome and don’t offer enough safety to workers, particularly when it comes to hard-to-reach spaces.

Types of Scissor Lifts

There are many different types of scissor lifts. Some scissor lifts are designed to lift equipment and workers to great heights. Other scissor lifts are smaller and intended to lift objects to lower height. Not only do scissor lifts come in many different shapes and sizes, but they also come in various heights and power options.

Low Level Scissor Lifts

Low level scissor lifts are best for use in garages, warehouses, gangers, and other indoor work spaces. The typical low level scissor lift is able to reach a height of about 25 feet. The low level scissor lift hire is light, which limits stress on flooring. These types of scissor lift hires tend to be powered by an electric motor.

High Level Scissor Lifts

As you could probably tell by the name, high level scissor lifts are able to reach heights that cannot be accessed by low level heights. These scissor lifts can reach a height of about 28 meters. While some high level scissor lifts are electric-powered, others are powered by diesel.

Outdoor Scissor Lifts

While most scissor lifts are able to be used outdoors, some scissor lifts are specifically designed for outdoor use. These scissor lifts have unique features that are well-suited for outdoor work spaces. Usually, outdoor scissor lifts are used to access electrical wires and telephone wires. Outdoor scissor lifts have pneumatic tires for use in rough terrain. Outdoor scissor lifts are usually powered by a diesel engine.

There are many different types of scissor lift hires on the market for different purposes. While the three types of scissor lift hires discussed above are the most common, there are even more types to choose from. For more information about the different types of scissor lifts and how to choose a scissor lift hire, don’t hesitate to contact us.