How to hire a scissor lift

Scissor lifts provide a secure elevated work platform that can be easily and safely moved up and down to great heights with stable self-leveling functionality. Scissor lifts can be used on a variety of work sites to access difficult to reach areas and due to the size and complexity of the machine, operators must be vigilant and always follow the instruction manual on how to operate the equipment.


Operators and any passengers must also wear full safety gear before they can operate the scissor lift such as a hard hat and eye protection.

When hiring a scissor lift it is important to check the device thoroughly before any heavy load is placed on the platform and to test all the controls are working before extending to a higher zone than a meter off the ground. Once the controls have been checked and the machine is determined to be stable and on a secure base, the operator can then move to load the platform and extend the height.

It is important not to overload the machine with too much equipment and to ensure the payload is well balanced for stable operation. It is also critical to ensure the machine is on level ground and has stable footing prior to any lifting movement. Always bear in mind that a scissor lift is used to safely raise materials and the operator so it is important that stability is maintained as height is increased. It can lead to accidents when the platform is not properly balanced and the base secure when operating outdoors and unexpected forces like strong wind can lead to a potential problem. Always practice caution when using a scissor lift as potential tip over problems can be costly and extremely hazardous.

Always stay inside the basket and platform at all times, It is important to keep in mind that the rails are in place for the operator’s protection. Operators must avoid stepping or standing on the rails, never lean over too much or overextend beyond the rails. Keep your body inside the rail and avoid unnecessary excessive movements around the platform as this can cause the machine to become off balanced and potentially tip over.

Never move the Scissor lift when It is extended or raised above the ground. The machine must be secure and all personal outside of the platform before any major movement on the ground level.

Also when operating the scissor lift it is important to ensure that all personal actually not in the platform are well away from the platform and any potential reach of the machine should any unforeseen incidents occur. The operator must ensure the machine is operated with no bystanders anywhere near the potential impact zone should the machine become off balance and tip over.

When the project is completed and the scissor lift is to be returned to the hire operator, it is important to ensure all doors are securely closed and the machine is locked in the transport mode for safe transportation or collection from the work site.